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Thursday Thirteen #73 -- Back by Popular Demand

Lots of you guys have been commenting on Trevor's absence from my Thirteens of late. Clearly, my not-so-subtle attempt to get you to come around the rest of the week isn't working (but have fun with these links!). So... with no further ado, here's your boy, starring in:

Thirteen places Trevor's been lately

1. Taking a smoke break.

2. Juggling girls.

3. Annoying Mitchell.

4. Practicing. Nominally.

5. Playing shows.

6. Touring.

7. Discovering that it's cooler to hang in a jacuzzi than it is to hang by the side of the pool.

8. Trying to out Roadie Poet.

9. Stealing bacon and doughnuts and anything else swimming in grease from the crew catering area.

10. Sitting behind Daniel or Mitchell while they give interviews, making fun of them the whole time.

11. Running from Mitchell's swinging fists.

12. Sucking up to the band's wardrobe manager so she'll do his laundry for him.

13. Dreaming of seeing my book about him on the shelves.

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Ah, I'm back to my youth.
Bliss :-)
I can see Trevor doing all those things! I have missed him -- glad to know he's still around and up to his usual tricks. At least he's dreaming of seeing his name in print after you publish! Not afraid of what you are going to expose about him huh???!
hope you are doing well!!
#9 brings back memories of when I had to work convention floors at my old job. I don't miss that job. Happy TT.
Here, here for number 13! We all want to see it, so we can buy, so we can read it, so we can enjoy it, and so we can bug you for more :-)

See you next week!
Yay Trev! *hug big wet smooch*

Ok, I tried my first Thursday Thirteen, hope it's not too goofy! *blush*
Wait. Trevor has other girls? sniff sniff. I had NO idea. He said I was his one and only....

Hey I just added you to my Google reader, so I'll be around! :)

Happy TT, Susan - you're awesome!
Trevor's my kinda guy, but I hope he does his own laundry!
'Juggling girls'? Trevor? ;)

Susan, what does GU mean? I'm a complete imbicile when it comes to acronyms. And joining RWA even if you don't write romance per se is exactly what I did. I love my RWA chapter!
Trevor is an interesting guy!
I'll have to find out who Trevor is!
LOL...gotta love that Trevor. Happy TT my friend:)
Best of luck to you trying to run from those fists! :)

Happy TT.
So nice of you to post in response to your fans' demands!! Trevor's been very busy lately ;)

Happy TT!
He's certainly been busy!
Of course he wants to see your book in print. Who wouldn't? My TT is up, I think you'll find it interesting. :) Have a great TT.
Great list lol I wish I had someone I could trick into doing laundry.
Happy T13!

Sorry but I am now fixated on bacon and donuts. Trevor needs to haul ass to Portland's own Voodoo donuts where he could partake of a maple bar with two thick slices of bacon right on top.

That Trevor! What a character. Literally. Heh. Happy TT and Penguins game!
I'm surprised Trevor hadn't realized that about hot tubs before now. =)

Be sure to stop by and get a piece of cake!

Happy TT!
He does have quite the life. Would he even read your book once it's published, or will Mitchell have to read it to him?
Sometimes, I'd rather be in those places...especially when smokes are coming out my ears.
Hmm, took me awhile to figure out what Trevor or who Trevor might me.

Not sure if I am getting it right.
Go, Trevor! It sounds like he's been busy. :)
I'm glad your TT is back. I look for it. ;)
#2 is unsurprising. :) And #13--well, he's not the only one. I know I'm dreaming of that, too--though probably not as much as you! **smooches**
Great TT.
That boy sure does know how to enjoy his life doesn't he ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
My kind of man. Tell him to steal some doughnuts and bacon for me, eh? LOL.
Happy Thursday!
You might find this interesting:
I can totally see Trevor sitting behind someone having a nice serious interview.

Interviewee: "Yes, and you see, this is why I really enjoy that chord progression."

Trevor in the background: Gives the Interviewee bunny ears.
Ah... Trevor, such naughty boy! Hehehe!
I think we all doing #13. :-)
Hi Susan. I'm just popping back over to let you know that World's Fairs are far from over. It's just that there hasn't been one in the US since 1984. To look at upcoming events, try the Expo Museum site -

(And I saw those bunny ears, Trevor.)
I'm out of the loop . . I will come back to catch up : )
Trevor doesn't seem like the sort of guy who would worry about his cholesterol! :-D
You don't count? Of course you count. What you don't do is go on the list of people who's books I need to pack so I can get them signed. Next year, you'll be on That list. :)
LOL. Yep, sounds about right. Happy TT!
Yay! He's back!

*HUGS* Hang in there! He'll be on the shelves one of these days. I believe in you!
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