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Thursday Thirteen #55 -- Thanks for the Disaster!

Let's face it. Part of what makes Thanksgiving so much fun is seeing what sort of memories you'll leave the table with. Our friends in Riverview (and music reporter Chelle LaFleur) have had some memorable meals.

Thanks for the Diasaster!

1. There was the year when Mitchell and Trevor were 20 and they stumbled in to dinner, late, Trevor stoned and Mitchell drunk and stoned, and decided that turkey flambe was the main course. Sonya, who was about to put the cooked bird on the table when this happened, wasn't amused.

2. The first year that Chelle was living alone, she decided that the best way to celebrate her independence was to make Thanksgiving herself. Not sure how to cook, let alone roast a turkey, she microwaved it. For an hour. What she was left with resembled the shrunken heads she'd seen her elderly relatives use for voodoo ceremonies. Those creepy elderly relatives were all too glad to see her when she showed up for dinner.

3. One year, Pam accepted the invitation of some vegetarian friends for a Tofurkey dinner. She made sure they served fish the next time she ate with them.

4. Inspired by Mitchell and Trevor's lame attempt at flame, Val decided to try it herself. The apricot brandy glaze was a success. The flambe wasn't. The bananas foster that was an alternative to the pumpkin pie was.

5. When he was a teenager, Eric and his brothers had a pumpkin pie eating contest. Problem was, their mother had baked the pies for a church dinner. They learned fast how to bake a good pumpkin pie.

6. Amy called it a disaster the year Mitchell was allowed to carve the bird for the first time. Until he did, Amy had visions of herself becoming a surgeon. After Mitchell sliced that baby perfectly, she knew surgery wasn't going to be her thing.

7. Eric's family is still traumatized from the year the TV broke and the football game was tied, with two minutes left and the home team set to score. The ball was intercepted, the visitors won the game -- and Eric's family missed it.

8. The year Patterson was called away from the table for work. He didn't come home until after the kids were in bed.

9. The year Eric's dad decided to invite the entire congregation to a Turkey Bowl -- and broke his leg on the first play. The Turkey Bowl turned into an annual event for about ten years. The broken leg became legend.

10. The year Hank came home in time for dinner, upended the entire contents of dinner into Jenny's lap, and turned Trevor into a punching bag. Yeah. That'd be a disaster. Trevor couldn't eat solid food for a few days after that one. This is not the only time Trevor had loose teeth around Thanksgiving, poor guy. (here is the reference to the other time)

11. The second year Chelle tried to cook. Instead of making voodoo turkey breasts, she set the oven on fire. Thankfully, she was quick-witted enough to put it out before it spread and destroyed her apartment -- or worse. This was the last time Chelle tried to cook. Anything.

12. Then there was the year the band was on the road. This was before the days of nice hotels. No one was terribly surprised when they came down with food poisoning.

13. Lastly was a disaster only in Val's eyes. She made a wonderful feast for the band. And I do mean feast. They ate it all, somehow -- and ruined her night by having another of their burping fests at the table. The boys, of course, thought it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

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ROFL!! Holidays always bring some sort of disaster don't they.

I remember the year my grampie burnt his eyesbrows off. LOL!! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
What about YOU...what kind of Thanksgiving memories do YOU have?? Happy TT and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Nothing terribly concrete or interesting, Lori.
Thanksgiving sounds like fun with the band!
that was a great post!!! Happy TT and happy thanksgiving!!!! :)
Mitchell in worst shape than Trevor?? Was is wrong with that picture??
And those stories make me proud we don't celebrate Thanksgiving at my place!!
'Cause Trevor doesn't drink. But he happily gets others drunk! :D
Some interesting charactors there. I need more story...LOL Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving!
You gotta take the good with the bad...
Happy TT and Thanksgiving to you...
"One year, Pam accepted the invitation of some vegetarian friends for a Tofurkey dinner. She made sure they served fish the next time she ate with them."

Hilarious! Tofurkey! OMG. How the heck did she keep it down? Ewwww
Oh come on....I'm sure that something interesting has happened during your Thanksgiving Past! lol
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Funny memories.. I hope I'll have ones like those from this day... :) Happy TT!
Hilarious! Great TT idea! Love it!
The BEST Thursday 13 I've read in a LONG Time!! Awesome
It's a tradition that my Mom will catch a potholder on fire. So far no major destruction. :-) Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!
Wow. My Thanksgivings have never been particularly interesting, but now they seem embarrassingly unmemorable by comparison! They really know how to liven up a holiday in Riverview!
Happy Thanksgiving!
LOL! What a great T13 -- all 13 made me smile, but I cracked up at #2 -- microwaving a turkey for an hour!! EEK!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! :-D
LOL! There's always a cooking disaster with every holiday. :D

Happy TT!
Poor Chelle. I'd swoop in and cook her dinner if I lived closer...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Did you see my bacon turkey earlier this week? Which one of your characters would be the most likely to eat bacon and a stick of butter?

Yes, I am feeling a little less stressed this week and silly.

This week's TT is for shits and giggles ... well, most of mine are.

Happy Thanksgiving
thank goodness for fiction it makes real life seem normal:>One year my brothers girlfriend made a pecan pie from sweet and low it was one of those:<
Fantastic - they have a lot of fun... all the stories x
Love #3. I can completely see that happening! Happy Thanksgiving to the gang in Riverview, and thanks for visiting my TT.
I love stories like this! We don't have Thanksgiving as a holiday, but I can relate to it.
Thanks for your kind words when visiting my random TT!
LMAO and I thought it was annoying when my husband and his brothers play catch with the rolls when someone says "please pass me a roll"

Happy Thanksgiving.
This is so funny. i really enjoyed it.
Family holidays make for great entertainment, don't they! Sometimes, only in retrospect though...
Happy TT and Happy Thanksgiving!
Holiday disasters always happen one way or another, hope this year is better for you.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
LOL! I'm not surprised they've had some dramatic Thanksgivings. I'm just hoping for a more relaxing one than last year, when I cooked the entire dinner and then transported it all 90 minutes away, only to have my brother-in-law's mother-in-law complain that we were late. Grrr.
What a great Thanksgiving for the band! Hope you have a great holiday to!
This was too darned (being PG here) funny! I always like your TT-13's!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!


LMAO nice, yet those always seem to be the most memorable don't they.

At least you've never bee bored lOL

Great TT

They crack me up all that time. Thanks for sharing your stories all. :)
loved it! LOL
wishing you and yours a wonderful thankgiving full of blessings and good food! (and NO turfurkey-my dogs won't even eat THAT!)
I'm with Shesawriter - Pam's Tofurkey story was my favorite. Though the burping band was good!
Wow! What a great way to explore your characters.... Awesome!
Loved the tofurkey, lol!! great collection of disasters! Happy TT and Happy Thanksgiving :)
And suddenly everything to ever go wrong on Thanksgiving seems so much better in comparison. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving Susan!

Wishing you the very best this Thanksgiving! :)

J. Kaye
Happy Thanksgiving and TT.
LOL!! These are awesome. And I wonder how many people are out there reading them thinking, "How did Susan find out about that?"
I forgot to say I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!
Tofuturkey?! - An entertaining list as always. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you and yours a happy turkey day. Have a wonderful holiday.
Well it seems like a good idea - maybe I'll get my act together by next Thursday.
Happy Thanksgiving Susan!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones and more memories to cherish!
Those are really funny! I like the burpfest following the feast....!
Too funny! I enjoyd reading this!
for the laughs.

now you've done it! all that talk of food made me notice that i'm starving again. between three and seven yesterday i was sure i would never be hungry again. but right now i think i could eat the picture of that turkey in your header.
Awesome post. Hope you're enjoying your thanksgiving weekend!

Here via Michele.
These are great. I guess anybody having a hard time with their family can read them and realize that their life is pretty normal. I just joined the T13 this week. It's my first! And I totally did NOT do a Thanksgiving theme since being Canadian we don't celebrate it when you do and for some reason it's really not a big deal here.
There is an awful lot of Flambe in those stories! I understand that some people deep fry their turkey at Thanksgiving - that is one big KFT! LOL!

Even though I live in the Uk I have a Thanksgiving memory: I was in NYC for Thanksgiving last year. Unfortunately the Macy's parade was a washout and the balloons were practically tethered to the trucks. I remember being cold and wet and seeing Big Bird being deflated which was how I felt. However, the rest of my time in NYC was a blast.
Oops - forgot to say that I bumped into you over at Michele's!
Yes, I think those kinds of disasters are what makes the dinners that turn out seems so smagical...a cookign disaster can happen to almost anyone. Especially when drinking and sports come into play ha ha.

what a terrific idea for a list...and I love thinking about mistakes or accidents that have happened when I've had a dinner party. It kind of made me get the attitude that if somethign goes wrong...we'll go out or make cheese melts ha!
Wonderful list.

Like you, I don't have terribly concrete or interesting memories. At least, I don't think so. So I'm looking for them. Your post has provided the new writer's challenge!

God bless.
I am glad to hear that Chelle learned that cooking wasn't her strong suit.
That was hilarious. I've always wanted to try Tofurkey, though!
Ah, your characters remind me of some people. Wait, that's my family. Am I real?

Thanks for stopping by.
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