Saturday, July 26, 2008


100 Words Prompt: Pillars

Sixteen flagpoles stand outside the dining hall in two rows: three and thirteen. Five hundred campers gather by the thirteen, hustling to get there first and earn the honors. The other three, they're for the staff. Full uniform. Attention, marching, parade rest. Ceremony. You know the drill.

Those flagpoles aren't merely for flags. They're the first ceremony for many of the Scouts, and the gathering spot used by all. While not in the center of camp, they are its centerpiece, the pillar from which all else spins out. Find those flagpoles, and you have found your way back to camp.

Funny how the Velvet Verbosity prompt this week is pillars, which works really well with my latest experience at Cub Scout Camp.

Yep, I'm back. Got some sleep after being awakened yesterday morning by a raccoon in my tent and nope, I didn't get a look at him. I just think it was kinda cool that he was there. #1 comes home with the Tour Manager tomorrow; I can't wait to hear what happened after I left.

Oh, and I am a left-handed archer. In case you care.


so glad you're back! - interesting how we develop a perspective like the flagpoles being "THE PILLAR" of a camp even though they aren't central --- cool!!!
I'm glad you had a good time and I hope your raccoon didn't find anything shiny to steal! :-0
Oh, great take on pillars! :)

I'm glad you're back! And hehe, a raccoon in your tent. Interesting, I saw raccoon prints by the creek branch on my hike yesterday!

Cool that you're a lefty. I am, too! Does that mean we're in our right minds? ;)
It's good to know these things Susan. If the castle is attacked, you'll be prepared.

Nice work with the pillars :)
Actually, TL, I'm predominately a rightie. It was a bit surprising that I was more comfortable (and stronger) as a lefty.

And Bunny, I think the coon was after the Diet Coke I'd tossed into the container he was interested in. Either that or he wanted to wander through and it was in his way. I'm not sure.
Welcome back. When I was a kid (also on a Scouting camping trip) I snuck candy into my tent and woke up to find a raccoon inside my sleeping bag! Scared the daylights out of me.
Sounds like a fun way of developing many social skills.
I remember the flag poles as being central to guide life too. Sounds like you had a good time even accounting for nocturnal visits from hungry critters :)
Excellently done. And it sounds like you had a great time.
hey welcome back Susan..and as usual you have an interesting take on the prompt :)
Hey, Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time. :)
Oh, it's ALWAYS a good time at camp!
You are a brave, brave soul. The streets of San Diego's Gaslamp district in the middle of ComicCon is about as wild as I get. Interesting bit, the archer thing. Now you need little gold wings for your heels. ;)
Good to see you back. I know I have not visited you lately but then I was in a self-renewing mode.

I will remedy that this week.
Nice. Succinct. Guess you didn't have any food in your tent for the raccoon. Glad you are back!
I liked your use of numbers combined with the structure of the pillars. Nicely written.
I gave you an award. It's on my tri-bunny blog when you have time.
Oh, I love that imagery. Really captures the importance of Scouts to these boys and the part those flagpoles play.
Love the scout theme! Both of my guys are in scouts and love it. Haven't met any raccoons though. :)
This gives a clear feel of Boy Scout camp.
Nice look at the flagpoles being 'pillars' in multiple ways. :)
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