Saturday, August 09, 2008


Roadie Poet: Ask

There's a code out here
On the road.

You do your job.
You hang out.
Keep it light as long as you can.

You got here 'cause you're good.
You know your shit.
No need to ask for instructions.

Like a robot, you do what you gotta do.
Don't think about how mechanical it gets by tour's end.
Just do.
Think about what you're doing.
Pay attention;
One fuck-up can hurt the stars.

They're worth millions.
You don't hurt them.
No matter how much you want to
'cause they treat you like you're

And whatever you do,
You never
Stop and ask them


This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt is ask. Once again, I had too many ideas to choose from, so don't be surprised if more fiction based around this theme surfaces in the future.

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If you're new to the Roadie Poet, click on the link in his name right there, and it'll take you to a biography page, and links to his earlier poems.

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I can't help thinking of Danny and the Camberwell Carrot when I read this. Here today from Michele's and Hi!

I like Roadie Poet's poems. He's a Keep On Keepin' On sort of guy, and I enjoy his introspection about the process. :)
Always nice to hear from Roadie Poet!
Oh, very powerful. Very thought provoking...I like it. Especially the last verse. :)

Oh the roadie, such a peculiar character! Interesting to read about the code ;)
So are you...a roadie that is? :) I just like this...perfect rhythm.

No, B. Although I've spent time on the road, I'm not a roadie.

I'll let you figure out what that means.
His words are so true. Rott was a roadie for a time and he has the best stories. I especially like his Savatage story. :)
just go along to get along, that's the name of that game! --- poor roadie - another character that manifests a self-fulfilling prophecy by putting himself into a subservient role --- great verse!!!
Lovely post. I haven't been here in awhile, but I'm glad to be back...
You've got the roadie perfect there.
Love it! That's the way some jobs are. If you have to ask, you are probably not qualified!
I LOVE Roadie Poet. "He" is so tallented. :)
"You do your job.
You hang out.
Keep it light as long as you can."

the road sounds so much like life..
Alice, a LOT of people love the Poet. I'm flattered.
Dude! Cool poem. I'm back from vacation. How was Williamsburg? Cool town, isn't it?
I like this. I get it. Thanks for read.
YAY for Roadie poet.

It's been a while since I've been around to read one!!
I am such the Roadie Poet groupie.
You and a bunch of others, Celtic. I'm going to have to capitalize on that!
Roadie Poet is my anti-hero. He tells it as it is.

It wasn't rock but I was working on the Phantom of the Opera and ended up standing on the fingers of the Phantom. It was his fault (he was late getting to the ladder and I had a quick descent to get to my next cue in the pitch black), however, I still got the blame...
Another great glimpse into the mind of the Roadie Poet. I especially love the idea of a 'robotic' servant to the stars having his own poetic voice. It almost gives him the Fool/Wise Man persona.
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