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Thursday Thirteen #46 -- The Wall of Fame!

It all started when Trevor brought a new addition to the ShapeShifter Wall of Fame last week. He brought up the idea of showing you public what the Wall looks like. The Wall was originally Mitchell's idea, so he thought he should get to show you around. But the tour was Trevor's idea.

While the two of them are busy arguing over who gets to share their stories, Eric's going to step up and fill the void. Thus...

Thirteen items on the ShapeShifter Wall of Fame:

1. This was the bra that inspired the Wall of Fame. We were backstage, getting ready for our set and some girl walked in the room, took off this bra, and draped it over Mitchell's head. He blushed. Trevor thanked the girl in his typical way and tried to steal the bra. I think he wanted to wear it. Mitchell grabbed it back and said it was going to go onto a new Wall of Fame. He kept that bra until we got home, and then he hung it on a wall in the practice space at Daniel's house. Now, we have our Tour Manager ship them home for us.

2. We didn't come by this one honestly, I'm afraid. We were in Vegas and Daniel dared Trevor to sneak into some showgirl's dressing room and make off with part of her costume. Trevor can't turn down a dare of this sort, but he didn't sneak. He picked a girl who was so gorgeous, my eyes hurt to look at her. When Trevor came back out of the dressing room, he said she gave it to him. Given the look she gave him when she kissed him goodbye, I don't doubt it.

3. I can't say anything without upsetting Daniel, but I don't believe this should be on the Wall of Fame. It's apparently Val's.

4. This bra belonged to a girl I dated for about a month. I met her in Seattle at a show and at first, she followed us in her own car. Three weeks later, she convinced a friend to drive the car home so she could stay on the bus with me. She only lasted on the bus with us for a week before she couldn't take it. We didn't stay in touch, but it wasn't for lack of effort on my end.

5, 6, 7. These belonged to this set of triplets who got past security. We were very glad they did.

8. Ever notice how gorgeous a basic white bra looks against darker skin? The contrast is amazing. I'm not talking about a girl with a fake tan that rubs off onto the cotton, either. The next time you see that white bra against a deeply colored skin, stop and appreciate.

9. Those Texas girls... We love them.

10. We've known the girl behind this bra for years. She shows up whenever we're in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, depending on how free her schedule is. Karina loves to travel, so we shouldn't have been surprised when she caught up with us in Paris. The best thing about Karina: she's always wearing this bra. Well, not this particular one. But this exact style. We've got like twenty of them laying around. Mitchell keeps asking us what would happen if we gave the other nineteen back. Trevor says once we start that game, it'll never end. We'll wind up passing the same bra back and forth between us.

He's probably right.

11. I always thought there was something virginal about this bra (and notice how the white stands out against that gorgeous skin of hers). And then I met the woman inside it. I was right.

12. Trevor has a thing for demi-bras, especially when the girls are overflowing them slightly. You want to see that boy drool? Show up in one of these. I picked this one as an example because I really like the color.

13. Trevor brought us this one just last week. Something about it being left behind when he was hanging with some cool folk who tell stories in 100 words or less and the owner maybe asking Susan for it back, but we were all supposed to play dumb and ... oh, shoot. Susan's going to read this, isn't she?

Umm. Well, then. Let me tell you the real story behind it. It's been here for years and we have no idea who Rhian is. Really.

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For the record, that's Charlie, ShapeShifter's Tour Manager who handles the bras. I don't get random voluptuous women handing me their lingerie.
What about the non-voluptuous women?
Nice trip down mammory lane. I had to be careful not to get any drool on my keyboard.
Ooh, boo! Bad pun alert! Bad Pun alert!


I actually didn't catch it the first time. I must be tired.
In our house, the "girls" are called's the video game chicks. Anyways, boys and their trophies...that wall of fame is more like a war chest.
Inscribed for a wonderful new year sounds wonderful. I hope that you are, and thanks for the wishes to your blog friends!

Now, for the Wall of Fame: great tour. My favorite items are the French maid-inspired set from the third triplet, and Karina's gorgeous confection. Thanks, Susan!
I have dark skin, but I never look that good in my bras. I guess I need boobs to do that! Hahaha!
You know, Chelle, they make wonderful water bras that look great (especially under sweaters). Might want to give them a try...

*This information brought to you by my Body Pump instructor*
How did Trevor get my bra?!? Sneaky bugger...
WHAT?? YOU were the chick in Vegas??

Tell me. Is he as good as he says he is?
Cool! I might have to check that out! Knowing my luck, I'd pop it or something! :)
How come that doesn't surprise me. Should I send them one of mine! ;)

Or how about the kinky underwear I got at my bridal shower with the gold sequined dollar signs.
You know they'll love it, Amy. Or you can send it to Robin at Around the Island; I hear she's planning on throwing a bra (or two) at Mitchell the next time she sees ShapeShifter live.
oh great shades of rock and roll hell! Just for the record THAT froofy thang was not MY bra. Mine was black lace with these pretty red roses...uhhhh - nevermind.
Come on Trev - give the bra back! pretty please? I'll trade ya.
Oh how funny. the guys were drooling over this post!
Oh Yeah, I just keep staring at the pictures trying to think of something to say. Hmmmm
LOVE #2!!!
Mine goes up at midnight, but I loved this one so much I had to leave a comment.

Rhian's bra hehehe.

(btw, the tour manager cracks me up.)
You should start another collection of the matching panties. *g*
Shoot, Susan....they must have raided my bra drawer! Some of them look awfully familiar (not that I could even squeeze one side into them now!)
LOL!! Very clever SHG!!
Looks like im going shopping!! I need to get me some of those pretty bra's!! Awesome:) Happy TT.
LOL! Oh yeah, great list! I'll have to pass along to Lana the tidbit about Trevor liking demi-bras.... :-D

Happy TT, my friend, and thanks for visiting mine!
Great list. I was going to say something about boys and their toys, but my next thought was I wonder if Lisa's posted.
They are all pretty women and they all have beautiful boobs. Lucky You!]
Thanks for the visit.
Robin's still debating it - one look at those bras is making my puny little A cups feel very outclassed LOL.
Of all the things I expected to be doing when I embarked on today's TT, bra shopping was not among them.

But some of those were so cute I just have to see if they come in 36DD. ( I know, not getting my hopes up too far).

Thanks for the shopping excursion. :)

I'm not surprised by the collection, but I am impressed that Eric remembered where they all came from. :)
Hmmmm! Very interesting.
But what I really want to say is, whatever happened to the idea that women didn't want to be seen as sex objects?!
Now this is a classical Shapeshifter topic again. LOL
I'm afraid the guys were not the only ones drooling today. I was just mesmerized for different reasons, I guess. (To say it with Wash: "What am I looking at, the girls or the clothes?" LMAO)
Interesting list. I don't think I've ever seen a finer collection of bras.
Wow! Now that is an interesting collection! Happy TT, and thanks for stopping by! :)
WOW! the boys have been busy....nice touch w. the triplets.
Heck, I just wish I had boobs to put in those!
Hmm, maybe I should have a wall of fame...except let's face it, nobody wants a wall of dirty emn's underwear on their wall. Reminds us women too much of laundry! And we get plenty of that to pick up every week off the floor. LOL
Wow. SO not work appropriate. oops
Naughty Naughty. *grin*
LOL!!! I never cease to be amazed by the things you come up with Susan. However, if the guys have that many women giving them these "gifts," I'm really surprised they would remember where/who each one came from.
Well, boy knows his bras! Always important :)
The memorable ones always stand out, L. And you'll notice that some of the details on some of them are a little vague...
Making me feel frumpy...I think I need to do some shopping;) Happy TT
Me, too, Nap Warden. Somehow Body by Victoria just doesn't do it compared to those...
Susan, which of those one is Rhian!!
And now, because of you, I want to go do another shopping spree at LaSenza!!
Rhian will be pleased
Rhet, she's denying any wearing of that final bra. You might want to talk some sense into her for me!
Great -- more fantastic bras for me to sigh over. :D
... I suddenly have the urge to go bra shopping... 8-)
What a lovely selection of lingerie the boys have to er...inspire them.

Happy TT!
Ooooooooh, I love that second one! Though I'd probably never wear it... But still, it's gorgeous!

Happy TT to you! And thanks for stopping by ;-)
I only had time for a quick visit, but I sure picked the right post... I just need to know if he was accurate as to which belonged to whom... Rhian seemed to be questioning it, and she should know, so I have to question his list, Susan.

If only I could have filled them out, I may have snuck in and grabbed my favorite one off the wall... Surely they have so many they wouldn't miss that one.
Clever and ever so interesting as always

#9 is my favorite. Can't wait for the next VS Semi-Annual Sale.
LOL This is hilarious, Susan. So this is their wall of fame, huh? Should have known...

Take care!
thanks for visiting my TT this past week! yours was interesting too! that peacock bra sure is interesting!
Lots of bras! I wouldn't wear of half of them! :P
you sure do have creative ways of demonstrating your characters' characters. complete with visuals this time. :)
Good post.
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