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Thursday Thirteen #47 -- Support Me

We all know who runs the show around here: Trevor, Mitchell, Kerri, Daniel, and Eric (and sometimes Val). But like any success story, there's a backstage supporting cast. Sometimes, you'll see them. Other times, you won't. Likewise, some of these people have earned spots on the Cast of Characters page at my website. And others of them haven't. Yet.

For those of you who are new and those who've been here awhile and could use a refresher, I present you with:

Thirteen People Who Hang out in the Wings

(picture by Jeff Myers via

1. Amy London -- Mitchell's older sister, who calls him Pipsqueak and actually gets away with it. She is a doctor, lives in Riverview, and is married to a man Mitchell not-so-affectionately calls Derek the Dork. Note from Susan: the Pipsqueak link takes you to the end of a five-day arc. If you have the time, it's worth starting at the beginning.

2. Graciella -- The drag queen who saves Kerri from the evil clutches of the guy with the guitar in the train station. She becomes Kerri's mentor, protector, and good friend. There is, of course, a kicker here: Graciella's given name is George and she's a he who looks and feels better in a dress.

3. Pam -- A groupie who you'll see here on the blog occasionally. She's in love with Mitchell and basically uses Trevor to get to him. As if any of them care -- well, Mitchell does once he meets Kerri. Note from Susan: Stay tuned. I haven't posted that most important outtake yet!! I could have sworn I had!

4. Lyric -- Another of my characters who shows up here on occasion. Lyric owns the adult toy store in town but isn't the wild woman you'd expect from the daughter of a porn star.

5. Sonya and Patterson Voss -- Mitchell's parents. They also show up here from time to time. They are the rudders who keep the ShapeShifter ship afloat.

6. Boomer -- the 6 to 10 DJ at KRVR, as well as the host of the station's Local View radio station, which features up-and-coming Riverview bands, all of whom want to be the next ShapeShifter.

7. Deadly Metal Hatchet -- A bar band with a gimmick to die for. Literally.

8. Bobby, Cookie, Creek, and Chuck -- the techs for Mitchell, Trevor, Daniel, and Eric, respectively. These are the men who are responsible for making sure the individuals in the band always sound good, are always in tune, and always have the right guitars or intact drum heads. Being a tech's not glamorous work, but it's
steady employment -- when the band is active.

9. Roberta -- the band's wardrobe manager. Wardrobe managers are more important than you might think.

10. Tony, Gene, and Bubba, Butch, or whatever his name is -- Part of the band's security team. Tony is the head of the detail, and Mitchell's personal bodyguard. Gene takes charge of Kerri's safety, and provides general security for the band when she's not around or not in need of him. And Bubba, Butch, or whatever his name is does his best to keep a watchful eye on Trevor.

11. Hank -- Trevor's father.

12. Mary -- Kerri's mother. As with Hank, the less said, the better.

13. Tiny Tim -- the owner of independent radio station KRVR. He's a player in Riverview, and he and Mitchell hate each other.

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you sure do have a knack for creating interesting--eye-popping, head-turning, jaw-dropping, characters.

thanx for visiting my TT. and btw i'm cool with weird.
Cool! Nice to meet everyone! :)

Happy TT!
That first one is a great name for a character Amy London. See the link. Me Amy me live in London. I have an affinity for her. Always have.
Nope, actually, I hadn't made that connection. The London connection, that is.

Amy was named long before I met you, though, babe. But we can pretend otherwise if you'd like. She's pretty important in Trevor's Song.
My husband was a roadie for a punk band so I'm glad to see your backstage guys aren't overlooked!
I have some stage crew experience, myself. I know whereof the real work lies, Bunny. Have no fear.
I love that picture of the road crew, Susan. And the two entries for Hank and Mary are really unnerving for what isn't there.
Roberta reminded me of a real person -- it was Keanu Reeves mother, who designed Alice Cooper's stage wardrobe! Imagine having Alice Cooper's bandmates as your babysitters----ol' Keanu probably grew up pretty quick!
Great TT -- love all your characters!
These are some very intriguing characters, esp. Graciella/George, Boomer, and Lyric. It makes me wanna see a movie or TV version of your book.
From your fingers to God's eyeballs, Malcolm.
Fun list to read through, but who does the food? Only one groupie..that's good, don't want to have any cat fights!
Good use of specific detail in your descriptions!
What Jo Renee said. Very well done. Have a great TT. :)
Wow, interesting T13 list! Very interesting characters!
Well thank you for the introductions to the cast:) They sound like some fun people...most of them!! Happy TT.
How do you keep them all straight??
Very detailed notes, of course, Wylie!
A big thank you to all the wingmen and wingladies!
Well it seems that there are more things to see and know than you would ever guess. One of these days I will find out a lot more.

Maybe I need to visit more often...this post was way over my head...or way to the side of my wings :)

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

The Egel Nest
Hello my friend: Thanks for stopping by. Loved your synopsis of these character in the wings. Will definitely be doing some background reading from the links you provided.
And they all live in harmony... *wg*
Just curious ... which of all of your characters is the most like you?

Another great TT.

My 13 Simple Truths are up.
Thanks for the introduction. It's great to meet everyone. :)

Happy TT

happy TT
I've always been partial to Graciella and Lyric. I think we need to hear more about them :-). And why Tiny Tim and Mitchell hate each other. Has to be a good story there...
Susan, I'm always so impressed with the amount of world building you do. I love reading about all of your characters. :)

All of 'em.
I keep thinking I'll sit down one day and just go through all your archives that I haven't seen yet--then you post something like this, and it's so much more fun checking out the links in this sort of context.

Still, one of these days...
Sounds like very rich world-building here.
Your characters are AWESOME, Susan. I adore all of them, and yes, the name AMY LONDON is just fabulous, but then all of their names and quirky personalities are magnifique! *mua!*
Well good to see the boys share the spotlight once in awhile. *wink*
I've never read a successful rock star romance. It never gets the full energy of a concert show. Would be cool to see you get that right!
Lyric intrigues me! I hope I get to see more of her soon! She does make a massage sound sexy, that's for sure!
You're the second person who's mentioned Lyric, Spy. You'll definitely get more of her. In fact, I was working on a character sketch of a thorn in her side today. Maybe I'll Poetry Train it one day.
Love the name Lyric! And...LOL to Tiny Tim ;-)
Great characters! Happy TT!
Hmmm... I don't remember #6 and maybe a couple others. I guess I need to go read up on them.
I'm kind of behind with your blog (and a lot of others) at the moment though. Reading and blogging have been a bit more of a challenge this week.
Cool list. Great cast of characters. Have a great weekend.
It is going to take a whole series with all these characters. It is coming on when?
Not soon enough, Marcia. Not soon enough.

On a happy note, I'm working on Lyric's story now.
Very fun TT!!
One nice thing about building another world like this is that you get to stay in it for a long, long time to tell all the characters' stories. Awesome!
Odd is awesome. Original is hard, and you certainly are. Great list!
G'day Susan,

That is an awesome cast.


Someday I'll have time to poke around here to get to know the band better - until then I really enjoy the way you pull me right back into the story every Thursday! Happy TT13 :-)
That's quite a cast of characters! I was also one of the assorted folk backstage once, though I mostly worked in theatre.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your support has meant a lot. I'm going to add you to my blogroll just as soon as I get a moment!
Great characters! Handy to have them on a list.
Thanks for visiting my Mabon TT.
Fantabulous characters. I really have to check out the rest of your blog (from before I dropped in here). My feeling that I have missed out on a lot of fun so far just gets stronger and stronger...
What happens when they all talk to you at once?
I love this cast very much. They're all so interesting and lively. Seriously, Susan, if I were introduced to your blog just now, I'd really think they're real characters and this is the official blog. Kudos to you, babe!

I really like the name Lyric, too :-)
Nancy, I stick my fingers in my ears, of course!
whoa, this will take soemtime to adjust too. I'll keep looking around.

Hello from Michele
First time i hear abour Gracellia!! And might be intersting seeing him around!!
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