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Thursday Thirteen #11 -- Meet and Greet Mitchell Voss

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Although Trevor's Song is, presumably, about Trevor Wolff, Mitchell Voss figures pretty prominently into what goes on during the story -- and in what happens before and after, too. So here are some facts about Mitchell, so you have a better idea of who you're dealing with.

1. His blonde hair is an impossible color. So blonde it's almost white, shot through with strands of silver and gold to give it depth. Trevor hates Mitchell's hair; he thinks it's a chick magnet. He's right.

2. Before he picked up a guitar, Mitchell wanted to be a pro baseball player. He had potential, too, but soon discovered you got more girls with a guitar.

3. Once he learned the requisite three chords of rock and roll, he realized that making music was what he was meant to do. And getting girls paled in comparison to what he could make a guitar do.

4. He's the youngest of three kids. His two older siblings, Beth and Amy, torment him endlessly in that lovingly sisterly way. Especially Amy.

5. He torments the girls back, especially Amy. One of his favorite stunts as a teen was walking naked from the bathroom to his bedroom when she had friends over. He, of course, had to walk right past her room. And if the door was shut, he, of course, had to interrupt for something.

6. He never once considered going to college or trade school. He was going to make it without any of that. And he did.

7. Once Trevor talked him into putting the band together, he found a way to pay for voice lessons. Self-taught on guitar, he also took music theory classes at Riverview Music Consortium. But that's not going to college. It's taking a class to learn about music.

8. Mitchell loves to grill. Not cook. Grill. If it can't be grilled, he won't make it. That said, he grills odd things (brownies?). Or… tries to.

9. When he moved out of his parents' house, he rented a rat trap apartment within walking distance to All Access. He stayed in that apartment even after he could afford something nicer, only leaving it for the farm house.

10. He loves to swim and play in the pool with the rest of the band when they're on the road. Laps are his friend; he doesn't have to think much.

11. At home, he'll add mountain biking to his hobbies. And taking up space in Daniel and Val's pool.

12. His public persona as a dick is merely a show. Even though he is a major dick at times.

13. Mitchell was quite happy being a cigarette-smoking stud when he met Kerri. One date with her -- the date that opens Trevor's Song, in fact -- and all that changed.

Don't forget to scroll down, now that you know Mitchell a bit better, and enter the meme contest. Books galore to the winners. I'm taking entries until the 20th of January, so put on your creativity caps and have at it.

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I love how you opened with Mitchell's hair! Following the green hair week it makes it more important somehow! :)

Happy Thursday my friend, I'll see ya tomorrow.
Yup, it's all about Mitchell's hair. Check out the contest below ... someone's already included the green hair in their entry!
Am I supposed to like Mitchell? Because he’s reminding me on my guitar failure ... luckily girls here prefers clichés like: black hair/blue eyes
and to broke clichés (just in case) very long black hair/blue eyes ... I was fitting perfectly in both categories

(some of them were even thought I’m a professional guitarist and that I have a band! … I loved especially that kind)


(my long TT #4 is up… it’s very long)
That´s simply wonderful - it´s always a pleasure to visit you @ West of Mars =)

P.S.: Please visit my TT #8 - Thanks a lot =)
I still think this is one of the neatest ideas for a blog. Happy TT!
#2 is great. Getting more girls with music than sports! What a hoot. I'm not sure it's 100% accurate, but I suspect you may be on to something.
Great list.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Love the picture to start your TT.
Great informative list. Happy TT

oh, no one can bike to work around here, too much traffic and no sidewalks on most of the streets. I would take metro if it came out this far.
Thanks for the big smile today...and for telling me what frogging is.
Mmm ... guys playing guitar. :p

Grilling brownies, eh? That actually gives me an idea ...
I'm afraid I am in the dark about Mitchell. Sorry. I will have to read more of your blog and get to know him!
THanks for stopping by my T13.
All these qualties tell you why Mitchell is a guitar god. ;)
What actor do you picture playing M?
Great list! Keep up the great work!
Happy Thursday!

You should totally do this for all the main characters. I loved learning more about M.

And, I can't believe that I remembered that he loved to grill (see my hot dog answer from yesterday)... he he he
I love this--I will definitely try a list for one of my characters in the future! Great for me, and hoepfully somewhat entertaining. :-) Happy TT!
How interesting!! Happy TT, thanks for visiting us ;).
mmm, Mitchell's hair sounds awesome!
Hehehe, yes, what actor do you think fits closest to Mitchell? :)or, if not an actor how bout a rocker?
How about a guy who goes both ways, so to speak? Poison's Brett Michaels would be my pick to play --and produce, if he's still got that movie production company with Charlie Sheen.

Except Brett's getting a bit too old for Mitchell, so he'd better buy the rights soon! Or else just know of someone he'd suggest for the part...

Other than that, no clue. I'm open to suggestions, though!
This seems like a good way of getting to know your characters even more. Thanks for stopping by my TT!
A grill man, what's not to like?
i'll have to catch up on all of the Mitchell news!

Happy T13!

Great list! Thanks for stopping by my TT =)
Mitchell's hair must make him really stick out in a crowd. Sounds like quite the charismatic character.... :)
What is it about guitars?! ;)
cool blog! thanks so much for stopping by mine... why don't you think you'll ever read Emma? not a Jane Austen fan?
Fear. I've read so many of the classics and hated them that I am afraid to pick up the rest!
That's cool information ...
Great list! Very creative too. Happy TT!
heh, Philly Rules!! :)
Oh, you poor, misguided Sparky Duck... Philly does NOT rule. Even YOU know that, or else you wouldn't have spent your time today listing things you don't like about it. If it DID rule, you'd have listed things that DO rule.


To be honest, Riverview's a cooler city than either of ours. You're welcome to hang out here at West of Mars and have fun with everyone. Even if you're wearing an Eagles jersey.
Pirate Radio still rocks, or at least the last time I heard it, though I cant pull it in down here. And when you say Rock hard, thats an understatement.

I was checking the news and it seems that Pittsburgh has not yet been accepted in Ohio, something about them not wanting the city or something, strange. :)
Have you ever BEEN to Ohio? I lived there for two years. We're not going anywhere, thankyouverymuch.
Great List - loved learning about Mitchell.

Happy TT
No never been, though my brother and wife fled after graduation, so that must say something.

I watch plenty of adult swim and dont see ren or stimpy anymore ;(
that was fun... I was reading it trying to figure out who this guy was... went looking for hints and then realized he's a charecter you're writing about. Great charecter developement - you totally had me!

Here from Geekwif's T13.
Happy TT! Yes, musicians got it made for getting the chicks. :-)
I don't know why I find this so incredibly fascinating. Maybe it's that I'm a fictional character myself! :)
I've come to the conclusion that fictional characters are the best. They rarely let you down.

No wonder I already sorta like you, U.
Nice to "meet" you, Mitchell. I greet you! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my TT.
Hi Susan--what a very creative TT. I like it! And thanks for stopping by my TT.
Mitchell sounds so different and interesting. So, I was the one who inspired the contest?!

I really hope to enter. I've had a very bad migraine that's killing me for two days and counting :( Something happened today that really upset and pissed me off and I don't feel like doing anything...
Your character sketch makes the book sound really interesting. Please don't make me read the whole blog to find out if it's pubbed yet, and where I can find a synopsis. I've been up all night and my eyes are dry amd I'm tired and cranky and hungry. Do you still have my e-mail? WIll you send me a synopsis, or a link to one, or something?
Yup, I've got stuff I can send you, Leisa. And Sophisticated, you've still got eight days to enter! Some of them are hysterical; wait until you see what I'll be doing for you winners... *wink*

Don't worry so much. You guys will like it.
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