Monday, July 14, 2008


Susan Speaks: Here, There, and Everywhere

As Lisa noticed, no Poetry Train from me. I was sort of hoping I wouldn't get to this point until next week, but here I am.

Here's the deal. Like most writers at certain points, it's time to step aside and deal with...

1. a short story I'm working on for submission. Yes, me, who was begged in graduate school to stop writing short stories because I'm so bad at them. It's time to see if I've learned a thing or two, writing outtakes.

2. A project I've had in the wings for a long time now. After talking to some really cool people about it, I think I'm going to go ahead.

3. Straightening out the agent thing. This is one of those things that's surprised me with how it's played out. In April, I approached an agent with a proposal for Trevor's Song. She was enthusiastic but wanted to discuss it further. She said the next day. I figured the next week, and I cleared my calendar.

Needless to say, I'm still waiting, and it's been three and a half months. Phone calls aren't being returned. Nor is e-mail. I'm thinking so much for that proposal and it's time to do what Trevor would.

4. Some other projects I've been wanting to get to.

5. Finishing up the novel-in-progress. Man, I've been drafting it forever. It's taken WAY too long, but not because of the blog.

and then there's the personal stuff.

1. I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Tour de France. Addicted, I tell you.

2. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, but the conditions in my gym have deteriorated to the point where I had a full-blown asthma attack while doing a program that shouldn't have had me breathing hard. It's my first attack in five years. I've been making noises for two months now to the Tour Manager that this was inevitable. I've skipped working out some days to avoid reaching this point. It can't be avoided any longer. Time to switch, most likely to the mondo snooty, cliquish, expensive place that's sadly the only option.

3. It's that time of year again! I am taking #1 to Cub Scout Camp again this year! If the idea of me in a snooty, cliquish, expensive health club isn't enough to make you snort your Frosted Flakes out your nose, this ought to be. Me in a metal-frame tent with an oil cloth over it, a platform supporting it, and two cots (with mattresses) inside. Not to mention the latrine at campsite.

Now, stop laughing. I absolutely adore it.

4. After camp comes vacation. We'll be staying in a very lovely looking B&B, and then moving to a cabin in a National Park. Yep, a return to the idea of going from the snooty to the rustic. I'm still loving it.

I'll be here, off and on. Make sure you've got me in your reader, but stop back anyway 'cause my blog stats could use the love. The better my blog stats, the better my bragging rights about you guys to people who'll come through in their ambition to get Trevor into print. Think of it that way.

See ya at some point I have yet to figure out...


You're in my reader, no worries. I never miss a post. :-)
Going to miss you! Have fun!!
Ouch, sorry to hear about the asthma attack!
I will come to see your blog once in a while!
(And don't forget, poetry is on the jill-l-acadienne blog!)
Thanks, guys. I feel weird about it, like I'm flaking or letting everyone here down. But I'm not! I'm getting into position to move us all forward!

And going to have some adventures along the way, too.
boy do you sound busy! but a fun kinda busy. except for the asthma attack. not so fun i bet. take care of yourself.
Snooty. Heh. Wear a T-shirt you've been using to wash the car with. :D
Asthma attack - boo! (says the fellow asthmatic)

Camping and otherwise doing non-blogging things - yay! Enjoy - we'll be here.
I get it. All of it. Don't worry, I'll be here whenever you get a chance to come back and I'll hound you about staying focused on the big picture :-)

Hugs darlin' and keep it cool with all the guys in lycra! Maybe the Tour Manager will put some on for you :-)
I get stressed when I do posts like this. The load seems too big when I actually articulate it in some fashion.
No, I'm actually excited!

Well, sad about the gym part. But excited about the stuff I need to make the time for.
That sucks about the asthma attack. I've been there often.

I used to follow the Tour quite avidly, but between the Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis fiascos, not to mention all the other ones, I decided I didn't need the aggravation. I honestly don't care whether they're "clean" or "dirty." Just quit yanking my chain with all the accusations and disqualifications!
The advantage of having a feed reader. :) No worries. Eventually I'll have the guts to do what you're doing and will take some time for moi. Have fun!
I hear ya, Susan -- I've gotten rather overwhelmed myself, though not in a bad way. Just a lot of things to juggle, not the least of which is to keep sorting out my fun and challenging but sometimes aggravating WIP!

I'm so sorry to hear about the asthma attacks, and I'm sorry you have to switch gyms. But the camping sounds like fun, and the vacation does, too!

You have me very intrigued about the project you mention in #2!
Yikes, the asthma thing does suck, as does the agent thing. Yay on the holiday and other stuff though.

Only two weeks to go and I'll be winging over the the US for 6 weeks and lots of National Parks. I can't wait!!
Hey, Have a great time, it's summer you're supposed to be able to go off and do strange and fun things. I'll be gone for a week in August (going home for mummy's b-day), other than that I'll be around so feel free to email if you want to chat. :)
Dontcha love summer??? Sounds like you are busy as ever. Keep going.
Hey, you were there for me during my vacation. I'll be here for you.
Sounds fun. Have a great time. I'm sure the agent will live to regret her neglect.
Totally understandable and enjoy your time off, Susan!
SHG -- you've got an enviable line-up! I enjoy rustic for (very short) periods of time - LOL

Boo hiss on the asthma attack. NOT good news for that gym. Kiss it goodbye and sweat with the snooties!!

Good luck on those new projects.
I think the snooties don't want me. They're not responding to inquiries.

This isn't good...
Sounds liek you haev a lot of really cool things on the go. Ditch the lazy agent and drag the snooty gym down to a more human and regular level by joining I say! :) (I mena that in the nicest possible way I hope you know). Goos luck with all your projects.

BTW - you were a winner in my last caption contest so if you nwat to claim your postcard prize then email your address (email on my profile) and I'll send it. I will, of course, destroy your email containing the address as soon as the card is sent.
I hope you're toting a camera along. This week's Thematic Photographic theme - animals - wouldn't be the same without something neato from your lens. I know you can do it, Susan! :-)

Travel safe, eh?
Good luck with everything Susan.

My sister does the samething and takes that step back and writes short stories. She loves it. It tunes her up.
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