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Susan's Book Talk: Surprises

I was feeling bad over the weekend for not doing a BAFAB contest this quarter. I didn't hear a lot of hype and hoopla about the event from its founder, so I'd figured it would be a quiet thing.

But then I started, as I said, to feel bad. I like giving away books, especially books that I really loved.

So I went to a BookCrossing companion site, Cliff's wishlist, and found people who were wishing for some of the books sitting here, waiting for a new home (or three). I double-checked them against another companion site (for security reasons, I'm not going to name it, as it's a place where you can list your address), and then I sent out three books. One went to a friend and the other two went to random BookCrossers.

Sadly, these weren't books I loved. In fact, one was a book I'd loathed. That takes some of the fun out of sharing a book you love, but maybe their opinion will differ and they'll love it and I'll at least be responsible for having someone fall in love with a book.

As if to tell me that my karma was already on the upswing for my generosity, I had a prize from J. Kaye Oldner waiting for me at the post office. J. Kaye's got a cool thing going at her place(s), so stop by and check 'em out. You, too, can win a book!

Oh, yeah. The prize was a doozy: a copy of Harlan Coben's The Woods. Large print, even, which is always nice on eyes fatigued from blog surfing, writing, and editing.

One last bit of book news before I sign off and turn my attention to this week's Thursday Thirteen (I'm open to topic ideas, folks!): Lucy, at a new site called BooksPrice.com contacted me and asked me to spread the word about what she's up to. I've been playing with it a little bit and it looks like it can be a valuable tool -- if you're interested in shopping the big chains. Granted, once you start adding indies, you're going to have thousands upon thousands of listings. But you guys know me. I like supporting the little guy.

That's why Lucy at BooksPrice deserves a bit of your time. She seems to be a little guy, although I didn't dig too much into who she is and where she's from (yeah, I'm doing that Pittsburgh "I'll take you at face value" thing again). I really like how the site shows you not only what the book will cost, but how much shipping will be. And you can customize whose results you see, too.

It's a nice idea. I hope it's valuable to you guys -- 'cause admit it. I'm not the only one who tries to save some money and buy used (or remaindered).

Speaking of books, before I go, if you've read anything you think I need to know about, leave me a comment. I only have a few hundred books sitting around the house. What's a few hundred more?

(yeah, uhh, don't tell the Tour Manager I said that, okay?)

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Sorry for the lack of hype and hoopla! Some weeks are more busy than others. I'd been busy with my new sites (TwitterLit and KidderLit!). I managed a small contest myself but I was late getting started.
I love The Woods. (I haven't finished it, but that means NOTHING, truly.) I want more reading time!!!!
Hey, I wanted to let you know I posted the results from my TT13 Q's about Favorites I posted a couple weeks back. :P
It's nice to know a way to get your books in the hands of people who appreciate them. That will help relieve my crowded bookshelf -- and my conscience for buying too many books (but think of how I'm helping the authors!).
I want more reading time, too, Spy. That's why I love #2's dance days. 90 minutes (interrupted while she changes shoes) of reading. Yum!
LOL! Aisling Grey or JR Ward all the way sweetie.
I need to experience them both!
HI, Just came across your site via Blog Rush. I thought it was a cool tool for getting traffic, never really thought it would be that good for finding interesting sites. Just your list of book related sites in the sidebar is worth the visit. As for Mr. Coben - he is the current bestseller in our used shop here in Montreal.
BAFAB is a great idea. I will have to look out for it in January.

I must admit that I have always been a great reader adn have always loved books, though since I have been doing my MBA have precious time for 'fun' reading. All I seem to read these days are business books! It takes the fun out of it a little!
Speaking of books, before I go, if you've read anything you think I need to know about, leave me a comment. I only have a few hundred books sitting around the house. What's a few hundred more?

(yeah, uhh, don't tell the Tour Manager I said that, okay?)

Or at least warn him so he can shore up the floor under her office . . . :-)
I like this sending a book to a friend

It also works with Music

Sometimes a book you loath others like

So it might work out

Most my books are helpful about herbs, yoga, massage ayurveda

I write in my books little notes philosophies I agree with or I dont and why

I underline ect... Friends say my notes are often as entertaining as the book

There are two books I strongly recommend

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

even if you don't do yoga I like his Philosophies esp only learning to let go
So often we ccreate unnecessary stress by trying to hang on to things or time schedules
Ayurveda: A Life of Balance

Maya Tiwari is an inspiration to anyone who has been ill she had cancer and was dying in 6 months

and by changing her life and eating habits her cancer went into remission

She isnt preachy as I find most with most vegetarians

Her advice and philosophies are worth reading and her recipes worth trying
RABCKing books I didn't like doesn't bother me at all. I go with the optimistic outlook that they recipient will of course LOVE the book since it's on their wishlist. (Of course it doesn't always work out that way). :D
Hope you enjoy The Woods as much as I did! :)
I only have a few hundred books sitting around the house. What's a few hundred more?

Oh, yes. When we moved, the hubby kept seeing boxes and more boxes of books appear from places he had no clue I had stashed them. He was so peeved by the end of the move that I had to sneak the four books I bought a few weeks later into the house when he wasn't home.

What they don't know won't hurt them! :-)
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