Friday, September 19, 2008


Giving You... Black Wolf on Tour

This is a sticky post. Please scroll down for the good stuff!

It's a good thing that what you post in the Internet is there forever. I'd meant to give this book away to celebrate the posting of my review of it over at Front Street Reviews, where all of my book reviews find a home.

So it's a belated celebration, but one nonetheless.

You, too, can read Magnolia Belle's Black Wolf on Tour. You can even read MY copy of it.

Here are the rules:
1. Contest open world-wide. Hand delivery to Mars, since I'm West of you.
2. Contest open to past winners.
4. You have until Thursday the 18th of September.
5. Winner will be announced via a random drawing on 19 September. Watch this post for the update.

That's it. I reserve the right to disqualify you if you're a jerk, a spammer, or otherwise unpleasant in a non-Trevor Wolff-ish way.

h/t to Janicu, who figured out that this is the permalink to my review.

Congratulations to Janel, who is our winner! (and thanks to #2, who picked the winner)

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ROTFLMAO at the disclaimer!!
Oooh hand delivery to Mars! I like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm on Mars. Anyway.... I'd love to enter. I'm pretty sure you know how to find me.
I think I may be too fussy a reader for the is book. I'll stick with your stuff. :)
Between the kids and the dog it kind of feels like I've been invaded by Martians sometimes. Glad you deliver here!

Sounds like an interesting book. Rock N Roll! (my little pun, because you said the book is about a band.) Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)
Hmmm are you sure I'm on Mars? I could be on Venus. *wink*
Cool! I always wanted to go to Mars! (I think). Anyway, please count me as entered for this book. I need more books to review and am too broke to buy any :P

eyespi20 at gmail dot com

Ohhh you have to count me in. I had a good chuckle over the contest disclaimer. LOL!!
Hm. I'd like to take this obligatory opportunity to thank you for this blog! Because of you guys, I've won 2 contests, one a ten booker! Damn incredible, since I just started a couple weeks ago. So thanks!

Let this be my comment to enter your own contest, eh, I'm so smart. Two birds with one stone.
I can't let this chance go away. Few offer books outside of US! Please count me in!

Oh....please enter me. I think I live east of Mars so hopefully you will be able to send it to me if i win. My kids though say I'm from Pluto. :))

angelleslament @
I wanna win! I love to read and pass books on to my sister in law. We would both enjoy reading this book.
'Hand delivery to Mars, since I'm West of you.' - LOL!!

Throw me into the ring. And I'm tagging you for a meme - but feel free to give it to any of the residents we know and love from Riverview. Because I'd sure love to find out about their quirks.
You do an amazing job with this website. I can't believe how you keep up with the updates. It must eat up hours and hours of each day but it's truly appreciated. Please enter me in your drawing too.
I have difficulty with people who write about an industry but know little about it. Shiny was writing about her vamp band at the Bar today and she mentioned reel to reels and I was shocked. I told her hello! This stuff has been digitized for YEARS! I love her to death but I have to admit to thinking that she has no business writing about the music biz if she doesn't know it.
BTW... left you a pressie on my blog! Well, really the pressie is for MITCHELL. Heh.
Great disclaimer :)

Count me in, this book sounds interesting! You can contact me over at my blog if I'm lucky enough...
Me! I'm in!
Sounds like a good read so please add me in.


I'll read anything...once. :) I'm pretty sure you know where to find me, darlin', but just in case you've fogotten about me...

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