Saturday, May 10, 2008


Fiction Outtake: Mother's Day (Post Trevor's Song Era)

Mitchell handed his guitar to Bobby and grabbed the nearest roadie by the shirt collar. "Phone! I need a fucking phone right fucking now!"

The roadie's eyes got huge and he shook a little bit. Might even have peed on himself until Charlie, ShapeShifter's tour manager, came to the rescue. "Just push SEND," he yelled over Eric's guitar solo.

Mitchell let go of the roadie and took the phone from Charlie. It was huge and weighed a ton; one of those new cellular phones. They'd only gotten it for Charlie after things with Trevor had gone so haywire. Mitchell hated it.

But he had to admit it had its uses.

He had no idea what time it was at home. Frankly, he didn't care. He only had another minute or two before he had to go support Eric and lead the band into their next song. There was shit to do after the show, and then it was off travelling to the next town. It was now or never.

"Ma?" he said when she picked up. "Happy Mother's Day."

A little bit of Mother's Day fun for all my fellow moms out there. Hope your day is full of pizza, bicycles and Penguin victories!

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i was about to say that i was going to wash mitchell tongue with soap, but he would be excuse for this time!
Happy mother's day Susan(by the time you see this, it would probably be Sunday!)
Nope, not Sunday yet. I'm online a bit later than usual -- for me.

And thanks, my friend. Just ... stay away from Mitchell's tongue. He might bite!
Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a great one. :)
No Mother's Day here this weekend (no weekend at all today in fact), but good for Mitchell for remembering. I have a really hard time with that living outside of the whole "mother's day hoopla".

Happy mother's day to you too Susan.
Oh this was fantastic as always!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY SUSAN!!! Wishing you the best now and always!
Sweet. Mitchell's mom is too cool to get forgotten on Mother's Day! :-)
A good lad, there. Don't forget Mom - as I keep telling my brood of seven.
One reality check, though. A roadie with a shirt? Not in my day ;-)
I enjoyed that! Very good! Happy Mothers' day to you!
I love that Mitchell.
Hmm, Mitchell sounds like my eldest ... Happy Mother's Day!
Penguin victories! Woo! Yay!
Happy Mother's Day, Susan! Glad Mitchell got his moment between solos for that call home.
Susan, i would find a way to convice him not to bite me!
This is why I heart Mitchell! No matter how busy, crazy, uncontrollable life in Shapeshifter can be, he didn't forget his Mom. *melt*
Oh I love this! So simple and full of meaning :)
hehe you managed to find a way to give some charm to mobile phones,well done!
Y'know what, it says heaps about him that he made the time, no matter how brief.

I guess it's true, you always make time for the things that matter to you.

This was fab as usual!
haha Good one! I didn't expect that.
LOL Leave it to a musician to forget that important call until the music is playing. ;)
Love it. Happy mother's day :)
You know I caught that last little bit. GO PENS!
This was great! I love that Charlie has already dialed without Mitchell having said anything to him about why he wants the cell phone.

Happy Mommy's Day (a wee bit late, sorry...)!
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