Sunday, May 18, 2008


Fiction Outtake: Daniel's Shoulder (part 2)

If you missed the start of this, you'd better go read it, or this will be little more than nonsense for ya. The first part's short, although not as short as this one. It won't take long. And there's a link to bring you back here.

As he left the dressing room, Mitchell held up a hand at the roadie who'd been sent to escort him to the meet-and-greet. "I need to make a call," he said and turned toward the production office.

Lyric answered almost immediately.

"Daniel's shoulder's bothering him," he said, "so have the bills get sent his way. Oh, and Lyric, he's paying you a thirty-buck per diem."

She laughed. "Thanks, but you didn't need to."

"Hey, I take care of my girls. So go make calls; you might be able to get on Kerri's flight out in the morning."

"Does this mean you'll be paying me a per diem, too, the next time you need me out there?"

"Fuck no."

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Hmm. So what happens next? Keep those short episodes coming!
Thank you for this second part. I'm going to try to get caught up with all of these characters. I've read the links to their names but have missed earlier (or later?) episodes. Keep them coming!
Hah! I love the behind-the-backs these guys pull on each other... or maybe it's mostly Mitchell (not sure, haven't caught up on my Outakes reading, yet). Either way, it's clever and amusing!
I'm not use seeing something I can read so fast! It is way shorter than your usual!
But does he always takes great care of his girls?
Oh that Mitchell - he's a wily one. Or should I say, a Wylie one! LOL
I need to know what happens next, too. Curious minds :)
But I don't get the "have the bills get sent his way." Am I missing something else?
Yup, the per diem bit. Mitchell usually doesn't pay Lyric a daily allowance, but he just snookered Daniel into paying her $30 a day.
lol - so the moral is, "know who your friends are"... or perhaps, "with friends like these"... :D

if Daniel finds out would he find the either the bill or the betrayal by Mitchell more painful than the shoulder? or was it sore enough to make these minor irrelevancies?
I told ya, I lurves Mitchell!
Mitchell,Mitchell, Mitchell.

(Love this outtake!)
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