Thursday, October 02, 2008


Susan Speaks: I've Escaped!

I'm so sick of Blogger refusing to acknowledge that I'm not a spammer (I've filled out their "take another look and convince yourself I'm right" form six times now. SIX.) that I've escaped and gone to visit other spots on the Web.

First off is a visit to my good friend Breeni. She decided to do a bunch of Halloween-themed books and like the usual non-traditional thinker that I am, I stumbled onto something pretty horrific. Go check it out.

And secondly is an interview I did with J. Kaye at her Book Blog. It started to be about my Win a Book blog, but I mentioned something that I probably should have shared with you guys first. And that's that I've got a neat little book coming your way. Go read all about Win a Book (and add it to your reader!) -- and my neat little book. After all, you guys asked for it.

There will, of course, be more about it soon. A LOT more. Breeni's so excited about it, she's decided to be my publicist. I hope you guys share her excitement.

So that's the news. I'll resume my mantle of Queen of the Not Spam Blog soon; Trevor needs to have his say about Banned Book Week, don't you think?

(oh, and do I have some cool shit to share!)

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You know me, I can't wait to read what Trevor has to say about BBW and your news as well :-)

Hugs darlin'!
LOL - I look forward to the cool shit you're gonna share. ;-)

Off to check out your links...
Thank you oodles & gobs for doing that!
Geez, when you said it was something really horrific, I thought it was going to be a Nicholas Sparks book!

I love cool news. Perhaps Metallica has asked you to go on the road with them?
mmm sounds like my battle with technorati..who suspended my blog for reasons only they know for two weeks and then reinstated it for reasons they only hell with the bastards full steam ahead..:)))
I always look forward to what you have to say and I can't wait to see what 'cool shit' you're going to share with us.
If Trevor were to read at all, I have no doubt it would be a banned book. Sadly, I think many would disappoint him. Few really live up to their "dangerous and corrupting" hype.
I checked out all your links and I'm massively excited, Susan! (tapping toes, tapping toes)
I like banned books.

So where did you escape to?

Now I go check the links you provided!
Blogger thinks you're a spammer?? Who do I call??? To whom do I address my letter of outrage???!!

Off to check out your links...
Go play with links, Wylie. I don't think Blogger much cares about me.
Trevor on Banned Book week? I'm SO there!
Yes, I wanna hear Trevor's take on banned books! I'll be pumping my fist in agreement.

And UGH about having to deal with Blogger thinking you're a spammer -- that is just plain aggravating.

*~*~*Happy Dancing*~*~* over your neat little book -- I can't wait! :-D I love cool shit, I love cool shit!
Hurray! Good for you for finding a way to move forward under your own inspiration!

Whoot Whoot!

claudia at denver cereal
Ya, blogger tends to piss me off sometimes too. The downside to the web is some companies no longer feel the need to offer ANY customer service. And to find help on blogger is IMPOSSIBLE. If it's not in the FAQ page then they simply won't answer the question. That's it, end of story. They have no way for you, a mere mortal, to ever actually contact them. Oh well, at least it's free! :)
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