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Thursday Thirteen #52 -- Thoughts about Fire

The fires in Southern California have been on my mind quite a bit lately. I've got family out there, friends, and people with whom I've fallen out of touch -- but not out of thoughts.

Kermit Ladd wanted to talk to the boys about something serious for a change. He posed this question to the band: If these fires were to ravage Riverview, what would you risk your life to save?

1. Mitchell: My guitars. I've got a few that're worth tons. I couldn't leave without them.
Kerri: Not that you can be without a guitar in your hand for more than twenty minutes before you get twitchy.
Mitchell smiles guiltily.

2. Trevor: I'd want my bass with the cracked neck, the one M taught me how to play on. And my bike. I rebuilt that fucker from the ground up. I'm taking it to the fucking grave with me.
Kerri: It'll be a big chunk of land, Trev. You and a motorcycle.
Trevor: Good. Plant some trees. If they burn, plant more.
Eric: Part of the reason so many homes are burning is because people are planting too much in a desert.
Trevor: Don't fucking bury me in a desert, okay? I fucking hate deserts.
Eric: So do many of the people who live in them.

3. Mitchell: Eric? You're the more serious guitar collector. Which would you save?
Eric: The important things are family. So long as I have that, the guitars can burn.
Mitchell winces.

4. Kerri: I have a few paintings I'd want to save. Like the first one I did of you, M.
Mitchell: And the one of us in the bathroom.
Trevor: That's you two?
Kerri: Who'd you think it was?
Mitchell: Of course it's us. I'm not letting Kerri paint any pictures of couples making love like that unless it's us.

5. Daniel: I talked to Gecko, from Deadly Metal Hatchet the other night. He said Fozzy's taking the Hatchet out there so it can cut down brush and try to help.

6. Mitchell: What're you going to save?
Daniel: Val's cookbooks. That way, we can help by making gourmet meals for people stuck living in trailers and shelters and stuff. At least, that's what she says. I don't know how she'll pull it off, though.

7. Eric: There are lots of ways to help. I'm not sure that'll be so easy, either.
Daniel shrugs and says: Maybe, but at least it's doing something. Some of those people are our fans.

8. Mitchell: Maybe we'll figure out a way to get t-shirts to anyone who lost their home. It's not much, but at least they'll have something clean to wear.

9. Eric: You'll notice none of us thought about saving our clothes.

10. Mitchell: Makes you wonder how many who had to run thought about it, too.

11. Kerri: I don't know that I would. I think I'd be too busy trying to figure out how to save the painting of you guys that's on the wall in the trophy room.
Mitchell: I think that one's a goner, babe.
Kerri shudders.

12. Eric: It really makes you think. Appreciate.

13. Daniel: It sure does. Kermit, you're going to donate your payment for this article to the relief effort, right?

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The whole thing is scary... and sad :(
I sure hope that your family and friends are safe. It's so sad for me to watch that. We're far enough away, but that does not mean I do not care about those people.

It goes to show that it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, when disaster strikes, it is not bias.

God bless your friends.
Sorry to hear you have family near the fires. The fires are so scary.
If I had a guitar I'd totally have saved that. Unfortunately I don't have much so I took stuff that I've borrowed from others and about a week's worth of cloths... Then I worried about not taking the computer I'm still making payments on. Eak. It's a good thing my place is okay. Great TT this week!!

I also wanted to thank you for sending your + vibes my way, when I could I'd take my BIL's laptop and sign into blogger to check for comments, they were all very encouraging!! :-)
Sending you my prayers.
Sorry to hear about your loved ones and the fires.

Kerri's painting of her and Mitchell sounds interesting.
Oh, Malcolm, that it is!
I hope everyone you know out there is okay. I'm heartened that there's been so little loss of life, but nearly everyone has something an insurance check just can't replace.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.
Re: #9 - cause they like to be nekkid?

I hope your friends and family are ok :-)
well, Mitchell's a closet nudist, at least according to Trevor...
Hope everyone is safe.
Happy TT!
Hey SHG - Hope your peeps are out of danger. Fingers crossed...
I hope your family and friends are safe. And your dialog on #4 cracked me up. (Thanks for visiting my TT)
The smoke it the worst part. That and knowing we can't get out. Ugh!

Lila in Hollywood
The fires are horrible! I was just there and visited many of the places that are now destroyed. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.
It's terrible (the fires) -- and some of the political commentary around the blogosphere about it.
Pictures are priceless...thats what I would save first if we ever had to evacuate. The fires here are horrible, its hard to breathe outside. I want everyone out there to pray for rain...that would solve all of our problems. Thanks for thinking about us...Tell the boys guitars can be cant. Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by.
It is so scary. Quite a few of my friends/co-workers/teachers have had to be evacuated. I am lucky enough to live in "metro LA" so I am away from the fires but at school is another story.....
Fires are scary. I hope everyone you know is ok.

And I missed Rock of Love!!! I just didn't have time, but I am sad that I missed it.
Boys and their toys...I am with Lori, photographs!

I watch something like this on TV and realize that the little screen can't even come close to how bad it really is out there.
I have friends and family there too. Happy TT
Great TT - most of the things the band thought of right away were attached to memories, which are always the most priceless things inside a home. Hope all your family and friends are okay.

I smiled a big smile over this:
'Not that you can be without a guitar in your hand for more than twenty minutes before you get twitchy.
Mitchell smiles guiltily.'
My high school bass player boyfriend was exactly the same.
As always, reading about the ShapeShifter gang is a pleasure. My thoughts are with your family and friends, and I'm sending you big hugs.
Yeah, fires are scary and if people start thinking it can't happen here...Virginia is under an open burning ban, and a severe drought (we won't even talk about GA). Hope your peeps are okay. I'm praying for rain.
Hope your California family and friends stay safe!

Love the guys all trying to think of creative ways to help. =)
It has so been on my mind in in my heart
I've been watching and praying for everyone out there. Very sad.
I'd love to share all the rains we've been getting here with ya'll in California.


oh, almost forgot, my T13 is up at
I hope your family is safe.

I know that as of now, the family that I have over there is out of the danger zone, and I'm hoping it stays that way =\

Happy TT :)
A guy who saves cookbooks, I love it. You can tell they're a bunch of guys though (K excluded obviously) - no one said anything about photo albums!

On a more serious note, my heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires.
I hope you all are safe too and that nobody loses precious things. A very interesting question to consider.
It's been a while since I lived with a box of important things ready to go. It's an odd thing to do, pick what you want to save, put it in a box you can carry on the run...when it comes down to it, Eric had it right, family and pets is it.
Your blog entries are always so interesting. I wish I had my characters in mind like you do.

The CA fires are sad and scary. We have a lot of friends out there, as my hubby grew up in Orange County (but not the sexy part of it...ha!)
I attended USC and there are people and places on my mind daily that I wonder about but have fallen out of contact with.

I hope everyone you've known and cared about are well and come out of it ready to begin anew.

As Eric said, it really makes you think and appreciate what you have.

I can only hope after the pain and loss in New Orleans after Katrina can come to something better when everyone is helped in Southern California.

It's like listening to a family bicker. Excellent.
Susan sorry to hear about your family and the fires are shocking. I hope they can control them stat, really.
Great list. Those fires are terrible. I din't know what I would do either. Sad. :(
Susan, I watched a special news report about the fires in California last night. What a horrifying situation for all the people who have to leave their homes behind not knowing whether the houses will still be there when they return. -- I hope your friends and family will be all right!


(My T13 is up on Unusual Historicals this week)
Its amazing how quickly its happened. And its also kinda funny because I think everyone has that flash in there head, what would I grab. Besides the cats and the wife, it would be the Ipod.
Pretty sure this is the worst it's ever been. I don't know when a fire has been this bad, this out of control. Scary stuff.
Sorry to hear that you are worrying about people in that region. I've seen the fires on the news and it's really awful. I can't imagine what the area will look like once they're out.
I tried to think what I would take with me in case of a fire, but I can't think of anything I would risk my life for. Things are all replacable. I would only grab my dog and let everything else go up in flames, probably.
What a thought provoking TT. I hope your friends and family in CA are safe.
I have my cousins in San Diego so I've been following the whole wildfire thing. Totally scary!
It's a mess out there. You can only pray everyone stays safe.

I would only risk my life to get my family or pets out of my house.

I had a house fire once and we lost alot of pictures and treasured items but we were all safe.

In the end, that's all that really mattered.
You are so creative! I just did plastic surgery! lol! :) Well done and Happy TT!
Nice. I particularly liked Daniel's comment to Kermit at the end.
So scary! :( I'd never leave the house knowing my hubby or kids were inside. And if there was anything I'd go back in for, it would be my pets.

The rest is material - it can all be replaced.

Thought provoking T13. I hope all your friends and family are safe.
I really hope every one is safe and okay. I wish I could do more to help.
My Dianic sisters and I have been working magically to help as we can, but it's a scary thing. I know a lot of people who had to evac.
It's so terrifying! I can't imagine having so much burning around you like that.
I hope your family and friends are safe. And I agree with the others who said photos. A lot of other things can be replaced, but not pictures.
I hope your friend and family are doing ok. This has sure been an awful week for so many =(
First I want to say my prayers and thoughts to you and your family/friends during this time...

Second - I love this characters'conversation about what important to them if fire happen. Trevor made me laugh so much ;)

Happy Thursday Thirteen!
I hope everyone is safe.
Sending all the rain and torrential dounpours their way.

I keep watching on the news...sooo scary. I hope everyone stays safe.
Susan, I hope your family and friends are safe. We made it back into Rancho Bernardo this morning. The air was actually worse in Anaheim where we'd been staying the last couple of days. The view over RB isn't as bad as I'd feared after watching the news.

We packed several of DHs guitars and a 1875 banjo. A few instruments stayed behind, but those weren't as old or as sentimental. We mostly filled our Honda Odyssey as it was.

My TT this week was 13 things I wished I'd grabbed or done before we left...

Good thoughts to everyone affected by this horrific mess.
My thoughts are with your family and friends. That's a horrible situation.

Big hugs to you. :)
I know this is probable so juvenile, but I cannot get Beavis out of my head saying "Fire, fire, fire" again and again.

All kidding aside, I hope your friends and family are safe.
I too have been very concerned this week with the fires in southern CA. Our son and his family live in Garden Grove, and they are doing OK there, except for the smoke, etc. One of the things that people probably don't think about too is the Navy families displaced and/or burned out by the fires down by San Diego. The spouses on the ships at sea at in turmoil right now wondering if they have lost everything. One little facet of life that you probably won't see on CNN.
And I read over at Rhian's that you've been sick, so take care of yourself! We've had a lot of flu out here this season.
I gotta be honest--hard drive in one hand, cat in the other, and I'm outta there!

My sympathy goes out to those who lost everything in California. It must be such a shock.

Here from M.
this was excellent. sorry i missed it when you posted. i was probably spending waaaaay too much time watching cable news coverage of the fires and freakin over just such questions as these.

hope your friends and family are safe
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