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Thursday Thirteen #60 -- Blackout!

Thirteen Things You Need to Know

1. Yellowstone National Park became the first national park in the United States in 1872. It was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant.

2. In 1976, my parents took me to Yellowstone. To say I fell in immediate love is to underestimate the power of the emotion the park evokes in me.

3. In 1988, 1.4 million acres of Yellowstone burned.

4. In 1998, I made a return trip with the Tour Manager. Signs of the fire were still everywhere. The Tour Manager promised we'd return in five years.

5. In 2008, the Tour Manager and I will layer up our winter gear and leave the warmth of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge to see Old Faithful's first eruption of the new year. (yep, five years became ten. Amazing what happens when you blink.)

6. Because we'll be spending five of our six nights in the park, we probably won't have Internet access. Or cell phone coverage.

7. Our first morning there, we'll go wolf spotting.

8. We're bringing both digital cameras and the laptop, so we can upload the pictures and have empty memory cards to start each day.

9. I have learned more about long underwear than any rocker chick like me ought to learn.

10. We're going to be surrounded by bison and yet I'm betting that all that will be on the menu is cow.

11. As a result of this, I probably won't be able to check in while I'm gone.

12. I'd thought about having a friend post entries for me, but given what Trevor's done around this joint in the past when I HAVE been here, I didn't think that was wise.

13. But if I can post from Yellowstone, I will. Keep your eyes peeled, and have a terrific New Year's.

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Wow Yellowstone in the winter. I'm sure you'll see some glorious sights. Brrr, keep warm and keep that camera clicking!
Have a great trip. I am jealous!
Have a great time! And don't worry about us-- we won't get up to anything. Promise! :-)
That sounds like a tremendous adventure. I can't wait to see your pictures! Bundle up and have a great time! Happy TT!

Gosh, that sounds fun. Will you snowshoe or ski? We're getting tons of snow - so I bet you'll have a wonderful trip! Stay warm! Layers!
Hopefully we'll snowshoe, but because of my bum leg, skiing's not an option. Yes, even cross-country. Long story.

And Bunny, I'm counting on you to hold down the fort. You seem the most impervious to Trevor's charms!
Enjoy your time at Yellowstone! Be careful on your wolf spotting expedition.
Sounds like a spectacular trip! Don't forget to post up some pics for us :) All the best in 2008!
I would love to see Yellowstone some day. Happy TT.
Great list!!! Ive never been to Yellowstone Park. Id like to visit some day. I hope you have a wonderful trip:) Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by. I also loved the personal touch you put on this post:)
That it takes so long for the earth to heal is an important point to remember. Thanks for calling attention to all of this interesting stuff.
Great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come take a look at the most popular resolutions of the New year!

Oh, that's going to be so much fun! I've never been to Yellowstone. I'm looking forward to your pictures!
I've never been there, but my husband has, and I hope he'll take us all someday.
Before I read your reference to cell phone coverage, I always thought I'd been to Yellowstone recently. Then I did the math and realized it was 23 YEARS AGO!!! You have a fabulous, and safe, new year out there against that beautiful landscape. (And thanks for visiting my TT)
I had a similar experience on top of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. Ten years after a forest fire, and it still looked newly burned.

I hope you have a great trip, regardless!
Wolf watching, sound like my son's style. Have a great time and travel safe.

Happy TT
that's a great place!!!! :)

Happy TT!!!
I 'm really jealous now. I want to take our fam their as well.
I love Yogi Bear, and I've always wanted to visit and I never have!! Thanks for the virtual tour -- I still think it will be away.
Have a wonderful time!!! And very interesting place:)
Here's mine for this week!
Thursday 13
Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!
I loved Yellowstone! It was spring when I went. How romantic.

Happy, happy New Year, you rock! (pun intended, haha)
Sounds like a blast!!! Have an awesome trip! Happy New Year!
Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have fun and be safe!
Have a fabulous time!! I am envious.
I want to visit that park,but probably when it warmer, and definitely with an extra body so watch over my 5 kids.
I am very jealous! I went in about 1985, I was only a kid. I've always wanted to go back. Someday I will convince my husband. He's not really a nature lover, but I think he will like it. Have a great time!
Sounds like fun! Keep warm and enjoy the sights and have a Happy New Year.

- Grace in Dubai
I visited the Yellostown park in 1971 it was wonderful ! It impressed me deeply. I probably was the only European tourist at that time, but I was invited by my american aunt and uncle.
Sounds fabulous! Take lots of pictures!
LMAO about the long undies ~ jealous of the adventure as I have never been

My TT is dedicated to my fellow TTeners, bloggers, family, and friends.

Live, laugh, love, and learn in 2008!
Being from Fargo, I know the long underwear dealio too ;)
I've never been to Yellowstone're making me jealous. ;)
Wow, wolf spotting sounds so cool and so much more rock chick than long underwear!

Hope you have a fab time and wishing you a wonderful New Year!
Wow, what an amazing time you have in store for you. Keep warm and get lots of wolf pics!!
Sounds wonderful.
Keep warm.
I've never been, but I have a scrapbook to do of photos from my son's trip there a couple of summers ago. Hope you have a nice trip and pack enough long underwear. Brr.

My TT is about Ornery in honor of his upcoming B-day #49.
I have always wanted to see Yellowstone. Hope you have a wonderful year!
I would love to see Ye Olde Faithful! Cynical? I don't think I was cynical.
Brrrrr... I'll bet it's beautiful but cold there this time of year. Hope you have a wonderful time.
Hugs and blessings,
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Enjoy your trip, Susan! I don't envy you being in the cold, but it sounds like fun none-the-less. ;)
What a wonderful trip to look forward to! I plan to get more active this year, and am going to try some geocaching with my daughter. :) Happy New Year, Susan!
I hope you two have a fanastic trip!
I adore Yellowstone! We go snowmobiling there almost every winter. What a fabulous place to visit!
I'd love to visit Yellowstone!
Thanks for visiting my resolutions TT.
Never have I been so jealous in my life! Yellowstone is where we went on my honeymoon. We have been once since, but never in winter. What a great trip!!!

Have Fun and Happy New Year.
I love Yellowstone!! I would love to see it in the winter. The 'hot pots' would look beautiful surrounded by snow. Have loads of fun
Have a wonderful time.... I love it there!! I'm so glad you are taking your camera... I hope you'll post pictures when you get back.

I am so jealous. Wolf-watching: I would love it.

thanks for visiting mine!
We want to go on a road trip out to Yellowstone. My guy has been and says it is amazing.
You sure seem like you gonna be a nature papparazi! Hope you have a ton of gun in your long jambe!!
Have a wonderful time. In fact have a doubly wonderful time so that I can have one vicariously through you without soaking up yours!


I'm so jealous! The most I'll get to do on New Years is watch the ball drop in NYC.

Have a great time! I look forward to your pictures!

That's another place I've never been, but would love to see. Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful trip!
Hope you're having a great time! Happy New Year!!!
Woo-hoo! Road trip! I hope you see some wolves. :)

I have three TTs this week:

Review of 2007:

Motorcycling review of 2007:

13 RV adventures in 2007:
Susan, Hope you are having (or had) a wonderful trip. Looking foward to hearing all about it. Hope you managed to stay warm!
Happy 2008!
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