Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Awards and awards and ... more awards?

I know I've mentioned here before how much I have come to adore Winter.

It seems the feeling is mutual, because she's now given me the Beary Best Award.

You Are The Beary Best

Here are the rules:

1. The Beary Best Award is given to those people who we want to know we care… just because
2. See rule #1

Don’t forget that the bear award should link back to Dawg. If you need the code click here.

On the other end of the spectrum is Toni, from It Is Nap Time. Not that I don't love her, but that she doesn't show up in my comment trail nearly as often as Winter does. Comments, though, don't indicate who's reading or else I wouldn't be on Toni's mind.

She's given me the Kick-Ass Blogger award, which might be like the Rockin' Wench blogger award Rhian gave me back when she was still around (how I miss Rhian). Regardless, it's always nice to see that you guys love me.

Next on the list is the awesome Maunie, who I mostly know because we're both Blue Ribbon Bloggers together.

She's created a new award, and I'm special enough to be one of the first people who gets to paste it on her blog. Check it here: It's the Purr-fect Blog award. Wow. Man, that makes me feel good, especially on those dark nights when throwing in the towel seems like the world's best idea.

I've made a new friend, too. Dori, who blogs From a Yellow House in England. Dori's cool; if you haven't met her yet, please do. She's given me the Gold Card, the BFF Gold Card to be more specific. We're new friends, so this is also special.

So... let me pass these babies on...

... but for a change, my mind draws a blank. Completely.


If you ever need inspiration, check out Frigga's two blogs: Any Apples and Through Frigga's Eyes. This woman has a talent with the camera.

So does Janet, at Fond of Snape.

A new friend is over at Writing to Survive. Want to read some fabulous writing? Here's your place to do it.

More good writing can be found both at Alice Audrey's place and at the Romance Roundtable. (and not just because Alice posts links to my own stuff at the Roundtable.)

... and yet more great writing. Penelope Anne, aka Sassy Mama Bear. She's got multiple blogs, but here's her writing blog.

Into reading fiction (other than mine) online? Check out Steal Tomorrow, my friend Ann's serial. If you get hooked on the thrice-weekly posts and need to read more, you can buy a copy of the book and be a know-it-all.

And for some really achingly beautiful poetry, try Black Tie and Sneakers. With a blog name like that, you know it's up my alley.

So there you go. New faces, new friends. Pick your award and display it proudly. In the meantime, this is apparently only part one of this post... part two will show up ... uh... one day. I promise!


You have a lot of friends, can you include me? ;)
Wow! Congratulations on all the awards. :)
Congrats on the many awards! I am not surprised that you would receive a lot of recognition. Over time, I've been exploring your blog and reading more of your fiction -- it's well-written and enjoyable. Really, it just seems to flow.

Thank you for the shout-out, too!
LOL, it's funny, but have you ever lost a blog you liked? Somehow saw it a few times, but it never got fed or bookmarked in the right place?

Well, I "lost" Any Apples. A year ago, I just couldn't find it and couldn't remember the title.

I'm so glad I found it! And more blogs to explore, too...
Hey, congratulations on the awards! Those are all fabulous, and well-deserved. :)
Gosh! Thanks. I don't know which to pick. I'm glad you thought of me.
You deserve every one and more! MUAH!
Congrats on all the awards! I think I always say this, but you definitely deserve them. :-)
You deserve all your awards. And you are correct, I may not comment a lot but I read often!
Congratulations. You got some great awards!
Tres cool award! Congrats and thanks for pointing out some excellent blogs to visit.
I love it thanks :)
Congrats on your awards!!! You have a great blog and I love reading your fiction too. By the way, you made my day, saying that I was cool...you are cool too. Have a great day, my friend!
Thanks for the link, Susan! I can't wait to get my internet back so I can return to proper blogging and commenting. Trying to fit it into a workday is better than nothing, but very limiting. Grrr...
Wow, congratulations on the awards, but I have to say, I'm not surprised. ;)
Hey Susan! What's shakin?
Kudos on your many awards. Thanks for sharing the other interesting blogs.
Hurray for awards! :) so well deserved and great choices too!
And here's yet another award for you, over at my blog!
Congrats to all the awards! It well deserved!
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