Saturday, November 15, 2008


Roadie Poet: Stranger

Got home just now.
The start of a month off the road.
I need sleep
Clean clothes
Good food.

In that order.

My key fits in the lock.
Everything inside looks the same:
Shelf for mail
The dent in the bannister from when I kicked it with a steel-toed boot.

Don't ask.

In the living room
In front of the TV
In the recliner I bought Mom with my first tour's pay
Isn't Mom.

It's some guy.
In blue plaid flannel pants.
Black socks.
Brown slippers with no backs.
Not a lot of hair.

I look into the kitchen.
There's Mom's cookbooks
Mom's pots
Mom's teapot.
No Mom.

Just this guy.

"Hey," he says to me.
"You must be RP."

"Who're you?" I say to him.
"Does Mom know you're here?"

He laughs.
Stands up.
Shoves his hand at me.

I stare at it.

Mom shows up then.
Dressed in a flimsy robe.
Surprised to see me.
Her second kid.

Like I'm forgettable.

She gives me food.
Takes my laundry.
Sends me to bed.

In that order.
I don't complain.
I needed all three.
Especially sleep.

I'm awake.
Never thought I'd need earplugs at home.

I can find
A tour
That'll keep me busy
For a month.

I don't really need
Or clothes.
In any order.

Aww, man! Poor RP; his mom's got a boyfriend! There's more to this saga, so stay tuned. In the meantime, why not check out other friends who've done some Sunday Scribblings?

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Well, it happens. Strange how we don't grant people 20 years older than us a life.
Roadie poet knows what he wants! Good for him!

distractingly disjointed
*hugs Roadie Poet*
Maybe his mom will have dumped the boyfriend by the time he gets back from his next month-long gig.
loved this...hope rp's boyfriend treats her well!! :)
I love RP's voice. And this poem made me want to give him a hug. :)
Love the forgettable part.
Sad but true, your prose-poem captures a very realistic situation. Not that there's anything wrong with RP's mom getting a boyfriend, but it's sad that RP loses his postion as "welcome son" for his new position as "guest."
LOL Go, Mom!
I loved the poem. RP's voice came through so well.
Poor RP. Kudos to mom, but she should've let her kid know.
Poor guy. Finding out a stranger has taken up residence in your home and in your life is bad enough, but to have to *hear* them too, well that's excruciating.
don't ask? but I want to know! Great piece!
You are so good at bringing a young person to life!
Do as I say, not as I do? Now how many kids ever listened to that one?
I loved it. Especially how Mom gave RP everything he wanted. . . in exactly the order he did not want it:
"She gives me food.
Takes my laundry.
Sends me to bed.

In that order."
Hmm. I'm thinking things'll change soon. Nice work!
Good for Mom that RP needed earplugs! I love the poetry voice.
Aw, poor RP, nothing worse than looking forward to something familiar and getting a weird surprise! lol! *hugs to RP* even if it is good for Mom!
Very cute. Would be kinda embarrassing though.
I tried hard to find the significance of the "order", and the repeated use of the line "in that order", I am sure I must be missing something really good
Don't you just hate strangers? I don't know which of your characters was the most embarrassed - you handled the writing of this well!
Awww, poor roadie.
The return of Roadie Poet! I missed you.

I do think it's funny that RP has been used to dropping in and out of his mom's life, not expecting her to do any living while he's gone. I agree with Anthony North!
It's been a spooky little thing at the back of my mind all my life....that I'll walk into a familiar room and see a stranger sitting waiting.
Earplugs!! What a hoot! Funny, how kids always need their parents to stay the same.
My favorite Roadie Poet poem, very favorite. Poor thing, but.
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