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Special Hanukkah Giveaway!

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To keep the celebration of Hanukkah going and to point your attention toward my review of Jeffrey Overstreet's ground-breaking debut novel, Auralia's Colors, over at Front Street Reviews, I thought I'd -- reluctantly! -- give my copy to one of you.

Simply leave a message in this post and on Dec. 11th, the last night of Hanukkah, I'll pick a winner at random and share this great read. You can be anywhere in the world. You can celebrate any religion, sleep with either gender (or both), have any color skin, be right-handed, be left-handed, be like me and be ambidextrous ... the possibilities are endless.

The only thing I ask is that you read the book and tell me what you thought of it.

One more thing: I've registered it at BookCrossing. There's no need for you to make a journal entry, although it's fun to watch where a book travels and what people think of it.

Really. Read it. That's enough.

Have a wonderful Hanukkah. May the week be full of light and miracles.

(and for those of you waiting for more about Springer, keep reading. There will be more about this year's Musical Hanukkah Celebration. If you're lost about Springer, click here. The link in the Hanukkah Celebration will only take you to last year's post, so you can read from the beginning.)

Edited on Wednesday to say: check out Overstreet's reaction to my review here!

*Sticky post! Scroll down for the new stuff!*

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Glad to follow other people's traditions, it's such a special time of year for everyone [especially us as we have 3 birthdays in December too]
Something peculiar has happened to blogger comments so just for now, this is my calling card "Whittereronautism"so we can find each other.
Way to spread the Hanukkah cheer, lady. :) I lurves me some free books, therefore I comment. Hehe.

I'll spread the word. :)

JM, you rock!!!
Nicely written review. Please sign me up for your contest.

I will also spread the word.
You're spreading holiday cheer, and it sounds like an interesting story. How could I not leave a comment?!

Plus, I'm ambidextrous like you - maybe that'll help my chances. :-)
I came here via JM's site. I'll also post a comment about this contest on my blog. I don't use blogger so I'll leave my blog address in case I win ( This way you'll know how to reach me.
Ooh! Ooh! She said anywhere in the world! Pick me! Pick me!!

Seriously though, I'd love a shot at the book, and want to wish you a very happy Hannukah as well.
Have a Happy Chanukah (I know it's an incorrect transliteration, but I got used to it when I was a kid and we made up our own rules for playing with dredels since the official ones were boring).

I found you through JM, BTW (and yes, she does rock). I didn't think of giving presents to readers - what I'm doing is blogging historical recipes for fried food, which is sadly educational.
Happy Hanukkah SHG!
Happy Hanukkah my friend!!!

As to my bookmarks, I am still waiting on my printer. As soon as I have 'em you're getting 'em!
OO I really wanted this book when it came around for review and I didnt get one :( *so many tears*

I blogged ya :)
Wow, thanks!

Amy, no rush on the bookmarks, love. It's much more important that they be RIGHT.
I would enjoy this book so much. I will definitely spread the word. tonight is the night - latkes and yummies.
happy hanukkah!
count me in!
Happy Hanukah. I will spread the cheer around. Book looks amazing.

count me in for your drawing as well. The review is great!
Please randomly select me!!
That book looks facinating!
I love reading, count me in!
Hi, My dad is ambidextrous too! I don't know many people that are. I have been reading reviews about "Aurelia's Colors" and I know I would enjoy reading it and then passing it on! Enjoy your holiday season!Thanks, Cindi
This book looks great!
Give a lefty a break and throw me a free book!
What about virgins? Do they qualify? I'm not one, just curious.

Thanks for the chance to win.
Virgins? Of course they qualify.

However, they may not want to hang around here long, lest Trevor get wind of their condition and help them change it. Virgins have a habit of melting when he gives them THE LOOK. Then again, so do most non-virgins.
Happy Hanukah. Have heard wonderful things about this book. Thanks. Enjoy Your Hanukuh.
Me please!

This sounds like such a good book!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I am intrigued.
I liked the review and afyet that offer of a free book, I followed you here from Gather!

I am a Hindu, live in Delhi, with straight orientations.

Will that do to throw my hat in?

Any way, I am doing it!

Consider me in!

PS: When does TRevor come to give me that look?
Happy Hanukkah!
Seeing as I'm married to a Brad Pitt look-alike I think I'm safe. :P
I've heard so much about this book. I'd love to read it!

bebemiqui82 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Ah, I made it here!

Chag Sameach
Happy Chanukah...(who says that's an incorrect transliteration?!!)

you sound so familiar. you didn't grad from bgsu with an mfa around 1992 did you?
actually that would be 1994..
hey there,
We ought to get together???Pick a time. Pick a place.Nowhere toof ar west of Mars.Happy chanukah my friend. I want to read the book!
throw my name in the hat! the offer of a free book is like a siren's song to me! LOL
Hey there, Susan. Chag sameach (and presumably Michele would have a similar wish for you, as she sent me over today to share in the Judaic goodness of this holiday.)

You've inspired me to write about Chanukah. I've got a draft ready to go...will publish later today once I've dug up an old column that I wrote for the good folks of my little burg.

Thanks for keeping the lights on!
Nice review!I have been hearing a lot about this book! Please sign me up for your contest.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed my visit to yours.
Came by way of JM's site. The book sounds intriguing, so I'll throw my hat in. You can visit my blogspot, but most current stuff is at

I suppose Michele wants me have this book. Why would she send me here otherwise? Would you please consider all those signs while drawing?

A free book just for reading and sharing my thought on it... I'm in! I think I fit into one of those catagories.
Hey, I stopped by to let you know I posted the stories from my TT - you're up for a prize, so come and see! :-)
I love holidays, books and contests! And Hunukkah happens to be my holiday, too! I'll check out the book whether I win or not! Have a great weekend. Michele sent me and I'm glad she did!

Sounds interesting.

Blogged ya:
I celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas and Yule. Please enter me.
ooh, hope i win:-) thanks for visiting me!
Happy Hannukah, Susan.

What a lovely idea! Michele sent me to say hello and see what's been going on west of Mars.

The reviews of the book sound interesting - I am a huge fan of Trudi Canavan, and Auralia's Colors sound along the same lines.

Sounds like a good book. I'm in. Happy Holidays.
i'd love to read your book - looks like a great read! Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah again! Hope you've had a swimmingly well weekend! :-)
'May the week be full of light and miracles' - what a beautiful wish, Susan. May yours be especially so.
Somehow, I knew that dropping in and reading your blog would make a special holiday that much more so.

I've been ODing on the latkes, mishpacha and community togetherness thing for much of the past week. It's a little crazy and a little much, but I'd have it no other way.

Looks like you're having a similarly good time. Yay!
I would love to read this book! sounds interesting. :)


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