Saturday, May 24, 2008


Giving You... The Rabbi's Cat 2

Edited to congratulate my friend Grace -- yes, Grace in Dubai -- for winning this awesome book! Yay, Grace!

Yes, that's right! You've heard me raving about Joann Sfar's brilliance long enough. Now is your chance to pick up your very own copy of The Rabbi's Cat 2, compliments of the good people at Pantheon Books.

This hardback book hasn't even been opened yet; you'll get to do the honors. (That means I haven't registered it at BookCrossing, either.)

How to enter:
Go visit my review at Front Street Reviews.

Leave a comment on this post with some sort of contact information between now and 24 May, 2008. Please be sure to tell me why you'd like to experience Joann Sfar and his famous cat. Random "Enter me!" comments aren't good enough anymore.

You can be anywhere on Planet Earth. You can have won before. Please don't sell it on eBay; if I think you have done so, I'll toss any future contest entries you make.

Yeah, I'm getting mean. But a book this special deserves special treatment.

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ooooh, oooh, oooh - pick me!

I was wondering whether book 2 would be as good as book 1, but from your review it sounds like it is.
I so wish for a cat book. If I don't win, I might get catty!

It truly seems like a book I should read. It is so different from what I usually read.
That doesn't sounds mean, it sounds fair enough to me!
Loved your review and this sounds exactly like the sort of book I would lap up (pun intended)! Why should I win it? Firstly I'm a cat lover and secondly I am jsut rediscovering books after a hiatus while I undertook my masters degree. This sounds just the book to hook me again (apart from Trevor's Song that is!). If I'm lucky my email address is on my profile page :)
You knew this would suck me out into the open again, didn't you? I've love to win this book (and promise to share with others if I do!) because I loved the first one so much. All because of you I was introduced to the wonderful world of Joann Sfar.

Like Karen! says, I was not sure if Book 2 would be as good as the original. Your review put my mind at ease.

Off to clean up the dinner dishes now. I'm still around - but not chatting much. Please don't send Trevor over to have a word with me. Although, I doubt I'm his type... :)
P.S. You know my contact info. I think I forgot that in my original post. :)
Well, after reading your review, book 1, book 2 and Joann Sfar all sound fascinating, so please enter me!

Why pick me... well, I've never read a graphic novel, this would be a good intro, right? :D

And, of course, being as lethally linear as I am, if I win, it means I'll hop right out and buy Book 1, because I hate reading things out of order, so you'd be supporting Joann Sfar in the process of making me a winner. Yay!!
count me in as well!

I totally loved book 1 (and would totally re-read it before book 2 if I won), and was bummed out when I got passed up for another reviewer for the book on one of the sites I review for...
I'd like to read this book. I read your review and I am always interested in anything that can be "comforting and inspiring all at once".
I think 'enter me' should definitely get at least a swift kick...

I'm off to Front Street Reviews.
Back from your review.

Please consider yours truly for the contest.
Is it ok to read this without reading the first in the series? that if of course, if I win...anyhow, please put my name on the hat!e
Wow, better than Girl Scout cookies. Count me in.
Does the cat ever have a name besides the "Rabbi's cat?! It sounds like
"Sylvester and Tweety Bird" when he swallows the bird and gets the ability to talk. Then he looses it and it sounds as though he is learning through all of this! Very interesting. An author I would like to try. Thanks very much! Cindi
Since I just got a yummy book and t-shit from you from the last contest, I will just say... you rawk, darlin!

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