Sunday, June 29, 2008


Fiction Outtake: Foot Pedals (the Early Days)

It all began the day Mitchell bought the pedals for his guitar.

"You plug it in, right?" he asked Trevor, who looked up from an inspection of the match he'd just used to light a joint.

Trevor shrugged.

Mitchell stuck the plug into the hole on his guitar. The power cord went into
the outlet. "That's all, right?"

Trevor shrugged.

Mitchell tried a note. Nothing. He stepped on the pedals. Nothing.

"What the fuck?"

Trevor took a drag off the joint and gave Mitchell one of those raised-eyebrow looks that meant he was echoing the question. "Ask Gus," the bass player said once he'd exhaled. "He sold you the fucking thing. He shoulda showed you how to make it work."

Mitchell pulled his head into his shoulders. "I told him I'd read the manual if I needed help."

"So why don't you?"

"Gus kept it. He told me to figure it out on my own."

Trevor nodded slowly. It reminded Mitchell of those wise men in those bad movies Trevor always liked to watch. "So go figure and leave me the fuck alone already."

Mitchell shook his head and turned back to the new pedal. Gus was right. The best way to master something like this was to fart around with it until you understood it.

Still… it had to have a power switch or something.

Didn't it?

Ahh, my boys. If you're new to Trevor and Mitchell, click on their names to learn more about them and to maybe even read a few other outtakes they star in. You know you want to.

If you're not new to Trevor and Mitchell, why not poke around some anyway? Refresh your memory, find something new. There's plenty in my archives, you know.

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*giggling*! I love this, and yup, I can relate. I pride myself on being self-taught at many things, but dang, one can really rip a lot of their own hair out that way, too. ;-)
This reminds me of my brilliance at 'do it yourself'- making things, repairing, etc. I'm always saying it.
I'd certainly never find the power switch.
Did i read right? A guy that would actually have read the instruction book? It just prove his uniqueness!
Typical men! They can't see the obvious!


from the palms of my hand, you stand tall
ha ha sometimes I can be dumb with instruments too :)
This is very fun. Do they find the switch? ;)
This sounds so much like a teenage conversation, but could also be older guys with teenage hang-overs?

Loved this!
Hi Susan, I wanted to thank you again for the book. I got it today and can't wait to read it:) Tracy
Oh, it's been too long! :) Great to read more about my fave fictionals!
sounds like lots of great stuff going on over here! congrats!
Dude! Awesome stuff. (Yup, the internet is back up, not sure what knocked it out, or how I fixed it, but I did). :)
Haha - trial and error, it sounds like how I've learned all the neat functions on my camera. :)
I'm a show-me person. If I had to wait until I figured something out myself, I'd still be trying to open the door that leads out of the house...

I love Trevor's reactions to the whole scene.
Hehehe! Guitar pedals... reminds me when I bought my first one, a wah-wah cry baby. I just wanted to sound like Hendrix. Hahaha! But man, it was a bitch to learn to use it - like learning to drive stick. Then a few years later I got the supra distortion, echo, and before I knew it I had like 10 pedals before me.
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