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Thursday Thirteen #63 -- More Pictures of Yellowst...

Before we rock this week's Thirteen, let me plug the Blue Ribbon Bloggers, where I've been hanging out since being invited to join. Hanging out means NEW POSTS that don't appear here, gang. Keep an eye on me over there; you never know what trouble I'll be stirring up!

Speaking of trouble, you may have noticed that there's been none to be found here at the Meet and Greet; my personal life's had enough of it. That's why I'm pleased to bring you another set of pictures from Yellowstone. Relax and enjoy with me.

1. Trevor: Hey, wait just a fucking minute, here! You set up this blog for me, Trevor Fucking Wolff, not for some four-legged, shaggy thing you could only see in a fucking telescope.

Eric: The man's got a point, Susan. We haven't been seen on this blog since December 27th. That's a long time for us.

Mitchell: Trev's right. The whole point of this blog was to promote the band and the book about the band.

2. Daniel: But, guys, these pictures are pretty cool. Check out this one. It looks like something Kerri would paint.


4. Mitchell: If she painted science fiction book covers. And trees.

Kerri: I usually don't do trees, no. But that is a cool picture. So's this one.

5. Trevor: If we're going to do the fucking pictures, let's show the good shit. Like this one.

6. Trevor: This is Fatso. Or that's what Susan named her.

Eric: Poor thing came right over to Susan's group when they got out of the vans to look for wolves. She was looking for handouts.

Trevor: That's how you know it's a coyote. Wolves are too cool to beg.

Daniel: It's a dangerous thing for any animal to learn. We have to keep them wild.

7. Mitchell: Look how close she was to the cars.

Daniel: Scary. When the Tour Manager got down on one knee to take this picture,
she started to approach him.

Mitchell: Can't imagine what Susan would do if the Tour Manager got taken out by a coyote.

Trevor: It'd have been cooler to be taken out by wolves.

8. Daniel: Look. Susan got other shots of coyotes. Check out this one. What's it standing on?

Eric: A frozen river. Check out the next one.

Trevor: Is that bird fucking with the coyote?

Mitchell: Looks like it.

Trevor: Must be a girl. Only girls fuck around like that.

Kerri: And what's the coyote doing? It's not fucking around?

Mitchell: Hell, no. It's trying to figure out if the swan's for lunch.

12. Trevor: Speaking of lunch...

Mitchell: Save it for next week, Trev. If we push Susan too far, she's likely to ban us from the blog again.

Daniel: She does it long enough, the groupies will revolt.

13. Eric: Give her time and she'll get the balance back. Right now, there's a lot to show everyone.

Daniel: Where you going?

Eric: To look over the rest of the pictures. Anyone coming?

The band scampers after Eric, fighting to see the rest of the shots.

So much for my nice, quiet blog... Somehow, with all the stresses in real life this past week, this sort of verbal sparring is as welcome as the pictures. While you soak it in, don't forget about the Blue Ribbon Bloggers! Click on my name to see my posts.

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Well I can honestly say I've never seen a T13 quite like this one LOL Happy T13! Oh, great pics!
'Trevor: It'd have been cooler to be taken out by wolves.'

LOL! This was great. I loved the sci-fi book cover photo, too.
Hi Susan -- great pics of the wildlife. I can't believe the wolf was so close to your car! And darlin' -- you're a riot!
Boy, it's pretty darned sad when your own characters won't let you post vacation pictures without snark! :-) Happy TT!
Great photos. I like coyotes and wolves. Much maligned animals.
OMG!!! That was close.
I MISS the Bee Gees! Thanks for the memories.
Great pictures. I'm jealous, I'd love to go to Yellowstone. :)
Happy TT!
Wow -- no fear of the cars. Great photos. Happy TT.
Great pics and a fun post! I hope all is well with you. I can so relate to real life getting in the way of blog playtime. I'm having a crazy week at work and I have reason to think the worst ain't over yet!
Lovely pics, Susan!

Happy TT!

My Thursday 13: Thirteen More Men Who Give Me Impure Thoughts
Tell the boys we want to here more about you....we already know their story;) Great pics, BTW. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Thanks so much for sharing.
Great topic - loves Trevor's line...and the pics of the wolves.

Happy TT!
Those are such cool pictures!
Great pictures! It's so pretty there!

Oh, and I was rushed because I woke up late and had to get my son out the door. Plus, the baby I watch was going to be at my house too.
More amazing photos!
Looks like the animals had a case of the stupids.

I love the way I just connected your TT to my post with the above comment.

Now you and all your comment readers will check me out and shower me with comments. Sweet!

Make the stupid people shut the fuck up.

Happy TT!
Doesn't look very comfy to be so close to a wolf !
LOL that was fun. the pics are so cool. Yellowstone has always been on my list of places to see someday.

my TT is 13 more LOL Author/Title combos

i know. it was supposed to be the after pics of my room makeover. but i just didn't quite get there yet
Awesome pictures, and I love the interplay of the photos and the dialogue. Good stuff Susan.
Looks really cold! But great photos of your vacation. :-)

Happy TT.
I've had experiences like that with bears before, but methinks a wolf in winter would be more frightening and I'd stay in the car with windows closed. Sheesh! Thanks for the unique and entertaining T-13!
Hugs and blessings,
What. A. Chuckle.

Thanks, I laughed out loud.
Cool pics! I love that you were able to see a coyote so close! Love the commenatry too :)
Now that was fun -- did you scare your cat when you wrote it? ;)

(I'm not funny at CQ's T13 today. Sorry. But I'm told I was funny at KKC...)
Oooh, look at those beautiful shots. Looks like you had a great time.
Mr. Trevor has a potty mouth this week. He better clean up his language.... ;)

Poor baby Trevor, doesn't get a blog all about him. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(Rockers are such babies)

Happy TT Susan!
What a great balance! I loved Trevor & co. discussing the pictures. Nice to have them back!
Susan these are beautiful pictures!! GORGEOUS!! And LOL on the snark, jaja.
What a great idea for a TT. The people in your head are intriguing.
LOL ...that's great!

I love, love, love wolves. Love 'em. So cool!
Uhh... spy... guys... those are coyotes, not wolves.

I posted the best wolf picture in the first TT after we got back.
Love the photos. But I have missed Trevor and enjoyed his commentary, too. (Thanks for visiting my TT)
Wolves are too cool to beg. That's true of ALL the wolves I know!
Wolves really are cooler, Trevor is right. And Swans hate me. Serve the swan for lunch!
Looks like it was a fun trip! I'd missed the guys. I bet Trevor spent the whole time sulking.
Wow, I can't believe the coyote got that close! Talk about being desensitized. Even the ones who used to come up and eat our cat food ran for the hills the second they sensed movement. Maybe she was someone's pet that they couldn't deal with anymore.
Ooo you're good. Thirteen is way above my capabilities, I'm lucky if I can get up to three! I suspect I shouldn't have clicked that 'enter' button - I'm such a sucker.
LOL!! That was great color commentary!!! LOL!!
LOL you sure are an original girlie!
happy tt!
Awesome pictures!! And the Tour Manager is a complete nut for getting down on his knees for a picture as a coyote approaches!! Oh, and yes, I plan on revolting if we don't get more ShapeShifter around here! ;-)

Happy TT :-)
What a gorgeous shot of the coyote. How sad she's tamed just enough to get herself hurt or to hurt someone else.

Glad to catch a glimpse of your "snarklings". Can't wait until you're feeling back in the groove of things.


Fun idea for a TT! The pictures and commentary are a great blend. Now I need to quit laughing so I don't have to explain it to the 6 yr old.
Great list...Love the photos!
Great list...I wondered where the cast has been. Great photos too!
Gorgous adventure! How to cool to be so intimate - wolves and all - with nature! As a teacher, I wish I could take my class there, especially my kids who live in poverty who have hardly ventured out of their own neighborhoods.
These are great! I wondered how long it would be before the gang pushed their way into your Yellowstone posts.
Yippee, the gang's back! And that coyote is gorgeous :-)
The band is getting desperate for the limelight, eh? Great photos, by the way.

Oh, and he's right. Wolves rule!
Hiya Susan. :-)
I didn't get down to take the picture when the coyote approached me. The coyote's apparently used to people getting down to feed it and came towards me when I got down on one knee.

Interestingly, the guides said that there's evidence the coyotes are overcoming their fear of humans for survival reasons; wolves kill coyotes + wolves stay away from humans = coyotes get closer to humans.
You're right - so right! I would have HATED to miss this post! Trevor cracks me the hell up! Love the photos!
I love me some coyote and wolves as you know. Sigh. You just made my week.
Of course I'm right. I usually am, you know.
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