Saturday, March 08, 2008


... and the winner is!

My first copy of St. Barts Breakdown has been won by


Stop by and offer her congratulations, or offer them here.

Best of all, stay tuned because I've got another copy of this fun book to give you!

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Yahoo! I'm super excited :) Thanks so much.
Congratulations, Tara!
Congratulations Tara for winning!

However, I missed! I missed!!

Entering that is..:(


Michele sent me over to check it out for that other copy//LOL!
Congrats Tara! Prizes are fun! Happy Saturday Susan!
Congrats to Tara... and you ahve another copy you say? In the words of Arnie... I'll be back! :)
Yay to Tara - the book looks rather intriguing. Great contest, Susan.
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