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Thursday Thirteen #64 -- The Six Things Meme, Doubled

The Six Things Meme, doubled (plus one)

Both Donica and Gecko (the blogger, not the member of Deadly Metal Hatchet) have tagged me for the six things meme, the one where you talk about six non-important habits/quirks/things. Here are the rules.

* Link to the person who tagged you.

* Post the rules on your blog.

* Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

* Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

* Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

But… this is me, and God forbid I follow the rules. And you guys like the band more than you like me, so … onward!

These first six are smokin'!
1. Trevor had his first cigarette at ten and his first joint a week later. Why bother to smoke if you're not going to smoke the good stuff?

2. Trevor had to convince Mitchell smoking was cool.

3. Daniel started to smoke when he was fourteen. He's not really sure why; he gravitated toward the burn-outs in school and loved their music and smoking was just part of the scene. He never thought much about it.

4. Daniel's grandmother had a cigarette a day while he was off at school. He never suspected.

5. Eric took up smoking when Trevor got all over him about being the pastor's kid. Cigarettes don't do it for him, but pot does.

6. Kerri tried it once, coughed, and decided there were better things to do with her life and better highs to get. That doesn't stop her from hitting Eric or Trevor's joints every now and then (usually when Mitchell's not watching. As if he doesn't tipple…).

This six is cold.

1. Kerri grew up in Pittsburgh. She's familiar with snow; it's no big deal. In fact, living in Riverview, she sort of misses it.

2. Mitchell, Trevor, Daniel, and Eric had never seen snow until they went on tour.

3. Mitchell likes to build snowmen.

4. Trevor likes to throw snowballs. At Mitchell's head. Mitchell's aim, once provoked, is better than Trevor's. Trevor milks the resultant sore areas for the girls. Go figure.

5. Eric's a snow angel sort of guy.

6. Daniel just watches and laughs. And wishes for a white sand beach.

As for me (your thirteenth bonus fact), yes.

Now to tag... nah. That'd be playing by the rules. If you're so moved, do the usual: link back to me and holler that you have so I can come giggle with you.

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Very colourful! I've often thought about doing the Thursday thirteen thingummy but I can usually only manage to get up to 3!

Well done you.
I'm going to have to ponder #13... Happy TT.
This is something else again! You are a ball of fire, Susan. I enjoy these characters very much.
That Trevor! I hope Michael sends him his cancer treatment bills. What a stinker! ;)

Happy TT Susan!
'Daniel's grandmother had a cigarette a day while he was off at school. He never suspected.'

That is friggin' awesome.

'Mitchell's aim, once provoked, is better than Trevor's. Trevor milks the resultant sore areas for the girls. Go figure.'

I like how you did this. Very well done. I dont' follow the rules either. Have a great TT. :)
Julia, I was hoping someone would pick up on that line! (the one about
Trevor's sore parts.)
it amazes me how well you know your characters. I think I know mine, but you're are the Queen of knowledge!
My husband's from Pittsburgh. O fries are just heaven. And of course you know what a gum band is.
Great take on the 6 things! Happy TT and I dig snow angels too ;)
Isnt it suppose to be about you??? Hmmmmmm, Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. I hope you're having a better week:)
I occasionally (very occasionally) miss snow too, but not enough to consider moving somewhere that gets it. Of course on a day like today when half the country is having a snow day and I'm getting pummeled with cold rain and hail...
Trevor makes me laugh. Only he could take a snowball hit and use it to attract girls ;)
Very funny! :)

I posted my first Thursday Thirteen post here.
Interesting way to check off two memes and have fun at the same time! I tend to bend the meme rules too and give them a "twist" but so far I've not done that with my T-13s.
Hugs and blessings,
Fun idea to combine both :) Happy TT Susan!
Yes? Really? *raises eyebrows*
This has to be the most organized TT I've ever read. :)

I stopped smoking four years ago. It was brutal. And as for snow. I live in NY and I seriously want to migrate south. ;)
LOL! Awesome job as usual my dear!! :D
I smoked earlier in my life than Trevor but waited on the harder stuff until college, then quit it all and am now a respectable parent...I am, I swear it!

~ The Mama Bear
Great way to kill two birds with one stone (meme and TT)! :)
Signs of a brilliant writer -- or a crazy mind. Take your pick :P

Both of mine are up too.
Rules schmules! :) Great T13 -- now I'm imagining a snowball fight among the boys. Hee!!
YAY! Thanks for playing along! Love your facts.

Have a great weekend sweetie,
Great way to do a TT! Well done!
I'm notorious for not following the rules. Life is more fun that way.
Very amusing as always, Susan!

I hate tagging other people too. I like reading them, but hate to add to anyone else's workload.
Hmmm... Well I don't really like to blog about it - but since YOU did, I'm definitely a very pro pot person.

As for the snow, reminds me of the first time my childhood best friend saw snow. We were 18 and he asked me "who put all the glitter in it?" What a cutie! ;-)
What is a Snow Angel guy actually like? I think I would like that
Fantastic stuff, as usual. I thought you were talking about real people!
Happy TT my friend ;)

Great posts!!!!
Busy watching hockey? A Sharks fan right here! :)

You're right about Spring! I will be watching a lot of baseball this time!
Rules are made to be broken.

I wanna be a rockstar so I can break all the rules too.
Cajun, in my book, you ARE a rock star.
*sigh* What is snow again? I don't think I'll ever see it again!

Happy TT!
Breeni, it's cold white stuff that falls from the sky and sort of looks like dandruff but has more glitter when the sun hits it.

And, apparently, it's fun to pack it into balls and nail Trevor in the nuts with.
Hey, I finally posted my TT for this week (technically it was still Thursday when I hit post- just not so when it finished). Have a great weekend. :)
that Trevor! acts so tough but still little boy enough to need his boo-boos kissed.

thanx for visiting my room makeover pics
Music and smoking, isn't it strange how the two go together. Must be the ambiance and coolness.
I like how you went another road with the meme.
Tell Mitchell that he can come to my house and build a family of snowmen in my front yard -- but he'll have to shovel my driveway first ;)
Slave driver!
Rock on, Susan!
You guys like the band more than you like me? I'm not that sure that's true. I'd love to read more about Susan!
Thanks for visiting my fridge TT!
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