Friday, November 16, 2007


Sticky: Susan needs bookmarks!

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I like to tuck a bookmark or two inside of the books I mail out via the various book trading sites. It's an easy way to promote authors, especially authors who aren't in the mainstream yet. (yet!)

I'm running low.

Are you an author? Are you friends with an author? Are you a bored reader who'd like to cause trouble by finding authors who have bookmarks to send out?

Get in touch and I'll give you the famed West of Mars PO Box address (located nowhere near Mars) because I need bookmarks!!!!

Yes, postcards and other promo items are eligible for this offer of free publicity, but I can't always tuck them inside a mass-market sized book.

And if you're an author but don't have bookmarks or other promo materials, why not? Don't you know I want to help spread your name?????

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Ok sweetie you know my email, send me your address have I got bookmarks for you! LOL!
i have some randomnice ones i could send
Oops...I am early for Thursday Thirteen...but I am enjoying reading your posts regardless...something strange the date says december 7th or I am halucianting...

Here is my TT list:
Email me baby, I can send you as many - from both my personas - as your little heart desires!
email me and I'll send some your way.
I never knew Authors had promo bookmarks! I've written a few who've sent me some autographed stickers to put in the books though. Very clever.

Michele says hello!
Hey Susan, how come I didn't already know about this???
Dunno, Lise. Maybe you were too busy celebrating the end of the EDJ?
I just use the receipt from the bookstore where I bought the book or the library due date notice. But collecting bookmarks from authors would be cool.

Michele sent me.
You and I are in the same boat! I was needing bookmarks last night. I have a stash, but can't for the life of me find them. I was stuck using paper. :( That's my major project for this weekend: find bookmarks!

If you don't mind, I'll post a request on my blog. See if I can get some sent your way.

Never know...
Oh, I'd love it, J. Kaye! This isn't about my bookmarks; it's about getting the names of my friends out there for others to see and hopefully buy.
Sandy Schwab has beautiful bookmarks.

[contact info]

I blogged her book The Lily Brand for your Hidden Treasures contest.
Does this apply to aspiring authors as well? LOL! J/K.

Michele sent me.
Susan, you rock -- what a wonderful thing to do!

I'd love to send you a bookmark, but the trouble is I no longer have a publisher, and because of that, my little e-published novella no longer has a home.

But I'm not overly distressed -- I've seen it coming. This little e-publisher has been deteriorating for some time. The thing that's chapping my butt the most is the fact that I'll have to (only temporarily, I hope) remove the "my book" section from my blog (because the little novella will no longer be available from the going-defunct publisher or from Fictionwise -- it's heading straight to Limbo).

But that's okay. Goodness knows, that particular publisher wasn't exactly a boon -- it was more of a bust. I'm considering different possibilities for the book, and regardless of what happens to that one little novella, I've got current projects that are exciting me. :)

Thank you so much for reading my short story, my friend -- your comment about "Bandit" made my day and made me holler a happy SQUEE! :-D
can the rest of us do a hands up , for bookmakrs???????
Sweetie I am UP for promo!!! Where to send? ;) And so sorry Tour Manager is out of town. I get weepy when mine goes out too!!
Yes, I love promo. Send me the addy to Thanks ever so. Carol
Oh I'm getting some made up! Once I get them I'll send you a bunch.

Oh, if I had bookmarks...or umm...books for that matter...I'd totally send you some! But sense I don't, how about I tag you for a 7 random things post instead. hehe Only if you've got time of course. :D
What a terrific idea. I don't have any bookmarks at the moment, butthat is so great that you do that. I'm going to have to remember that in the future. :-)
What a great idea. I connected because your listed on our magic maven blog, but I'd love to send you bookmarks. You can e-mail me at

I'll have to check out your blog more often. LOL
I'll ask around and see if I can get you some.
I have 4 bookmarks. I'm also traveling right now, so email me the first week of December and I'll send them to you. For once I don't have any with me. (I don't even have promo copies of my books with me this trip)!

The Pink Flamingo
I have some things I can send you :-)

Michele sent me to see what you need today, Susan :-)

What I need, cq, is a book deal and Trevor in people's hands already. He'll love the way that feels.

But I'll settle for bookmarks. Bookmarks are happy things. I've already got a few here now, in fact, and I'm going to see how many books I can mail out as surprise presents to people now!
You want booksmarks? I'll send you bookmarks! ;)

Send the address to devon at, and I'll send you some bookmarks when I get back from Maine.
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