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Thursday Thirteen #54 -- Lead my Rhythm

This week's Poetry Train/Weekend Wordsmith has Mitchell on my mind.

Thirteen reasons why Mitchell prefers rhythm to lead guitar

1. It's easier to play a rhythm line and sing at the same time

2. Singing gives you enough glory; someone else can have the guitar god status

3. Easier to cover for Trevor and his mistakes

4. If you want to take your hands off the guitar and gesture at the audience, you're covered by the rest of the band

5. It's just cool

6. Guitars are the ultimate chick magnets, but rhythm lets a shy kid hide a little bit. (as if singing doesn't negate that, but let's not argue)

7. Rhythm guitarists groove; lead guitarists wail

8. Rhythm gives a band an extra crunch

9. Not every band uses a rhythm guitar

10. Eric plays lead and he's damn good at it. Why compete?

11. Working together, Daniel, Mitchell, and Trevor create a solid rhythm that Eric can build melodies on.

12. It just feels right

13. He quickly realized once he got started that to most girls, a guitar's a guitar. They didn't care if he played rhythm or lead. They just cared that he played. Guitars, apparently, are sexy.

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For more in this occasional series about who plays what they do, check out More About Trevor, and Pound Them Skins.

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I'm just the opposite. I don't have any decent sense of rhythm but I can play and sing at the same time.
There's an education in here for me. All I knew before was that guitars are sexy! Thanks!
My son is going to take guitar lessons.
#13 is me. I know one seems to have more notes than the other, but who can tell which is which?

Happy TT! Hopefully I'll have mine up soon.
No, no, Breens. A rhythm guitar and a lead guitar are the same things, just played differently.

A bass guitar has four strings. A guitar has 6.

*shakes head*

And I let this woman be one of my readers???
I love how deep inside your characters' heads you are! (Thanks for visiting my TT)
I'd have to be a rhythm guitarist like Mitchell because I would want to gesture to the audience as much as possible. He's right... to most women, a guitar is a guitar.
My boyfriend has been taking bass lessons for six months.

I used to be able to play DUST IN THE WIND...but I don't remember anymore.

I like how you give the solos over since singing is more center stage anyways.

Great charater practice!
Lucky #7 woohoo!

I quite agree with 13 :-)
While guitars can be sexy, the picture can dramatically change depending on the man or woman playing it.

It just dawned on me to ask: Do you live in Pittsburgh? I live in Squirrel Hill! Now I know why you asked in a previous blog entry.


*shakes head*
Interesting. I've been thinking about getting my son a guitar for Christmas or his birthday.
I agree guitars are sexy!!!!! :)

Happy TT, mine's up! :)
Sooooooooo, when is Susan's TT going to be about her?? Its great to hear about the band but it would be nice to hear about you too:) Happy TT.
Oh, when I have 13 things to say that aren't pathetic sounding, I'm sure.

Which probably means never. I'm boring compared to the boys!
I'll use this for my boys, whenever they start fighting over the karoke machine microphone!

Glad to know the marshmallows will be the center of a party!!

Two Thursday 13s this week from me!!
Heh, #3 was my favorite. Happy TT!
Guitars are the ultimate chick magnet... that is next to the singer! Singers are always the hotties in bands!
Interesting list! I know next to nothing about music, so I feel like I've learned something. :) Thanks for stopping by my TT!
What you really have to watch out for are the girls who like guys that play harmonica. Very scary. lol.
Can't say I know a whole lot about guitars in general (well, prior to this post, that is)....but I would agree that they definitely are sexy! ;-)

Happy TT!
Very cool list! I can't play but I love to sing. :)

Happy TT!
I am totally sending my son your way. All I does is plays air guitar. Though I think he has been settling with Guitar Hero lol. I don't have an ounce of rhythm or musical talent in my body. lol.

Love your TT! Talk to you later.
All I knew was I like! Interesting list.
I agree with The Gal Herself, its incredible how well you know your characters!

Happy TT!
Very cool. I love it!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
i dig rhythm! i can't carry a tune. never could. but i always loved rhythm. my first choice for a band instrument in sixth grade was drums. but neither band teacher nor parents thought girls should play drums.

i picked clarinet. hated the way it made my mouth feel but there was one song i learned on it that i just about wore out. the theme to the pink panther cartoon!

and during my ten or so years of piano lessons i loved the left hand parts better than the right hand parts and drove everybody crazy playing them over and over without the right hand part. i think i might have been hypnotizing myself.

i couldn't read a piece of music today to save my life.

happy TT
I love number 2! My middle child is desperate to learn the guitar. He loves listening to the classical Spanish guitar music. I think we'll need to get him lessons soon!
Very interesting!! For me here in this house...try dancing with a man that has no rhythm. *wink*
#13 is absolutely true. Rhythm or lead, guitars are sexy no matter what.

Although I admit specifically to having a thing for bassists every now and again. There's something about the look of a bass guitar and the bass player handling it. But standard guitars are sexy just the same. *wink*

Happy TT, Susan!

That's so funny! I agree. It is just the guitar in general that is attractive.
I have no rhythm or musical merit in my body, which is probably why I love these guys!

By the way, gave you nod this week on the TT :-)
MMM, guitars. Wish I could play better!

Happy TT!
Great list, Susan.
I finally mailed your bookmarks yesterday.
Oh yes! Guitar's are sexy! Yes, they are!
#13 says it all. ;) I should send my older son over to read this--he's let his guitar-playing slide lately. *g*

And #3--*gasp* Trevor makes mistakes??
He's right. It IS just cool!

I'm all rythym guitar. Chords, no leads for me thanks!
I always went for the bass player when I was younger...

Fun post thanks!

Guitars=sexy. Serious chick magnets, lol.

Happy TT
I'm not very rhythmic... can't play any instrument.. and my singing sounds like a cat's being strangled... doesn't stop me from trying though. :)
Rhythm guitar is fun... it can be downright relaxing just to hang out and groove!

Great T13 as always, my friend!
Great list, Susan! I'm kinda partial to the bass guitar myself. ;)
Great TT! Have a great weekend!
#13 is just oh so true - a man with a guitar is just plain hot! ;-0

Happy TT
Too cute. And yes, all guitars are sexy. Except how Dave Matthews wears it up high like old man pants.
Did Mitchell needed a little attention this week??
And yes, guitar and someone that can play it right is sexy!!
It's only when you have to regularly carry a guitar a couple of miles to and from lessons that you start to wish you'd taken up something smaller - like a penny whistle. And it's only when you take up an even bigger brass instrument you wish you'd stuck with the guitar...

Well that was me any way...

Great TT :-)
Everyone knows that if you're good at rhythm in music, you're good at rhythm in bed. :-)
Then how do you explain Trevor?

Oh, yeah. Effort.

heh heh Het...
Reminds me of Harry in that old tune by Dire Straits, "The Sultans of Swing." "Playing strictly rhythm, he doesn't want to make it cry or sing."
every week you come up with the most creative lists! how do you do it!!!
I can't play the guitar to save my life. My DH plays and has tried many times to teach me but alas... I shall remain .. rhythm-less I guess. Great T13! I got to live vicariously thru you while reading it and for a moment I was cool! ;)
Yeah, guitars are sexy, aren't they? (My guy plays bass, and won't let me call it a bass guitar, but they're sexy, too.)
he's right, guitars ARE sexy!
happy tt!
I have no idea about whom you are speaking...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)
'Easier to cover for Trevor and his mistakes'
Ooo! (looking around nervously to see if Trevor heard that)
Oh, he'll be the first one to tell you that he sucks. He knows; he just doesn't care.
Great list, although I must admit a preference for keyboards. :) Happy TT.
Yep, I agree with Mitchell. I've had a extra fondness for rhythm guitars ever since the first time I was serenaded.... :-)
I'm not very musical so I'm going to take your word for it :) Happy belated TT and thank you so much for stopping by!
I see. Thats why the girls all chase guitar cases around parks and campuses.
By the way country is just one type of music I like.

LOL at #13. So true!!
Ah, yes. But the bass line is what gets me every time...
i don't play an instrument, but I like to think I have rhythm! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my black panther TT.
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