Sunday, March 16, 2008


Walter Fiction: The Approach of Spring

"Walter," Lila said, "the equinox is next week."

"I know, love." He looked up from the crossword puzzle in the morning paper. "We're set for it."

"Are you? You haven't left the house in a month. How can the band be ready for next week if you don't practice?"

"We're pros." Of course it would be fine. It always was. He'd been playing with this group of guys for years now. The Vernal Equinox Celebration always went well.

Lila knew better than to push it. Just as spring came slowly every year, so did Walter and his music. Spring meant the beginning of his touring season. Come August, when they'd all had enough, he'd take another month off, join everyone at the Autumnal Equinox Celebration, and then spend the winter holed up in his basement studio, creating a new album.

And then, just like the way the Earth turned, Walter's musical cycle would begin again.

If the Earth didn't need to practice for all this, why did he?

Springtime, awakening... how aware of the changing seasons is an aging rocker, anyway? That's what inspired this. For more Walter, visit here, here, and here. And stay tuned; in my file of saved stuff I need to post one day, I've got at least one more piece that features him.

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Hello, Michele sent me to say that I enjoyed that. Imagery was excellent!
If the Earth didn't need to practice for all this, why did he?

Great line!

Nice to hear what Walter is up to. We hadn't heard from him in awhile.
sorry... i got distracted by the word "trevor" in the post below...

this was great as always. you rock. love ya and have missed ya.
Walter sounds like a bear - he needs to hibernate his way into creative bursts.
Insync with earth and having music in your blood so much that you don't need to pratice...yes, he is a real accomplish musician...
If the Earth didn't need to practice for all this, why did he?
It's a good thing he's not the singer, then. :)
I think I really like Walter. He's a man after my own heart!
And I have my birthday on that day! I would like to win that book draw for it!


dried piece of toast
I like Walter :)
That last line's a beauty. Loved it!
hehe, enjoyed the whole piece, and I just love the last line -- perfect! :)

Walter is a cool dude.
Read all 4 about Walter. Arthritis/musician reminded me of a man that worked with my dad who made such an impression on me. Thank you, Susan, for evoking a memory that is both melancholy and heartwarming on a personal level.
That's part of what I'm trying to do here, Marcia.

And thank YOU for reading all four posts!
I love the last line. It's great how you were able to get a complete vignette into such a short piece.
very gentle look at the continuance of the cycle of life.
This flash exudes peace and assurance that comes with experience. :)
I enjoyed this, great spin on the theme! Short, but funny and very true. The last line was excellent!
I like the imagery in your story, and the sense of amused tolerance for his foibles. I look forward to seeing more about Walter!
Ha! I love that last line! And the idea of him finding a cycle with his art that matches the seasons - I know the reflection was meant to be a little sarcastic, but I found it fitting.

Nice little diddy. =P
Loved this piece!
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