Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Maintenance Alert: Loading issues?

Three people, over the past two days, have said that they're having trouble loading the blog. If you're reading me via feedreader, come on over and see if you, too, are having trouble.

Let me know what's up.

We've removed the BlogRush widget (just as it's finally returning some hits) temporarily to see if that's the problem.

Your feedback helps us see things, guys. Keep it coming.

The blog opens fine for me, but the first time I tried tonight(coming from my feedreader) it did lag for a little while during which Firefox said something like "loading data from bust.com...". Don't know if that helps at all though, because it doesn't seem to do that now.

Good luck solving the problem, if, in fact, there is one.

D'ya ever wonder why I disappear from your blog for days?
Well, though your site loads fine on my desktop computer, my laptop always freezes up on West of Mars.
Depending what computer I'm on when blog-hopping... explains my sometime long absences.
I thought it was just me. Maybe it still is?? :D
No problem here. I generally read you in my feed, but it loads the whole site, not just the text. And it never has a problem.

A few weeks ago, I was getting your posts out of order and days after you'd posted them. I'm not sure if that was the same problem or not ...

But now all seems fine! :-)
I'm not having any trouble, but I have had trouble loading it from the computer at work before. Mainly because it's a POS (the computer, not your blog)! I think slow connections might have trouble.
Seems fine to me :).
It seems to load better for me than it ever used to do!
okay - i'm one of those that has a hellava time loading your blog. it hangs up and takes up to a minute sometimes to become clickable again. a minute isn't that long, except in the blog world where peeps are hopping fast and furiously. and whatever fix you applied didn't work- if that info helps.
No problems here.
I'm fine viewing you on both my laptop and my desktop. Looks good. .:)
i've had problems before but today it loaded quick
Hmm. Maybe we're figuring it out.

Keep the feedback coming, guys!
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