Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Susan's Featured New Release: Jinx

I had so much fun talking music with Christine D'Abo (here's the link if you missed it) that I'd like to make this a regular feature.

Just as it felt natural to feature Christine, it feels natural to feature my next author: the way cool Jennifer Estep. I met her when I won a copy of Karma Girl somewhere online. I immediately offered to review it at Front Street Reviews -- the first of three reviews I've since written about her books.

Let's face it. I'm an Estep Junkie. The woman could probably write greeting cards and I'd buy them.

Like I said, featuring her today, on the day that her third book in the Bigtime series, Jinx, is released, feels natural.

So I dropped her a note: What song (new or old) best describes how you view Jinx?

Here's what she said:

The song that makes me think about Jinx is "Under The Gun" by The Killers. The first lines of the song make me think of my main character, Bella Bulluci, since she:

A) Wears a small charm shaped like a pair of wings
B) Dresses up like an angel (with a halo) for a costume party in the book
C) Her house is full of angel- and halo-themed stuff
D) She's "under the gun" in a number of ways, fighting her feelings for the hero and trying to steer clear of ubervillains and all the other craziness that takes place in Bigtime.

The song starts out like this: She's got her halo and wings, hidden under his eye. But she's an angel for sure, she just can't stop telling lies ...

It's just a fast-paced song that I enjoy. I love The Killers, and this song is on "Sawdust," which I think is their best album so far.

Here's a link to a vid that includes the lyrics. Check it out. Read along. Think about Bella and the angel motif.

But mostly, make sure you buy the book. Let this song play in the background as you read it.

And while you're shopping, pick up the other two Bigtime books, too. They're light, they're fun, and they're worth your time.

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I love how you're tying music in with books (like only you can do)!

Books with theme songs...hmmm...
This music featurette is great Susan! :)
Sounds like a great book. Karma Girl is on the mountain of TBR books (I actually am making progress in my quest to read most of the books that came back with me from RT). :)
You're going to really like it, Ann.

And Amy... you'll be in the hot seat for your next release, you know!
I agree. A really cool feature, and a lot of fun to do. ;-)
Hmmm... I keep seeing that name popping up around the blogsphere :)
Does indeed sound like a fun read! And I agree with Breeni -- I love how you tie music in with books. :)
Thanks for that link to the song - really enjoyed it. I hope this musical feature is just the beginning of something wonderful at West of Mars.
Thanks for the music and the book recommendation. I'll check out Jennifer Estep's books. They sound fun.
I got 2 books off my TBR pile and now I gotta put more on there? Gah! I'll never finish!
Me, either, my friend.
Yay, Jennifer. Congrats on your release.
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