Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sunday Best: Winnings and an overdue Congrats

First for the overdue congratulations: to author Jeanne Marie Laskas, who was one of my non-fiction professors at Pitt once upon a time. This is SO overdue, I'm embarrassed. But I'm mentioning it anyway 'cause I once ran into Ms. Laskas at a metal show. I was all decked out in a pair of cute shorts, topped with a heavy metal t-shirt that Mitchell would try to wheedle away from me if he could. And there is my used-to-be prof, at her first show, sticking out like a sore thumb and friendly as everyone else in the place. I like Jeanne Marie Laskas.

WELL, way back in June, it was reported that her next book sold at auction. There's no news of it yet on her website, but we can hope for word soon.

And for the winning part... I was thinking the other day that I never win anything, and my luck must be tied to my poor bamboo plant that's struggling right now. Shows you what I know: I've won two online contests!

First was at Stacy's Place on Earth, where I won a $10 Borders gift card. Can you say new Colleen Gleason next month?

And then the other was at Katrina's Stone Soup. I won a copy of Nectar from a Stone, by Jane Guill, and some artwork from this very talented author. Cool!

Now if my luck can hold long enough to get Trevor some publishing love, the world will be a happier place. Or if Sid can heal fast. That would be a good thing, too.

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Congratulations on the winning streak! :D
heavy metal...why I'm having problems putting that together here. Alright I'm going to go podner over my preconceived notions. Talk amongst yourself.

Michele sent me to say hi.
Congrats on winning. Book card to just a person who'd make good use of it. :)
I love Ms. Laskas's writing. I've read some of her columns - so personal and so human - and come away thinking that I need to raise my game big-time.

How COOL that you were her student!

Dropped by from Michele's to see jus how small the writing world can be sometimes.
Stopping by to say hello and I've missed reading you.. :)

I'm back!!!! :D
Congratulations! You know I won three books in the BAFAB week. I have already received two!

Don't worry, your work will get published soon. You are one goos writer.
Oh cool! I bought a big old bamboo plant last month. I'm hoping it'll change my prosperity. :-)

Good teachers are a treasure. I don't know her work, but I'll keep my eye peeled for it!
I love online contests, too! How cool that you're winning some of them.

I'm here from Michele's. Good afternoon!
good fortune, or divine intervention is abundant, it seems:
Minerva also had a turn for the better.

here from michele.
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