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Thursday Thirteen #Win a Book!

Thirteen Things about the new blog

1. With Breeni, Cheesy, PussReboots, and Ann, I've launched a new blog.

2. It's called Win a Book.

3. I think you can figure out its purpose. But if not, the idea is that we'll collect news of book giveaways around the Net. You can come to us and we'll tell you who's being buzzed about.

4. The ultimate idea here is to help spread the word about debut and mid-list authors.

5. I have to confess that Julia's book reviews made me feel guilty and like I wasn't doing enough to help out people I really care about.

6. You can visit the blog at Win a Book.

7. There's also an e-mail set up so you can contact me with news of your contest.

8. A lot of contest sites out there won't post your contest unless you submit in a particular format. We're not like that. We're easy.

9. I know some blog authors don't want publicity for their contests, because of the people who only stop by for in the hopes of winning things. I don't blame them.

10. On the flip side, I've stopped by a lot of blogs because of a contest and wound up adding them to my reader. So you never know.

11. Hopefully, this is only the tip of the iceberg in the things I'll be doing in the future for my fellow writers. I'll be doing more posts like this one.

12. If Trevor read, I'd let him write a post or two. But this is what happened the last time he read something. Scary.

13. Win a Book. Really. Let's start here for the time being. Come join us.

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What a cool way to help other authors. You are wonderful for doing so!

I try to help in a few small ways. When I have the time, I write recommendations for books I've enjoyed on my blog to help draw attention to the authors.
That's an awesome thing to do. Will you all be making reviews available? Would be great to tour a book and a brief review on a bunch of obliging blogs! I'd play.
What a nice thing to do! There are plenty of us book lovers out there.
Sandy, if someone wants us to link to a review, we'd be glad to include it in the contest post. But it's really about contests and who is giving what.
Susan - this is a way cool idea!
Sounds goodly! I'll be checking it out :)
Gosh, I can't think of a better collection of people to be involved with - good for you! And what a great way to help others! Whoo hoo!!

Happy TT!
Oh, I like to win things! :)
This is great, Susan! I'll be over to check it out.
Since I started running regular giveaways at my site, my subscribers numbers have gone up by about 100. The extra loyal readers are worth the frustration. :)

Happy TT.
Great idea! I'll be sure to visit. Have you visited Readersanonymous.ning? It's an online book club of sorts.
Great idea...I'll pass the word:) Happy TT my friend.
Sounds like a perfect collaboration for the three of you! Way to go ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
ooops ... I mean for the FOUR of you.
Don't mind me ... I'm tired and I want to turn off the computer!
Hugs and blessings,
NO ... it's FIVE of you ... right? Sigh! I should just give up all together for this evening.
Hugs and blessings,
That's a great idea. I've bookmarked the blog, to check out in the morning. Kudo's to you. Happy T13!
Excellent initiative! On behalf of us newbie authors struggling to find an audience -- thank you :D :D :D
What a great idea. I'm off to visit you now. :)
Duly added to my RSS feeds! :-)
Good luck with the idea. It's great!
What a fun thing to do, cool to help other authors. Who doesn't want to win a book??!
Thanks for visiting my 80's TT.
I think that's cool! Authors will be glad and the contest winners too!
High 5!!

My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.
do you realize that i just jumped up and down about your new blog? yea! i'm a book-o-holic

What a cool idea! Susan, you're brilliant!
Very cool idea! Not that I need more books, mind you, but it's always fun to find new authors and, of course, to win something! :)
woohoo contests! I'm totally bookmarking it. :-D
Well congrats on your new blog! And I think you should let Trevor write every once in a while...
Well, I am off to check it out!

Our Happy Happenings
Now, that just sounds like fun. I'll make an effort to check back - and to let you know when I'm giving away books.

Happy TT!
Just in time for my summer reading. I'll be checking out the new blog for sure. thanks
*Makes note to self to add the new blog to my list when my personal blog server is back up*

Trevor reading the setlist was quite amusing, by the way.

Did you know that JM of Fiction Scribe does virtual Book Tours?
Wow, that's awesome! What a great way to help others.
Excellent and Fabulous idea!!
What a fun Thursday Thirteen and great news for your new blog - I'll go visit! :-)
Pretty cool idea re the new blog. My TBR pile is HUGE though... I keep spending all my time blogging and writing. Now, I've gotten myself committed to a 2nd Pink Chair Diaries submission. Ack!
Geeze, Helen, you're like the Energizer Bunny!

Me love contests.

I friggen ever hardly win, though. I've been trying to win a box of Girl Scout cookies from Alice (dunno if you know of her blog) for months.

And I still haven't won the lottery.

Great post, though. You're rockin' it.
What a wonderful idea, Susan! You rock! :)
I second (thirty-nineth?) everyone else - it's a really cool idea. I've surfed to people's blogs when there's a contest offered - and yeah, sometimes they've ended up on my regular 'read this blog again' list. Good premise.
Very cool Susan!! On my way to see!! :)
What Sandy Carlson said...sounds like fun! :D
What an amazing thing you are doing Susan.

Happy belated T13! I obviously am not following closely. Hope your weekend is doing great!
I'm hoping the new blog gets lots of traffic. I'm just starting to use my reader (checking it at least somewhat regularly) so I'll definitely add the new blog.
great concept! and i luv luv luv the graphic!!!!

thanx for visiting my latest tt list of silly book titles.

sorry i'm so late!

our heatwave broke this morning. it rained today and temps didn't make it to 80!
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