Friday, October 26, 2007


Booking Through Thursday: Read with Abandon?

Booking Through Thursday must come up with these questions just to watch me squirm.

Someone named Cereal Box thought up this one: So . . . what books have you abandoned and why?

I don't like to be negative here on the blog about books I don't like. You'll see an occasional comment here, but you're more likely to see them crop up in a comment trail.

I do this because of the whole "Do unto others" credo. I would hate to see an entire post devoted to trashing Trevor -- or something else I've written. Heck, I have seen some of those posts directed at me and while they're discouraging, the ones that get personal and cross the line into slander/libel are worse.

Many of you have noted that I'm doing my best to build a community here, a place where writers can hang. (I know, I could and should be doing more, but I'm doing my best, I said!) I'd rather have something happen by omission -- and leave you wondering if the omission is just because I'm my typically overwhelmed self rather than because I have nothing good to say.

Chances are that if I know you, it's the former. I'm overwhelmed. Because if I know you, there is always something good to say!

And an aside to anyone who read my Thursday Thirteen from yesterday (feel free to scroll down and read it; I was actually quite proud of the band in this one), I found this post from Blabbermouth. The singer of As I Lay Dying who grabbed his pictures -- and had his guitars already loaded in the truck -- when he had to flee the fires.

He's a better man than the ShapeShifter guys -- or else he's not as close to his official band photographer as my boys are!


There's a difference between trashing something and just not liking it... Of course I myself would respond like you. Uncomplementary words can come out much harsher when in print, and even worse when published on the net. :P Happy Friday!!!
I think you're right--I try not to be negative on my blog, either, but then I posted a list of books I'd abandoned for this week's Booking Through Thursday, which of course can only be construed as negative. Whoops! Maybe I should also post a list of books I stuck with and which ended up being rewarding, as compensation...
Maybe we should propose that as a question!
Good for you! You have caused me to sit back and think about this. :) You set great example.
You've got a very good point, I don't post about the books I really haven't liked. I also try to be balanced when I write about books that I didn't totally like. Even when posting about my abandoned books!
Many of you have noted that I'm doing my best to build a community here, a place where writers can hang.

And your efforts are much appreciated.
I'm a-trying, Camille. I am.
I was asked to review a book awhile back, and I've written three of them and thrown them away. They sent me a free book and I agreed, so I feel obligated.

It sounded like a fantastic book, but the voice ... I just hate it! Like, it totally rubs me the wrong way! And I don't understand what genre it is or what it's trying to be.

But I feel guilty reviewing it. Or I feel spineless, whatever, LOL. I don't know. I don't know what to do.
Well, I'd start by figuring out WHY you don't like it. What rubs you the wrong way about it?

And how does that affect what you thought would be a great story?
I know what you mean. In my BTT post I mentioned a book that I hadn't been able to get into (I didn't actually say anything bad about the book; I didn't have anything bad to say about the book because I hadn't read it), but I felt bad especially when someone commented about it being a book he really liked.
I don't think i've ever trashed a book, plenty that take me forever to wade through, but only a few rare have i ever me some books. must
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