Sunday, February 24, 2008


Fiction Outtake: Pam's Perfume

This post is R-rated!! Come back later if you're under 18, please!

So we're there in my bed, me and Trevor Wolff, and he sniffs the back of my knee. I die; it's like being touched with that feather he likes so much.

"What the fuck is this?" he asks, sitting back on his heels and giving me this look like I've totally let him down or something. It's almost enough to ruin the whole moment or something.

I prop myself up on my elbows and stare at him. I have no idea what's wrong.

"You girls are supposed to go all weak at the knees," he says. He's pouting and it's cute.

"Oh, I am," I tell him. I can barely get the words out, in fact.

"Yeah, well, you smell like flowers back there. What the fuck's that about?"

I shrug. Come on. The guy's got to know about perfumes and body sprays. It's not like I'm the first girl he's ever met.

"You really think it's a turn-on?" he asks.

"It turns me on," I tell him, shimmying a bit so the girls shake. My leg, still propped up on his shoulder, does too. It rubs against his ear and he shakes his head like it's annoyed him.

He gets annoyed way too easy.

"And what turns you on should turn me on?" he asks and turns away, holding my leg as he lets it down. I'm bummed; this probably means the end of it, but he lights up and turns back. "I hate to break it to you girls, but us guys like you girls to smell like you. Yeah, that natural smell you're always trying to cover up. Now that, that is a turn-on." He nods like it's all settled and I've learned my lesson and won't ever put perfume behind my knees again.

"It's a horrid smell," I tell him, and he grins.

And I'm not going to tell you what happened next, but it was proof that he didn't mind the perfume so much.

As for wearing it next timeā€¦ well, catching up with him tonight wasn't exactly planned, and I'm not dumb enough to change the way I live my life for him.

For Mitchell, maybe I would, yeah. But not for Trevor.

This weekend's Weekend Wordsmith prompt was the unneeded puzzle piece. This seemed to fit -- at least in my little brain.

Want more of Pam? Forgotten who she is? Click on this link and it'll take you to her bio page and links to other, older posts.

No Sunday Best this week. Sorry for that; I was too busy with the family. And the agent hunting. And the writing. And the...

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I hope Trevor never found out that Pam would never 'change the way I live my life' for Mitchell and not him.
I have a feeling that changing to suit either Mitchell or Trevor isn't the way to keep them interested. It's either there or it's not, so Pam is wise to keep doing what suits her.
She should have tried something muskier ;-).
I expected something more explicit for an R-rated comment at the beginning of that post! LOL Just teasing you a little there. Especially, since it was nicely done and I'm not a good innuendo girl myself. I'm more of a tell-all girl. Rated XXX. Heh. Trevor's name reminds me of my werewolf character Weylyn though... HE'S rated XXX. Nice job, Susan!
Yeah, Winter, I know. Compared to you eroti-girls, I'm tame. But at the same time, better to cover Trevor's lovely ass than get us both into trouble, ya know?

Although... the controversy might be good PR...
What was the name of that Judy Bloom book- the boy told her not to brush her teeth just before they kissed. I remember it that way, at any rate, and it was so concrete sexy at 12!
There just needs to be a function where you can make some posts over-18 only. Maybe we need to put that bug in the blog software gurus ears.
Hmm. Interesting. As I seldom use perfume, maybe I should Trevor.

What do you say?

Ugh, but then we might wind up like LJ -- have you been to Xakara's site lately? All those Over 18 warnings... REAL turn-off.

Besides, this is my only racy post, and it's about as racy as I get.

I have a quick blush factor when I write. Can I stress those last three words again?
What Julia said lol
Trevor is always taking for nothing! Well, maybe not nothing, but just for hearing his voice!
(And why did I never saw his ass?)
That was fairly tame but cute. :)
Nicely done! And what fun, to get Trevor's take on perfume. Somehow I'm not surprised. He just doesn't seem like a floral-scents kind of guy. :)
I'm inclined to agree with Bunnygirl, changing to suit Trevor, or Mitchell for that matter wouldn't keep them interested for long. Probably just long enough to drive her crazy. :)
Sorry, Susan, but I don't like Pam. Now, when I was younger she wouldn't have offended me, but I'm older and wiser now. *humph* If she finds Mitchell more appealing than Trevor, then why the hell is she with Trevor?! Argh! ;)
Just wait, Missy. More is to be revealed.
Trevor sounds like my ex. Hahaha!
So Trev likes his women au naturel, eh?
ah..what an original for an unneeded puzzle...thanks :)
I know a few guys like him. I won't change for them either, but then I don't wear purfume.
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