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Thursday Thirteen #45 -- One

I'm a novelist. We all know this about me, and it's part of the reason why you love me. But... that also means that my Thursday Thirteens can get long.

Not today.

Thirteen words ShapeShifter loves to hear:

1. Platinum
2. Sell-out (as in: tickets)
3. Tour
4. royalties
5. Interview
6. girls
7. Headliner
8. dinner
9. guitars
10. singles
11. awards
12. beer
13. sleep

Be sure to check out Robin and Milan this week -- there's more ShapeShifter! (hover over Milan's West of Mars graphic!)

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I'm confused ... where are the comments? Are you lazy Susan to approve them or they are so dirty so you censored them ... But that would be so NOT ShapeShifter :whip:

Oh and I love when they love TOUR!!!
That's the point, Milan!
Phew! That was short. I love dinner, platinum too.
Mine is up too.
LOL, those are all excellent words for fellows in a rock band, I'm sure -- especially #13; I bet they don't get a whole lot of that. :-D

Happy T13, my friend!
No real surprises there, although not every band loves interviews perhaps. :-)
My TT shares Thirteen (quotes from) lyrics by Robbie Williams.
I also like numbers 8 and 13. Happy TT.
Is this your shortest 13, ever?

Shouldn't that say Girls, Girls, Girls? Maybe I am thinking of Motley Crue. LOL!
Yep, that was the Crue, and yep, it was a good song and yep, this is my shortest yet.

I wanted to see if I could do it. Almost did; that sell-out got me.
Amen for royalties! *winks*
Erm.... I don't understand what this is about but Happy TT anyway!
I think those are 13 words ALL BANDS like to hear:) Happy TT!! Great list.....spoken like a true fan.
I like #13 too! :)
Good lord, that was SHORT!
Happy TT!
Those are all beautiful words to rockers.

Happy TT!
This was perfect, Susan! I admit I laughed when I saw that 'girls' didn't arrive on the list until #6. This must have been a challenge. I wonder if a few TTers will try their own version of it in future...?
Dinner, did someone say dinner? I am glad they said girls and not groupies, they were beginning to worry me! Happy short thirteen!
LOL! Good list - i so agree with #13 right now.
gee, I'm surprised beer isn't higher on the list??! Or is it not organized by most important to least important??
Great TT Susan!
Totally out of order, Lara!
Happy TT! :)
Hmmm! Very interesting!
Awesome list. :)

happy TT
Yes -- I can see how they'd like the word "royalties". You too, I bet. :P

Happy TT.
Sleep sounds good to me right now too. Happy TT!
Love the short list. Love that you're a novelist with a joie d' vivre! I'm playing along this week too.
I love that you included dinner. Gotta know where your next meal is coming from after all!
My TT is short (and sarcastic) this week too ... comments educators wish they could use.

Happy TT!
The shortest one I've seen of yours.

What, no smartass remarks from the bandmates? What's up with them? :-)

#13 is what I need more of right now...
I could use that last one myself here. :)

Always great to swing by here, Susan.

Yikes Susan! My bra found its way over to Robin's blog! Ohhhh - Trevor is in sooo much trouble now. Just wait until i lay my hands on that leather clad ass of his... ummmm....oh yeah... lusty sigh... and what a fine ass it is... Ooops - I got distracted.
They all make perfect sense to me.

Now, are you feeling ok? You being brief worries me :-}
I'm a fan of royalties as well. I had to check twice to make sure I was on the right was short...HUGS!!
I'm pretty fond of Platinum too. As in Platinum setting, platinum necklace, platinum earrings. ;)
Rhian, Trevor LIKES being in trouble, remember?
how did you know -- PLATINUM is my favorite word ever! :)
Short sweet & to the point!
Cool list, I also like 8 and 13 (especially 13 *g*). And 4 is something I'd certainly like to try. Happy TT.
I love it! If I ran the world, they'd get plenty of all of those. :)
And bras.
(That one was for Rhian btw.)

Never did get the linkie to work?
As someone who used to be in a band or three, I'd say those are very good words. :)

Happy TT
Weird. The linkie thing just showed up.
My eyes shot right down to the word dinner, Susan. :-) One of my favorite topics--and activities. LOL
There are several things on this list that the guys have in common with this author's favorite words: Sell out--LOVE to hear one of my books completely sold out its run!(Of course this isn't possible for my ebooks--but one day!)

Awards? Love 'Em!

Royalties? A definite biggy!

Interviews are actually alot of fun.

Dinners a wonderful way to celebrate a sale.

Sleep? something that I cna't even remember the meaning of!

Have a great weekend Babe!
Gots blog-jacked
Click me!
Very short TT! Thanks for visiting my site!
I can definitely get behind 4, 8, 9, and 13. :D
Those are "music" to any bands ears...aren't they. Great list!
Short and sweet this week :-)
I figured sex would be on the list but I guess girls implies that. ;)

You know, the guys aren't really into each other. So to speak.
Wow - a really short one! What happened?
I'm all about #4, 11 and 13 :)
Especially 13.
Who new I had to much in common with Trevor and the gang! I really like to hear words 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 AND 13. That's more than half! Woah. 8-)

Happy TT13!
Fun list this week, Susan. Platinum! I can totally see a band compiling a list like that. Mind you, there would be a few arguments...
Happy TT!
Happy Friday...
I see Chelle down there, I'd better go check her out!
Great idea for a T13! (And a quick one--always good for us busy people...)

I'm late making the rounds, so have a good weekend!
Does those words resume their life??
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