Friday, August 15, 2008


100 Words: Corn

Amy wanted corn. It was her turn to make dinner. Mitchell had volunteered to buy corn. "It's summertime," he'd said, then promised he would throw it on the grill. Mitchell liked grilled corn and Amy hated cooking. It worked all around.

Problem was, it was still early in the summer. The corn wasn't ripe. And Amy wasn't telling what else she was making, which made it hard to guess what else to buy.

There were packages of corn in the freezer, already shucked. That seemed wrong; everyone knew corn was better fresh.

But Amy wanted corn. She'd better appreciate this.

I wish I had a relationship with my sisters like Mitchell has with Amy. For more of their antics, see The Time Before Dinner, Naked, and Baking Cookies.

Notice how much I wind up writing about food? I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about me and this tendency of mine... No, on second thought, I don't.

More food: Soy Sauce 1, Soy Sauce 2, and Val's Cake.

If you want to know more about Mitchell and Amy, click on their names and you can take the magic ride back to their bio pages. At the bottom of those pages are more links for you, if these weren't enough.

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I would've liked to have come from a family where I had friend-siblings, too. It must be nice to have an ally in the house, even when they're sometimes your enemy and rival.

I sure hope that frozen corn was still on the cob. Otherwise it's going to be hell to grill. :-)
I get along well with my helps that I live in a different state. :) But we have a blast when we all get together.
Reading your 100 words on corn made me want to steal Bubba's neverending list of shrimp recipes from Forrest Gump and do the same with corn. :)
Have a great weekend.
Hee, food pops up a lot in my fiction, too! :)

My brother and I are friends, but we don't see enough of each other. He lives 120 miles away and is a very busy guy, and I'm a very busy gal -- but we love each other bunches and enjoy each other when we get together.

We've always had a special bond, and I hope we always will.
Fresh corn is so much better truly, but I love how this fits into your characters. Great 100 words :)
That's a great story. Sibling love is great. :)

Have a great weekend!
I wish I had that relationship with my brother too.

Well, I kind of do, but he wouldn't get my corn. LOL.
do you have a favorite source for writing prompts? they are such helpful little things.

nice to find you here. Michele says HI.
I am very close to two of my three brothers. Infact, I am now spending time with my eldest brother and his family in Bangalore, after taking a break from Delhi!

And I hate frozen corn!
I had corn for dinner tonight, and it was freshly shucked by my son which made it all the more delicious! I love your 100 are so creative with them!

I'm never disappointed when I read'll just have to become a regular.

Boy there is nothing like corn, is there? Well done, Susan.
i get along well with my siblings too and this post reminds me of how much i miss them. both are in the US and i miss the family get together on weekends.
I love the way you use a clear conflict in a slice of life, in in 100 words. Great characterization!
With FRESH for the theme food just has to be used doesn't it. I'm new to 100 words but am immensely enjoying what I'm reading. My attempt took a different turn but also uses fresh produce. Drop by at I'd love your critique.
Sounds a bit like a husband and wife too. Great to meet these two!
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