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Thursday Thirteen #something -- I Don't Wanna

Thirteen "reasons" practice gets cancelled

When I noticed that this week's official Thursday Thirteen theme was gross, Trevor got all excited. Trevor Wolff isn't a man who begs, but he was all but prostrate on the floor in front of me, eager for his chance to sound off about how gross monogamy, marriage, and Mitchell's wife Kerri all are. (Yes, he was well on his way to making another letter-themed list like last week's).

Problem is, no one really wanted to listen to Trevor on that particular subject. Trust me; you didn't, either.

Since Trevor is off ranting about monogamy, marriage, and Mitchell's wife Kerri, the rest of us got together and came up with a list of things we say when it looks like practice won't be happening.

1. Mitchell's mountain bike is calling. Daniel's pool is calling.

2. The band has blisters. On their fingers, on their shoulders from their guitar straps, on Daniel's hiney (no, that's NOT the word he used) from too many hours on that drummer's throne.

3. Communing with nature is the best sort of prayer, and Eric needs the best sort of prayer. No one's sure why; when they ask, he just smiles and says it's between him and God.

4. Trevor's got a girl waiting. Trevor needs to go find a girl. Trevor needs to find girls for Mitchell, Eric, and Daniel. Trevor has girls waiting for them all. You get the idea. Trevor + girls = no practice today.

5. Hangovers. 'Nuff said.

6. The Hatchet needs to be sharpened. This only works for the guys in Deadly Metal Hatchet, obviously. Please don't try it at home. Men with funny white coats might show up on your doorstep. Or worse.

7. Someone is hungry and Val is cooking. Therefore, practice will end as soon as whatever Val's making comes out of the oven. Maybe the guys need to go watch and make sure it doesn't burn...

8. Mitchell's out of new guitar strings. Eric's out of new guitar strings. Trevor hasn't bought new strings for his bass ... well, ever. So it's Mitchell's fault that he has no new strings. Even though the guys have techs who work year-round for them and who keep the axes well-strung.

(strung I said! STRung!)

9. With the techs around, there are too many people in the practice space. The techs have work to do. The band can't do it until they're done. Good thing the techs aren't in any hurry.

10. The guys in Deadly Metal Hatchet often wonder why they bother to practice. They'll never be as good as ShapeShifter.

11. The guys in ShapeShifter often wonder why they bother to practice. Their fans only want to hear the same old songs.

12. It's too nice out to spend inside practicing. It's too rainy; the humidity affects the instruments. It's too cloudy to think straight. Let's wait for a snow day. There might be one in the next ten years.

13. Fans? People want us to sound good??

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I hate the theme here - Love Trevor, but hate the controlling theme. I mean really Carol SAYS she's a middle child but no self respecting middle child would be so controlling.

I'm taking her badge away.

Otherwise, ;) Great post!

Happy TT!
'Tis true, you only need the slenderest of reasons to cancel.
Fun list! I think Trevor and my exhusband are related lol Happy T13!
#10 made me giggle. Happy TT.
Oh honey, it's not you or here (west of mars) I hate that TTs have themes now. That's all - love you hate the theme. Plus a billion blogs on gross? yuck.

((hug)) sorry for the confusion.
Well, like I said, being confused made me smarter. Always a good thing.
Themes are meant to be ignored, right? LOL! I ignore them. Bravo to you for doing the same. Themes get boring very quickly.
Too funny!!!
LOL! What a fun list! When one is sufficiently motivated, any old reason will do, right?

To heck with' em, I say. But then, I'm like that cow in the back of the herd in that Far Side cartoon, the one that's singing "I just gatta be MEEEEE!"... Moo!
Love your list. Only 13 things you'd rather do when practice is cancelled? Hee hee ... I figure that's the PG-13 version! ;) I did my first theme this week and actually went with 13 gross and weird animal facts.

Visit me at Around the Writer's Block
Oops, sorry, I Linky-d to the wrong post in my first attempt there... duh.
Trevor's priorities are endearing, somehow!
This is a Classy gross lists, if I do say so. Number 2 is very funny.
*sigh* I understand procrastination too well.
#3...I can relate! As for #11, that must be frustrating for a band!
ROFL ... I don't go to the interesting extremes as Trevor, but I relate to the avoidance issue!

There are themes now? We don't have to follow them, do we? I finally get another Thursday Thirteen in, and the rules are changed?
Happy TT my friend. I hope everything is wonderful in your world:)
love it! can totally sympathize! I thought of any reason not to practice, and would have given anything for any excuse not to practice actually on marching band days... I sure don't miss that... the shows, yes, the practicing in the mud and the rain, and the cold and the hot, no!
That was a really great list! Happy T13!
Great list, not the excuses I ever used, but then again I played flute and trumpet (no strings *g*).
I have a hard enough time coming up with my own lists, they want me to work around a theme, too? pblph, I say. :)
P.S. it's not up yet, I hope to have it posted soon (as soon as I come up with a list).
LOL at number 8!!
I never thought much about all those blisters. OUCH
hehe, I love it! And #2 gave me the gigglesnorts. :)
I posted a contest on the contest blog you might be interested in. :)
My TT is up, too. :)
This is too fun to be considered gross.
great post

Will you visit mine Thanks
Trevor's a character. But I still think Mitchell is the shit.

I always love your TT's about the band.
I didn't mind the theme thing too much this week because I could actually think of 13 things that are gross. I wonder why they came up with the theme thing anyway? Enjoyed your list! :)
Love the list - it made me laugh. Sharpening the hatchet :)
My 13 is a gross group of funny advertisements I made up for fun, and using this week's 'gross' theme for T-13. Hope you can stop by.

And I think that you can do what you darned well pleased on your blog, who's to say you NEED to follow the T-13 prompts? It's not a law.
Great TT! I didn't stick with the theme either.
Would 'I'd rather be blogging' qualify? Stop by and visit my 13.
Hahha. I can see myself in most of these excuses...I have no band but excsues, I can come up with some just to justify what I'm doing.
Fun list. Happy TT!
It's too nice outside? Do band people say that? I thought outside had to be dark for the band.
Yay for another non-theme doer! Awesome list, too! Happy TT :)
I've used some of those excuses! Happy TT and thanks so much for stopping by!
Sounds like the guys have no problem coming up with reason not to practice!
Those all sound like perfectly valid reasons to me! :)

On the other hand, they also sound like the reasons my younger son has for not practicing the clarinet. Today's excuse works, though--he had an orthodontist appointment, and he's in pain. Mouth pain + clarinet = not a good thing.
Great list :) Definitely with the band on No. 5! Sometimes when I can't come up with a good reason I just procrastinate until the problem goes away!
that is like the rest of life
Of course you said well-STRung dear, I can't imagine whatever else you could possibly have meant. My heavens...
Trevor is in a class by himself ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
"When I noticed that this week's official Thursday Thirteen theme was gross"

Okay, this week I did read TT website to find out the theme and couldn't find one. Now you are saying that the theme is "gross." What am I missing? ::scratches head::
You had me at pool.

Good enough for me. ;)

I did a TT at Six Degrees dahling.
Since I just ignore the themes, I find the ones interesting who do them. Glad you didn't, though. This one was very funny. Procrastination isn't just confined to ShapeShifter!

Happy TT!
Me thinks you protest too much...strung or hung, we know where your mind is lingering :-)
#8...tee hee. Well strung indeed.
LOL These guys are full of great excuses!
Great list! Love everything on them. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Rock! No more excuse, just Rock!
Love em! It sounded strangely familiar, the part of how no matter what the weather there's always a valid excuse to procrastinate! :)
If Trevor need to go find a girl, then I guess it'll be "I" who he find at the end of the trail LOL!

Love Trevor list and that he excited about the "Gross" stuff :)

Happy TTs and thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good weekend ahead :)
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