Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Susan's Inside Writing: Friendship

The prompt this week at Writer's Island was Friendship. No problem, I thought. I'll post something with Trevor and Mitchell playing off each other.

My first thought was Smoke Break. Problem was, that's mostly Trevor and Val, with Mitchell coming in at the end.

No, I thought. I want a real exchange between the boys. After all, I describe them as being as close as brothers.

Maybe Flags? That's a good one, but maybe... just maybe you had to have some more background on who these guys are and why they are dreaming like this.

Quitting? This was a good one, where Trevor has just quit school and Mitchell comes to find out why. No, I thought. It's too rant-laden. I wanted something more... gentle, I guess. Some quiet moment between the boys.

That meant that Mitchell's Ears and Naked were both right out, too. As was The Time Before Dinner.

I didn't want to resort to the Thursday Thirteen I'd written; that's a list. A good one, but...

Oh, the choices seemed endless -- and endlessly wrong.

I finally went with Eric's Flu, figuring that at least the guys were trying to show friendship toward Eric, even if they're sort of clueless about how.

But... what do you guys think? Was that the best choice, or should I have dug around a bit more? Can you think of something better?

And is Camille right? Do I have enough outtakes published here to collect into their own volume and put out there for my groupies to collect?

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That is a good one, but of course, they're all good.

And yes, I definitely think Camille is right! :-)
I like the Eric's Flu outtake. Hadn't read it before, so thanks for linking to it. I was just taking some chips out of the bag when I read that Mitchell was taking chips out of the bag. Scary.
Yes for Eric's Flu outtake.

I have some flu outtakes this week I can share. Still can't hear out of my right ear. *sigh*
You have resources than anyone can shake a stick at. Too clever, my dear!
You know my opinion on the matter. Putting outtakes, snippets and stories into a little book is free marketing for the real thing!

And thanks for these links! I hadn't read all of them and it was fun!
I tend to assume you guys have been here since the start, so I'm glad you're catching up and having fun.

Amy, feel better PRONTO!
tricky with a subject so broad to narrow in, yes.
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