Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Susan Speaks: While You're on a Roll

So you went and voted today. I'm pretty certain you waited in line longer than I did: the kids and I pretty much walked right on up.

Now, though, you've juiced up those voting fingers (hey, we've got the touch screens here now. Fancy living, West of Mars) and ... what are you going to do?

Well, vote for me!

It's all Breeni's fault. She was nominated for a Weblog award and turned around and nominated me.

There are really good people in the same category. I see a number of blogs I know from my Win a Book blog, and of course, there's Breeni. To be honest, I'll be glad if I don't finish dead last, but ... every now and then, it's fun to think about being first.

Check it out. Nominate someone, even if it's not me. You've got this voting thing down pat now, right? Exercise your choice and your rights some more!


I got to walk right up, too! I was so surprised I didn't have to wait in line like I have in previous years.
Voted for you both!
Just dropped in to say thank you for you comments. Looking at possible school that allows imagination.

Our voting here in Australia is compulsary and no need to wait for long....
thank you
I voted and am optimistic that the country will change direction.

I've nominated someone for the awards already.
I proudly voted for you both! :)
voting is officially close as of now.. you got new president... another hope for the future or in the present as well.
I voted too and was surprised I didn't have to wait long. It jazzed me. I wanted to rush home and catch the news to find out how my vote added in with everyone else's. It will be an interesting four years to come.
I voted for both you and Breeni.

Okay, I hate to admit this but I did go to try and vote but did not see that I could yet... So I must not be going to the right place... sorry. I will try again later.
The site confuses me, too, Toni.
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