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Thursday Thirteen -- The Music Store

Thirteen snappy comebacks (read on)

Leah Braemel had this story to tell, and it's so perfect, I had to share it.

In case you're too lazy to click the link (shame on you!), in a nutshell, the story goes like this: two guys shopping early morning in a guitar store. No one's around except this long-haired heathen, playing a guitar hooked up to a monstrous amp. An amp that's been turned to 11, at least. Maybe 14. In a guitar shop, not a concert hall.

For about half an hour, the shoppers do their best to shop, but Mr. Heathen-on-Guitar won't let up. He's got a full-on jam going.

But then, when he stops, one of Leah's guys yells, "Hey! Shut the fuck up!"

Oops. Turns out that Mr. Heathen-on-Guitar is a Mega Big Rock Star. You Ozzy fans might have heard of him and no, I'm not talking about Randy Rhoads. Think more current. Think who's playing with him currently.

Now, we have no way of knowing what the real Mr. Heathen-on-Guitar said or did, or if this is a story he even retells -- if he's cool, he does, complete with a chuckle at the chowderheads who didn't recognize him and a second chuckle at himself for not convincing the guys to buy the new guitar he was there to promote.

And since I've already taken great liberties with the retelling of this story, I think I'll take a few more.

What if Mr. Heathen-on-Guitar (isn't that a fine British name, sort of like Stratford-on-Avon?) had been ShapeShifter's Mitchell Voss? Or ShapeShifter's lead guitarist, Eric Wallace? Or even our favorite bad boy, Trevor Wolff (who'd never do this sort of thing because it involves playing in public without Mitchell covering his sorry musicianship, but he'd open his mouth and defend his best friend -- in typical Trevor style.), and don't forget our drummer, Daniel Sydor, too.

Here's what they might have said:
1. Eric: Hey, come check out my new guitar. I'll let you play it.

2. Eric: Oops. Sorry I'm so loud. Here, have some guitar picks.

3. Eric: Got anything you want me to autograph?

4. Mitchell: No.

5. Trevor: If you don't like the sound of a guitar, go home.

6. Trevor: Who the fuck died and made you the music police?

7. Mitchell: Why?

8. Daniel: Hey, I'm just the drummer. Don't look at me.

9. Trevor: I can tell them to make it louder.

10. Mitchell: Next you'll ask me to play fucking Freebird.

11. Trevor: Are you some Bettina Beverly* fan?

12. Mitchell: What? I can't hear you!

13. Trevor: We were here first. First come, first served doesn't only apply to me and my girls, you know.

* Bettina Beverly? Think Celine Dion, only Riverview style.

And now that you've had fun with me and the band, go thank Leah for inspiring me so nicely this week, okay? I know she'd appreciate meeting you.

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That's like the time Joshua Bell (most famous classical violinist) played in a DC subway.

Btw, I LOVE the picture!
Wow - that is inspired! I admire the way you can take an incident and make it your own - very very cool! Have you thought of doing a serial for a Rocker magazine?

Happy TT
Claudia, that's such an inspired idea that if you help me land that sort of gig, I'll give you part of my pay. And not the envelope the check comes in, either.
You are very sweet. Let's look together, Ok. We could even do a blog serial. Just think about what it might look like and the opportunity should appear.

Have you read "Tales of the City?" Both Tales and Sex in the city started as newspaper serials. :)

Money is nice, love is better. I'll be in touch.
Trevor, hiding in shame that I didn't add Shapeshifter.

But I couldn't find a picture of you.

*ahem* LOL
Around here a lot of old-time rockers pass through the concert halls and summertime concerts-on-the-green. The young ones don't always know who they are or what they've accomplished and don't show much respect. It's always a strange and bittersweet experience. How short is memory.

I'm off on a tangent.Maybe. Your weekly TTs invite me to think like the young, and that is very often a challenge. Thank you!
This is why I don't go shopping!
Awwwwwwww yes, Freebird. The song that never seems to end. Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by:)
Wow that was great thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the fun dialogue!
I can sooo see that me. LOL! Happy TT!
I love hearing your characters talk. Happy TT!
LOL at Eric and Daniel! I should have been a drummer, I really should have. *G*
Seems like Daniel's dodging the bullet here. I never cease to be amazed at how engaged your 'friends' are when I drop by. You have some imagination girl!
Hugs and blessings,
Funny list. Happy TT.
Grat post, I posted a comment on Leah's blog that I'd heard a similar story involving the string section of the LSO.
P.S. I got my USB cable for my camera and have posted pictures from the Biltmore for my TT.
*chuckle* - Trevor is just being Trevor make me laugh all the times LOL ! But I always enjoy seeing what your characters up to ;)

What a great inspiration your friend Leah given you! Happy TTs, I hope you have a good Thursday!
OMG I'm literally LMAO! Especially for #6 - that's EXACTLY what Guitar Hero (the chowderhead - I am SO using that term on him today) would say. And my youngest loves Freebird - asked me to download it for him the other day. So I can SO see #10 being a reaction too!
Oh, and I forgot to mention - love the 'amp that's been turned to 11' - I wonder how many people will get that reference?
I tell you this is not a situation we would have where I live...the time I see a big rock star in my town is the time I keel over from amazement! Great TT.

Thanks for visiting my TT - Come back again soon!
This was a fun post Susan! Happy TT :)

My TT is here

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I was just showing Guitar Hero your blog - he says #12 is actually what Heather-on-Guitar actually said!
Wow, What a fantastic story. I guess you never know who you really are talking too. Great TT. Thanks for stopping by mine.
Oh, those fit the characters so well!! I absolutely loved Mitchell & Trevor's comments--especially Mitchell's "no." And Eric's just such a Nice Guy. :-)
Happy T13! Interesting, very interesting. Hope to see you at my 5th edition about Katie MacAlister at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.
Great TT!
I wasn't too lazy I clicked on the link.
#12 just cracked me up. I imagine he screamed it like a deaf man.
Great story! And I did go check out Leah's version (really to find out who the person was) I do own an Ozzy CD and love it but as far as being a hard rocker, I don't really fall into that category. However, I can still listen and a lot of the time enjoy!

Good list, I think my fave responses were no and why!
Wow - turned up to #14 is like 4 louder!!! That's freakin' loud! :)

I can so imagine Trevor saying #6. It's so him!
I totally wouldn't have had the slightest idea who it was either. Even bands I absolutely adore I wouldn't recognize cause I just listen to the music and almost never look at pictures of them or anything. hehe Granted I probably wouldn't have shouted that either...just made lots of snarky comments to my friends. LOL
I'm loving #12. tee hee. I'll bet that those folks are now infamous in that music store, eh?

Happy TT!
What a fun idea for TT!

Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me
I haz blog party going on Suse if you have time to pop by.
LOL on 12!!

I should have linked to your contest, darn it!
Gotta love Mitchell's replies. :)
Ah Mitchell... so few words, so much meaning :)
Mitchell's 'No', 'Why?' and 'What? I can't hear you!' - I'd type in 'LOL' but he'd probably give The Look. And I don't want him to give me that look.
You know...I think I like Mitchell the best!!!
A lot of people are starting to, Janet. I think we'll have to change that!
I like NO. Succinct. Very Mitchell. That's good enough for me.
Great post. Made me laugh. I play the guitar and if you heard me play you would tell me to Shut the Fuck Up. I'm still learning.
Oh man, what a story about Mr. Guitar Hero, and what a fun T13 -- I always love listening in on your characters! :)
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