Monday, May 26, 2008


Roadie Poet: Returns

Don't realize it until we get inside.
Been here before.

Recognize the loading dock,
The room the crew showers in,
The way things look from the stage.
Out into darkness --
For now.

It'll get lit up later.

Hambone remembers this place, too.
We talk at dinner.
Bands we've been here with
Tours we've done
Crew we went with.

More sits and listens.
Tells me later
She can't wait until she's got these lists to make
When she's been around more.

I gotta tell her
Coming back to a familiar place
It feels good
But not as good
As home.

I'm not sure about this ending. Might be too cliched, so let me know what you think.

If you're new to Roadie Poet, welcome! If you've missed him, or want to revisit old poetry from our favorite crew member, click here. That'll take you to his profile page. All his poems are listed at the bottom of the page. Happy catching up!

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No, I find the ending good. It is not cliched. Now I go explore more Roadie poets!
I like the ending, too. It suits the overall wistfulness I find in Roadie Poet's voice. :)
It's always fun to see the memories that we attach to a place!
I guess it's the same thing for the guys and place they have played!
I truly like it...the ending is fitting....
I like the ending, although it immediately brought to mind Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound."
I love the flow of it. It seems so mellow. :)
I like the ending. The whole poem has such a nice easy flow.

Hello - I'm baaack! Been playing hooky for a while. Enjoying our new home and garden.

Thinking of you, XINE
Some people might think it's cliched, but when something fits... it FITS. How is that a cliche?
What I like about this is the sense of going so fast that one doesn't even realize where one has been, and that it's recognizable by backstage details and not by city name or characteristics. It's about the whole world being reduced to the round of roadie duties. And yeah, in that context, home seems like the one place one can take confidence in remembering.
Roadie poet rocks! (pun intended!). I laughed out loud when I read the bit about recognising the loading dock as I can remember thinking the same thing once or twice from my back stage days.

Just thought you'd like to know I am enjoying The Rabbi's Cat. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll get the second one as well!
BTW - I don't think the use of home was cliched. Thing is, whne you're on the road that is where you often want to be, so it's natural the roadie poet would finish with that.
He may be Roadie Poet, but cliche fits - that one at least... but would be fun to see if he came up with an alternate ending, you know, just because the night was long and all.
Sorry I'm late, Roadie Poet. You know how I wait and wait for another gem from you. I like the way he realizes that he's been there before, a slow recognition. Gives a sense of the disoriented state touring must be.
*hugs Roadie Poet*

And I do like the ending.
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