Sunday, November 04, 2007


Poetry Train: Inside Unforgettable

I am the prompt queen today. Writer's Island is all about Unforgettable things. Weekend Wordsmith is Inside. And me, I'm doing a poem for the Poetry Train. Yee haw.

Inside Unforgettable


of fear
of joy
of anticipation
of realization


Bright lights beckon
Lines intimidate
Fingers gone to prunes
Sopping towels
Lost lounge chairs

Retreat to the hotel room
for a nap
for dry clothes
for food

Back in bathing suits

Hit the water park again.

Yep, the kids are off school for conferences and we're joining a bunch of friends -- and half the Cub Scout den -- up in Erie PA for what's promising to be some unforgettable fun at an indoor water park. See everyone in a few!

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wahoo! i love it Susan!!! Ending snuck up and grabbed me by surprise. I hang out with too many erotic authors apparently.
Have fun! Sounds like a blast.
Wonderful Susan poem! Loved it!

"Fingers gone to prunes
Sopping towels
Lost lounge chairs"

I've lived that. These lines bring it all back. Have fun in PA!
I haven't been to a water park in years! I wonder where the closest one is to Vancouver, BC?

Come over and play my poetry game.
This is a great poem! I love it!
What a great, unexpected ending. Love it.
Awesome, way to multi-task!
"Lines intimidate
Fingers gone to prunes"

I am imagining that!
Wow, I'm first. That's weird. Where's your Linkey?

Water park. For some reason this cold weather makes me so glad I'm not going to one.
WOOOHOO! Have fun at the park!
errr - Lisa, i was channeling you when i stopped by so technically you WERE first. sorta. Sorry - lame save. I tried.
Waterparks rock!
You guys were all first 'cause I was too busy being frustrated at my kids to moderate comments. Not to mention our in-room Internet didn't work.
Indoor water park has got to be something. Something full of germs and screaming banshees, but see thats something
Have fun. I love slipping and sliding down water slides. Hey Erie, you're just right across the lake from Mois!
I never made it to the water park this year :(

Have fun Susan, don't get sunburned!
oh, what fun!
you put me right there:
where's my towel i got water streaming outta my hair into my eyes.

thanx for visiting.
hey did you notice i finally figured out how to get the WOM groupie thingy in my sidebar and linked to boot. took me long enough tho.
Neat fun day! I remember those and being sunburned to a crisp!
Have fun! It sounds exhausting to me. :)
Oh, what fun! I was SO there! :-)
Susan: I miss you so much dear. Sorry, I haven't been around lately. Read my blog for more.

I really like that poem, Susan. Wow.

I want to go to a water park too, like right now :P
What fun! Fingers gone to prunes - a cute and truthful phrase!
You have been the last site that I've put up for checking like for the last week, and I always felt asleep before checking it! Sorry Susan!!
I want to go to a water park!! And that would say that it is warmer than here right now!!!!
Considering it snowed where I am today, I'm very jealous! Enjoy yourself!
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