Monday, April 14, 2008


Roadie Poet: Pyro

New tour.
Big one.

Shows this big,
They're spectacles,
Not simple shows.

Vid screens,
Extra sound,

Band's gotta rehearse extra
So they don't step in a flashpot.
Burned to a crisp
By their own show.

Extra rehearsal for them means
Hotel rooms for us.
A little bit easier
Before the grind begins.
Time to bum around.
Have some fun.

But watch
For those flashpots.
So we don't step in 'em.
And get

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So is the boys playing pyro with their groupies?
I like the festive note of this one! And I want it to be summer so I can go see some shows!
And I am missing the boys! I've not been much on-line lately, and didn't have time to read yours and their stories!
Nice one!!
So our boys are playing with fire now? Good thing Roadie Poet is on hand to record it for posterity!
I like this. You've done a superb job creating themes of the spectacle that concerts can become and what it takes to pull one off without someone getting hurt. At least, that's what called to me while reading. I'll have to study it a bit more.
And that commune sounds pretty nice about now.
I love how Roadie structured that last bit Burt to a Crisp. All one word per line.

Very cool.
I like the structure of the ending, too!

I just love the Roadie Poet. And his butt. :-)
Fire Bad!
This years Kentucky Derby favorite, Pyro
Rott used to be a roadie. He hates flashpots. And Pyro may not be the favorite come Derby time. He tanked this weekend. (His exercise rider is the son of my pal Irisharse from The poetry, however, is sublime.
Roadie Poet, don't you dare step in a flash pot! That is one poem I do not want to read. And by, the way, I love the way this newest glimpse of your life is formatted.
Eep! Fire! *hides*

TSO has had the biggest fireworks I've seen, I think... I did see a Metallica show that seemed as though everything went completely wrong, though I believe it was all carefully coreographed, so that may have been a bigger display, not sure!
Yup, completely staged. I've got the DVD of it.

Scary if you don't know it's rigged, huh?
*flicks lighter*
Go Roadie Poet!
The images are crisp and flash-dance on the back of my eyelids tho i've never been closer to a spectacle than a TV screen. oh, except one county fair performance of Exile about twenty-five years ago. no pyro just ten foot tall speakers about ten yards away. i spent the entire time they performed with my hands over ears. I hardly think that compares to Roadie's Spectacle.

i appreciate Roadie's poems tho because they give a window into an alien world that fascinates me even tho poetry and TV screens are about as close as I'm comfortable getting to the chaos of noise and light and bodies. sometimes i think i was born a granny.

anyway thanx for visiting my poems and TT over the last three weeks while i was sick. i'm sorry i never got it together to reciprocate. i had high hopes each time i posted....
I love this one. Roadie Poet rocks.
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