Tuesday, June 24, 2008


ShapeShifter unveiled!

I can't even begin to thank my friend Winter enough. She volunteered to take my rough idea of the ShapeShifter logo and was able to turn it into something amazing and incredible. Please stop by Winter's place and rave about what she's done for me. And if you have ideas of a special pressie as a way of saying thanks, I'm all ears.

One question before I spend the day staring in rapture at it (again): Do you think it'll help my chances of being listed here? I mean, is that site tailor-made for me, or WHAT? You know I aspire to be there.


Congratulations! How thrilling to take a step forward! :) Why not call the number at the fake band site? or send an email? I'm certain they would be delighted to list you!

Good luck!
wow, what a job, looks great
Looks awesome! And I agree with Claudia - contact them, what have you got to lose?
Don't you think they'd want the band to exist on something more than a blog, or have times changed enough that this blog is enough (for them)?
OMG! That is flippin' fabulous! Where do we get a t-shirt to wear and promote :-)

And Susan, the band does exist in more than a blog...BOOKS!
Wowie kazowie, that is one fabulous-looking logo for ShapeShifter. It's perfect! :)

And heck, I think the blog would be enough! ShapeShifter, because of your blog and your outtakes, has a huge life of its own, and feels more real to me than many "real" bands!
That's awesome! I love it! Great work Winter and congrats WoM on having a logo, I know how excited you must be! *hughughug* I say that as someone who has amazing ideas in my head, and couldn't begin to come close to realizing them as something anyone else could see, so I can only imagine how thrilling it is to see it come to life that way!

Contact them, at least ask how to qualify, what do you have to lose?
I love it! I think that should definitely help you climb the ladder to official fake band-dom!
It looks a lot better on your blog than it does in my Photoshop window. LOL I'm so very glad you like it, Susan. When you're ready for shirts, I can make a bigger one in png form, which is probably what you'll need for a shirt or a hat.
I think ShapeShifter should totally be on the fakebands site. And I'm so excited for you about the logo. Coming soon to t-shirts, right?
Whoa, that's a way cool logo!
That's so cool!

And yes you should be listed there.

Shapeshifter has a life of it's own.

IT NEEDS to be there.
Cool! Their own logo! And that site featuring fictional rock bands will absolutely have ShapeShifter on it.
The logo is awesome!
Very cool. I like it!
Great logo!
OMG - that's beautiful... and perfect!! WTG Winter :)
Susan, a proud moment, eh??
very cool! it looks perfect!
You never know if something's going to fly unless you toss it off the edge of a cliff. I say go for it.

And by my journo's eye, that logo absolutely rocks.
They are getting big!
LOVE this logo!!! Well done!
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