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Thursday Thirteen #58 -- Musical Hanukkah Wrap-up

Just joining us? Where have you been the past ten days?

Thirteen Things now that the 2007 Musical Hanukkah Celebration is over.

1. Monday's Musical Hanukkah Benefit raised $9k, just from the ticket sales.

2. All 200 t-shirts were sold, for $30 each. That makes for another $6k.

3. ShapeShifter matched that money and gave it to a program in Riverview that's going to keep music in local schools.

4. Then they said they were giving an equal $30k to one of the national music in the schools organization.

5. That's 60 thousand dollars. $45k of which comes right out of the ShapeShifter boys' pockets.

6. There was a Chinese auction of stuff donated by local churches and other religious folk. That raised another thousand, and is also going to stay local.

7. Guests included Hammerhead's Howard the Hammer and Walter Cichewski, as well as a cartoon video featuring the Deadly Metal Hatchet.

8. Our buddy Springer was allowed to jam during ShapeShifter's famous song, Still Life. That's the song that almost everyone asked if they could play along with. Only two got to. Springer's a lucky dude, despite the incident with the cop earlier in the week.

9. He wasn't able to stick around or sneak back on for a second song.

10. Neither was anyone else who was there. Most tried. Many were shown the door for their rather vigorous and sometimes creative efforts.

11. After the show, Springer hung around the backstage door in the hopes that he'd get to see Eric and have a few words with him. He wasn't the only one waiting.

12. Eric must have left through another door. Springer never even got on the same side of the stage as his idol. From that angle, the night was a disappointment. Too bad he didn't think to go to Roach's.

13. Mitchell got off stage, surprised no one by dragging Kerri into the shower with him, hung with fans for a few hours at Roach's, and was in bed around four in the morning. Upon getting up on Tuesday, he realized he didn't have much more to do with himself than he'd had the day before.

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Confused? Missed an episode or two? Well. It all started back here, last year. I thought it was such a cool idea that bringing it back this year was a no-brainer. It began here, with the introduction of Springer, a fan who desperately wants ShapeShifter's lead guitarist, Eric Wallace, to notice him. It continued here, with last week's Thursday Thirteen. I took us back to Springer, since many had questions about him, but the plot thickened. And since I love the guy, we spent the day of the show with Mitchell. Stay tuned for some final wrap-ups from Springer.

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Well glad it was successful!!! LOL!

Now, who cleans up the mess? ;)
I hope that isn't the mess that was left over. That's just plain rude. Glad you had a successful time. Have a great TT. :)

Congrats on having such a bang up event. Sounds like you had tons of fun, and that pic says it all! :-)

Happy TT!

My Thursday Thirteen is: 13 of the sexiest and/or most romantic love scene clips on film.
LOVE the picture!! LOL!! Think of all the work given to local people just to clean up after the event. I'm glad Springer had his chance to play during the song everyone wanted. Drag about not connecting with Eric, but then again he didn't really want to have a fanboy episode, and that might have happened despite his best efforts.
Those boys deserve a hug! Look at what they accomplished. I bet they feel good.

Happy TT!

My TT is up A little kindness
Sounds like a great success!
So is it on for next year? I think they need to get a few more items in the Auction. Maybe Springer can suck up some more by helping out with the benefit to get noticed by Eric.
I LIKE that idea, Jenny! Woo! Thanks!
Kudos on the successful event! Better luck next year too! It's amazing what a music program can do, definitely a GREAT thing to support!

Happy TT!

Check me out this week (all about the hubby):
I'm glad the benefit went well, but I had hoped it would lead to something a little more lasting for Springer!
Very intricate.

My T13 post is up, come check it out if you get a chance. :)
Looks like a great success (except for the poor unfortunate souls that have to clean up that mess in the picture)! Too bad the event wasn't quite all Springer had hoped for... I hope we haven't seen the last of him - I've grown a bit attached. ;-)
But who's going to clean up? (that was my first thought! Only because I'm overwhelmed with housework at the moment. In other words, status quo...)

Nice to see Walter making an appearance ;)
Great concert! Love the morning after pic. Maybe Springer will be asked to play next year, a lot could happen in a year, right? Have a great weekend.
Looks like someone has a mess to clean up - but also looks like a great time was had by all!

The Pink Flamingo
Awesome fundraiser! My head hurts like a sonofagun this morning though. And that Springer kid? His skills aren't bad, but he's in dire need of a stylist. Not nearly sexy enough to be a star yet.
I wish I knew a any rock musicians who were that altruistic! Those guys are saints! Though I hope they will pick up after themselves!The Flatland Almanack --Damozel
Yes, I'm usually confused by your blog. Just accept it as my normal state of being. Happy TT.
It's the marketer in me, I guess, but I look at that massive mess and think, "All those fans and you only had 200 shirts to sell?" Even over the holidays, I guess, I can't miss an opportunity to sell. All for a good cause, right? Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Glad it was a successful event. Wish I could have been there.

Still want the Tshirt.


Of course it was a rip-roaring success, the boys deserve nothing less. Now, would they consider stripping down for a calendar to bring attention to a worthy cause? Oh man, that would be great :-)
Looks like Woodstock all over...
Glad that it was successful but pity on who's gonna clean up.
Sounds like a great success, Susan! Man look at all that litter . . . LOL! I bought a t-shirt! *wink*
That all sounds like fun! (and successful to boot)

Happy TT-13!


Happy Thursday!

I'm glad to hear about how the day went. he he he
What a mess........I feel for those who are left to clean that all up. Good list! I am up too.
Well, I'm glad Springer got to play, but sorry for him that he didn't get to meet Eric.

You know, I've been spoiled silly. My kids have always been in schools with decent music programs. But I just found out that in two of the three places we might be moving this summer, the schools don't have bands, and my youngest is kicking butt with his clarinet. I think I'm going to look up some music in the schools charities and donate.
What a mess! I'm glad it went well though!
And whose goingto clean that mess?

I'm with Amy, who cleans up?
Sounds like a great time for all!
Sounds like it was a great success, Susan. And that photo--yikes!
Glad to read it was a big success. A tradition to keep!
Thanks for visiting my best wishes TT.
Sounds like a big success, Susan. Congratulations!
Lives Less Ordinary
Rock stars with hearts of gold. Such good boys! That really does look like a mess! I'm glad I don't have to clean it up!
You crack me up :)
Yay, glad Springer made it to jam with the boys!

I guess the good thing about it all being fiction is that there is no mess to clean up afterward, unless you want there to be. :-)
Clean up? That's the promoter's problem.
Sounds like it was time in the land of make believe
Very cool! I am happy to hear it was a success! Happy TT :)
Well, that was quite the trail to follow. Michele sent me.
Wow! What an event. Thanks for posting :) Happy TT to you.
wonder if they'd like to jam with Zeppelin...
Well, too bad that Springer missed him afterward. What an event!! Joely
Holy mess, I hope you don't have to clean it up;)
That's the way to do it! Hat's off to the musicians! That's really impressive.

(Now someone needs to invent the lawn zamboni to clean up after such events!)
afterOkay, for a few seconds, I was like what the heck . . . But I see, I just missed a few episodes. Well, the whole series, actually (LOL). But it's all good.
Happy TT susan!!! I'm gonna do the same as you did for non-blogger visitors!!!

Thanks a lot!!!
"Ok whose going to help clean up this mess?", she asked with her cigarette hanging from her lips. She was dressed in her regular digs, an old worn sweatshirt and jeans that looked like they hadn't been washed in weeks. She made her way through the disgusting mess to the grounds shed, locating some help."It's going to be another long night, I don't know why I ever signed on to clean up after Shapeshifter",she said as she picked up the trash bags.....
Oh, I love it!!!
Great photograph, we can tell that everyone had themselves a good time!
Sounds like a good night!

Michele sent me!
Sounds like a great night!

Michele sent me!
Sounds like a great success!
I'm a day late, but happy that Springer got to jam with the band :P
No such thing as too late, Frigga. There's more yet to come, too.
What a mess. Gratz on a great job guys! :)
Sounds like it was a great the looks of the mess at the end, fun was had by all? lol...
Here via Michele's today, have a great weekend.
It sounds like quite an event!
Do I have to say once more that that poor Springer is unlucky?
Sorry to hear that Springer missed a chance to meet Eric. That Eric is a pretty evasive dude.
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