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Thursday Thirteen #62 -- Not Purple, but Mountains Majesty

Hard to believe it's been three weeks since I turned off the computers and headed west. Seems a lot longer than that.

Thirteen Things from Yellowstone

1. There is something about the mountains out there that really tugs at me. Heck, any mountains, even the foothills of the Appalachians that I live in.

This was taken in the Lamar Valley, where a new wolf pack is trying to establish itself. They call the pack the Silver Pack.

2. Another shot from the same spot. Yes, I had a hard time concentrating on the wolves in the spotting scopes. After all, the wolves were laying around and there was all this magnificence around me.

3. The final shot from this same area.

4. This was taken on our way back from lunch, when we stopped to see what the Druid Peak Pack was up to. They were hanging out on the hillside; the two who had been playing earlier had stopped for a nap. The pack's alpha female was wandering around, checking on everyone. A bit earlier, an interloper had shown up and a scuffle had ensued; the interloper was laying in a hollow, wounded. We don't know how seriously.

5. This is shot from the top of the terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. Yep, that's a hot spring in the foreground.

6. Another one from Mammoth.

7. In the foreground is the (snow-covered) famed Minerva Terrace. In the background... mountains.

8. Yup, Mammoth.

9. And more Mammoth. See the boardwalk? Parts of it ended mysteriously where the springs have overtaken the boardwalk. But that's another TT.

10. ...and more.

11. I spent an hour in the lobby of the Mammoth Hot Springs resort with my MP3 player, watching the sun rise over the mountains. Every now and then, I'd run outside with my camera to get a shot. This is my favorite of the shots I got. We won't speculate if I got it that time I was in such a rush that I jammed my arm into my coat and got outside to find... my coat was upside down. Well, at least only one arm was in it.

12. Crap. I picked this one earlier today and now I don't remember where it's from. I took it along the ride from Mammoth down to Canyon, over to the Lake, and off to Old Faithful. That's the long way around, but it was worth it.

13. Same problem. And you wonder why I am ready to have copies printed and to spend the time putting the pictures into my scrapbooks?

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Photos other than of the Yellowstone Gate in the header are Copyright 2007-2008 by Me, Susan Helene Gottfried. If you want to use them, please do so with proper citation. I'm proud of these puppies!

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These are gorgeous! I'm glad more is still to come! I forget what kind of camera you have -- it' excellent.
SusieJ, ADHD Remedies
wow! that's cool.... mines up too!
Those are beautiful pictures!
Susie, I have a Nikon D50 with some lens my dad put on it. The Tour Manager has an Olympus point-and-shoot. He gets nice stuff, but I've really noticed the difference between our cameras.
Beautiful photos of mountains and wow! look at all those snow.
I love the sky in the 11th picture!
Happy tt!
I enjoyed looking at those. And I envy you your trip.
Mammoth is beautiful. Great photos & I love the way the sun hits the snow. (Thanks for visiting my TT)
Great pictures! I love the mountains.

Happy TT!
Awesome pics....I love hearing about your vacation:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Its always great to see you.
Great pictures! Must have been hard to pick the thirteen!
Have you read the Loop by Nicholas Evans? It's about a wolf pack, after your trip, you may enjoy it.
Yep, I've read The Loop. Good book. Very powerful -- especially when you see pictures of the skulls and whatnot that were part of the initial eradication.
oh, dude, bigger pictures please! Those look amazing!
Gosh these are beautiful. You really did a nice job Susan. Amazing that you saw the wolves. Wolf sightings are almost rarer than Bigfoot sightings. When we were on the Colorado Trail we only heard them... not saw them

Happy TT!
Beautiful photos. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Great pictures Susan! and welcome back -- always great to settle on in after a lovely break, no?
Glad you're back safe and sound -- !
Fabulous pics, even though it all looks distressingly cold!
Great pics...Now I want to go skiing!
Gorgeous. How I envy your trip. Looking forward to seeing more.
Happy T13!
Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely trip.
Great pictures! :)
Isn't nature grand? You've captured some great shots.
These are absolutely beautiful.
So beautiful.

I'm really glad to read that you've noticed a difference between your two cameras, since we're about to upgrade from a Canon point and shoot to the Nikon D40. (We've bought it and it's been delivered to my parents' house, but we won't actually get our hands on it until they come back for another visit this spring. And yes, I'm quite impatient.)
Mammoth and the Anonymous ones won my heart! Beautiful shots. Thanks for the tour.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You know I'm all about the pictures and the virtual trips and these are beautiful. :)
How beautiful! (And as I dislike snow, that's really saying something!)
I love purple, I love mountains, I love this list!
I love mountains too. I think in life there are valley people, mountain people and ocean people. I spent a lot of years being a mountain person in an ocean world.

Have you ever been to Yellowstone in the summer? Just wondering if you have similar pics in a differnt season.
Really gorgeous pictures! I can tell you're having a wonderful time.

~ Anya Bast
Very, very nice Susan.

How come you didn't take me with you?
Great photos!! They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I am up too.
Beautiful Photos. What an awesome trip you must have had. Thanks fr sharing it with us!
OOoo pretty I like.
Happy TT

These ARE lovely photos. I've never seen Yellowstone at any time of year other than summer ... so I've enjoyed these and will look forward to more when they come.
Hugs and blessings,
I Am dying to go out West, to Alberta and take a trip with my sister in law down to Montana.

so beautiful out there.
serendipitous timing: I'm currently reading a book that involves a relocated wolf pack, so you first pictures fit really well. They're all gorgeous.
Love the photos. I love to travel, AND I do photography - so really enjoyed your TT-13.

Happy TT-13!


As someone who spent a good chunk of her like in WV looking at the mountains, I can say there is no beauty like them.
Yup, definitely going to have to get to Yellow Stone one of these days. Those pictures are just gorgeous!
#6, one of the ones from Mammoth, is my favorite shot. LOVE how the sun peeks through to give it a natural spotlight effect. But your dash-out-for-the-sunset one is awesome, too. Thanks for posting more gorgeous pictures, Susan!
Oh, there will be more... LOTS more.
Gorgeous pics! Wow!


My TT is at
My family did Yellowstone when I was about 11 and I have not been back since. Really gorgeous country.
Those are a beautiful, breath-taking photos! Love them all. I enjoy reading your travelogue of the trip too :) Are you even afraid of the wolves? *grin*

Happy TTs - I hope you've a good Thursday

What a beautiful set of pictures.
these are great photos.

Happy T13
Hello, Michele sent me to say those photos are awesome. I just know you had a wonderful time!!!!
Such a beautiful place! I can't believe I've never been there! Happy TT!
Wow, beautiful shots Susan! Looks too cold there for me though. :-)
Breathtaking ~ a feast for the eyes!
Awesome pics! So relaxing... I wish I could be some place like that. :)
I would love to go there someday!
those are awesome! your vacation sounds like a photographer's dream.

BTW, I posted an update about the cat we lost in Canada on our drive to Alaska.
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I love wolves and find them so intriguing. My only wish is I could have clicked on the pics to enlarge them the better to admire them!
Thanks for voting for me. I will do the same.
actually... I don't find the badge anywhere? let me know where it is and I'll come back to vote as promised.
I love these photos and can't wait to visit in the summer.
*sigh*... swoooon... *sigh*... swoon...

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)
gasp. breathtaking pictures.

sounds like you had a grand time.

thanks for visiting pictures of my room makeover
The background surrounding #4 takes me back to my days of watching "Safari" on the Discovery Channel. I look forward to hearing the story about the boardwalk that ends mysteriously.
Thos photos are wonderful. That looks like such an awesome place. That is defintiely somewhere I wnat to see with my own eyes. Thanks for sharing these :)

Michele sent me over this time and I am gald she did as it gave me an excuse to go back adn read this post :)
wow those are great photos!! thanks for showing me your site... definately play photo show it, got some nice ones there to post for last weeks 'ambient light'
#5 and 8 are breathtaking. I would hang those photos in my home. Well, any of them, but I like 5 and 8 the best. Awesome!
Those are breathtakingly gorgeous. I always feel a relaxing sort of relief when looking at mountains. Like, phew, I am not in charge of worrying about the whole world, or even my little piece of it. I am just one little tiny speck.
Really? I go the other way and worry about how I can fix the damage we've done and preserve what's there.
LOL, that's true. But I was more thinking of all the stuff I worry about that's not in my control, you know? Not the world as in the parts I can do something about, but my little world where I'm worrying about this stupid little thing or that stupid little thing that's sending my blood pressure soaring, LOL.
I think that I said this last week, but that trip should have gotten you in a good shape!!
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