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Thursday Thirteen #50 -- On the Road Again

A couple of things sparked this list this week. I spent a big chunk of Tuesday shopping online, getting the last (I hope!) things I need for my trip over New Year's. I touched base with a friend who used to work in the music biz and whose husband still does, and they always make me think of bands on the road (in fact, the last time I saw him was here in Pittsburgh, when he blew through). And I'm trying to figure out how many nights I want to stay in the hotel downtown during the Romantic Times Convention, and how many nights I want to return to the quiet and semi-sanity of family life.

Put all of that together and we get...

Thirteen Things Kerri Brings on the Road

1. Comfy shoes to stand around in all day.

2. Another pair, just in case something happens to the first.

3. A warm-up jacket for the days when one room is warm, the hallway's cold, and the side of the stage is something else entirely.

4. A stack of sketch pads and a bunch of pencils -- and a hand-held pencil sharpener that can be slid into a jeans pocket and yanked out when needed.

5. Jeans, jeans, and more jeans.

6. Sweats, just in case.

7. Extra toothbrushes, because they have a habit of staying behind in hotels.

8. Tank tops and athletic shorts to sleep in/lounge around the bus in during the warmer months.

9. A little black dress, hose, and heels

10. a bathing suit because she married, as Trevor likes to say, a fish.

11. The makeup kit from her days with the drag queens, for use on whoever falls asleep at the party first.

12. Old hair ribbons, to sneak up on Trevor and tie into his waist-length hair

13. Sharpies, of course. Everyone on the road needs Sharpies.

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I carry sharpies with me everywhere I go, and people always laugh at me. Hey, I'm a mom!

It came in handy when I was at an A's ballgame and the relief pitchers all signed my baseball with the marker! :)
Heck, I get asked for my Sharpies, even when I don't have my bag with me!
You're going to RT. MAN, I wish I was able to go. Be on the look out for my cover model. LOL.

Me I always carry notepads. I'm a writer. I also buy them obsessively.
Of course I'm going to RT! It's in the hotel where the Tour Manager and I got married!
I always over pack for a trip. But I figure that it's better than being without something that you might end up needing.

Falling asleep (aka passing out) 1st at a party can have serious repercussions, lol. By the way, I liked the backstory on Kerri and how the drag queens sucked her in.
Thanks for stopping by my TT about my musical guilty pleasures... I am glad you liked my "Cheese Whiz" line in reference to Mr. Richie. I hope I didn't drudge up any bad memories of New Kids On the Block.
Jeans, jeans and more jeans. Sounds like Kerri and I are kindred spirits. Great list - thanks for stopping by!
I'm getting better at not over-packing -- but sharpies -- I don't bring those!!
Trevor's lucky he's with Kerri and not me. Because I don't think she overpacks at all!
Who doesn't carry sweats and sharpies everywhere? :)
You always need Sharpies. You called it. I'm almost thinking every 13 from here on out will include that line. Happy TT.
Sounds like that girl knows how to come prepared and travel in style. Everyone needs a little black dress;) Happy TT my friend.
Yep, she's learning, all right. One thing, though: the dress rarely leaves the hotel rooms, and the hose never gets worn more than once...
I am long past the days when I had the energy for road trips, let alone those involving a band...but I must say your band definitely seem to be nicer and less likely to smash the furniture than the ones I seem to remember!
Hehe - I like her. And doesn't every woman carry a Sharpie in her purse? :-)
I think everyone (on the road or not) needs Sharpies! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Great lists! I like the bathing suit part:)

Mines up here;
Thursday Thirteen

Happy TT!
The list of things to carry makes a lot of sense. :) I'm an extrapacker myself. :P

My TT is up!
Waist-length hair. Le Sigh!! Happy TT!
Funny thing, I never owned a Sharpie before I met Dan. He's a ex-roadie (among other things). Connection? Do long hours on the road with a band inspire one to require Sharpies?

All I know is they sure come in handy!
#11 sounds interesting!

I always take my electric toothbrush with me when I travel. One time, I was sharing a room with my friend MaryEllen, who I often travel with. We'd had a long day and had finally crawled into (our separate) beds. I paused a few seconds...and turned on my toothbrush and she just BURST out laughing :-)

Thanks for visiting!
Useful things to take.
Jeans, jeans, jeans! Looks like you have the packing thing down!
Sharpies ~ I have hundreds I have confiscated from "taggers" in my desk drawer at work. A middle school disciplinarian's work is never done. Did you know Sharpies come in chartreuse?
Since everywhere I've been to seems to involve dragging three kids, I've developed a system of pack what I can and if I forgot it, we buy it. But I have to admit I'm a jeans and sweats kind of gal, too. I like my comfort.
RT, I am so jealous! I am not able to make it this year - and never have been able to. LOL! I hope my next one. I'd love to meet you Susan, and the gang. I hope you'll have a blast! And great TT as always, that imagination is fertile land, I tell ya!
Great list. I so agree on the comfy shoes. A must have for traveling.
You're going to the RT convention? Okay, now I'm turning green with envy. *lol*
Sharpies, I hate sharpies, though I love them when I need them. Trevor has waist length hair? How did I miss that... I have a new interest in him now... not that I would share that with just anyone.
Love this packing list. May have to save it in my favorites for the next time I'm heading out of town...

I love the idea of Kerri braiding Trevor's hair while he's sleeping! That and the drag queen makeup. She's got a lot of spunk that one.
Yep, never go anywhere without that little black dress!
Thanks for visiting my TT, btw.
have a nice TT
Great combo. Sharpies are an essential! And they worked with every outfit you named.
Heh. It's a good thing she carries the makeup kit--otherwise, she might be tempted to use the Sharpies. ;-) (hey, *I* would)
RT...Take me with you. :(

Jeans, comfy shoes, sharpies, sounds like my kind of girl.

Sweats, jeans and sweaters are a must for me. If I'm not comfy, I'm grumpy.
Um, what are sharpies? Animal, veg or mineral??
I would love to go to RT. You travel safe now.

I was reading Kerri's bio and had to laugh. When I was in my twenties I was a dresser for drag shows and it's an expereince that hard to compare to anything else.

I agree with ya'll nothing is as useful than sharpies, except maybe duct-tape.

(note to cajunvegan, yep, they have uber packs of colored shapies, how cool is that? Well, not as cool if you're the one having to get them out of the kid's grubby hands I guess)
Hmm, I don't carry Sharpies.

But I will be at RT!
Can't have Sharpies in my house. My girls are marker fiends and we live in a rental. Bad combo. Great list, tho :)
Jeans, jeans, and more jeans. Ah, my kind of girl!
I don't know what Sharpies are ? will have to google.
I love you packing list to go.
Now i will have to start taking a sharpie w/ me:>
Sadly, no RT for me this year, so I can't knock on your hotel room door and ask to borrow your sharpies :(
Someone tell Kerri that they do have CVS on the road, so the toothbrush is wasted space ;)
Thanks for sharing these tips :)

Great to be back! happy thursday!
I too carry sharpies everywhere .. lol! Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thank you so much for stopping by!
I ♥ sharpies. I have collected almost every color they make, but of course the purple ones always get used up first. Then I move on to black and the rest.

And I'd bring a lot of this same stuff on a trip, but I would have to replace the sketch pads with a camera and add supplies for cleaning up after the dog(s), you know.

Happy TT! :-)
what about a camera? I go nowhere withouta camera.
I always have wet ones... you never know who's been in the road trip bathrooms... ick!
That's a fun list. And Yay Sharpies! Happy TT!
Damn, I actually had to look up "sharpie" - how sad is that? ;)
Have fun at the convention, Susan!
Yes, Susan, you can tell it's a woman traveling. A guy would have taken an extra pair of underwear, an extra pair of socks, a toothbrush and his iPod. Done. And it all fits in a backpack the size of my purse!!
Happy TT!
Beware of a woman with sharpies who likes to make up sleeping people. You might wake up with permanent make-up!! LOL

Happy TT!
Hope your trip and the conf goes well and you bring back lots of pics :-)
Awesome list. My kids are marker fiends too. The cheapest hairspray you can find works wonders for removing Sharpie marks from hard surfaces like the dryer... don't ask...

My TT's up at: swing by if you're looking for some procrastination!
A comfy pair of shoes (and extras) are a very wise choice.
G'day Susan,

Never heard of the ``Romantic Times Convention'' - but I'm off to Google it.

Deadline looms on my second novel, but I'm going okay. Into the closing chapters now ...

Will be a more regular visitor when it's over.


Jeans, Jeans and more Jeans... that would be me. ^_^ Happy T13!
Your list seems to get longer and longer every time I visit. I'm all for the sweats and comfy shoes.
I know! It's crazy and I love it. It's also going to help me prove that I've got an audience and name recognition and all that jazz once I start querying again. Which will hopefully be like really freaking soon.

So HUGE thanks to everyone who stops in and helps get Trevor's Song into print!
I couldn't possibly stop by West of Mars until I was the 62nd commenter! Hmm...I'm packing this very second. Or, after I read this last TT for the night. Now, where did I put my Sharpies? Actually, I can't forget the pictures of my parents-in-law that my sister-in-law requested.
Great list. I love my sharpies! Have you seen the minis that you can clip onto a keychain? And in colors?! Too cool! :)
I wasn't familiar with Kerri - so I went and read her bio. I love her history with Drag Queens.

#13 - Everyone needs sharpies. I always have a few on me.
we're all gonna be partying wench.
We need to find out who all is going.
50 TTs!!!

I feel like I should get you...what is the 50th anniversary gift? Gold?
Thanks, Camille! But, really, you know what I want: a book deal.

Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT last week. I've been away for the weekend, so I'm very late to return the favour!
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