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Thursday Thirteen with Good Intentions

Thirteen Good Intentions Gone Bad

What's the saying? The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions?

1. The time the video director pitched an idea that had the ShapeShifter boys dancing. DANCING.

2. The time Kerri went to pick up a package at the post office, only to find it had come $3.50 postage due because it had been wrapped wrong and she only had $2 on her. She refused the package, which had been one of those nice gestures on the part of someone else -- but not for $3.50.

3. The time the band found a key lime pie in their dressing room. It wasn't on their contracted tour rider; the promoter had thought it was a nice touch and got whiny when the band asked him to remove it. It didn't touch him nearly so nicely when Mitchell made him wear it.

4. The sound engineer in the recording studio who forgot to push PLAY.

5. From time to time, Kerri meets someone who expected Kerry Voss, male artist, and not Kerri Voss, female.

6. The time Eric was offered an endorsement deal for a new guitar -- but only if he'd never play his current ones again.

7. The new employee of the record label who had heard that Mitchell would be mean to her, so instead of asking him for lyrics for the new disc's booklet, she did her best to interpret what she heard.

8. The time Kerri was asked to create the art for an event whose cancellation no one told her about.

9. The time the band opened a box of new t-shirts, only to find that the silver ink was red, the shirt itself was orange, and the whole thing looked like bloody puke.

10. Let's not forget the newspaper reporter who tried to write a flattering article but confused ShapeShifter with … well, they're still trying to figure that one out. But according to this person, who may or may not have ever heard the band, ShapeShifter is Satanic. Glad someone forgot to inform the band of that…

11. A local crew member, coming up to Trevor from behind, thought he was a woman. In that person's defense, his hair was waist-length at the time and, from the back, he could be confused with a woman hippie… who wears biker boots and a chain connecting the wallet in his back pocket to a belt loop. And… well, you get the idea.

12. Someone filling in for Mitchell's tech once strung Mabel upside-down. It may have been a joke, but the joke was on him when Mitchell broke Mabel over the guy's back.

13. Often, at a backstage appearance, a guy will pull a CD (in the old days, a cassette tape -- remember those?) out of a pocket and ask Daniel to listen to his demo. Daniel's always willing -- but once, the guy had given him a ShapeShifter disc, and no contact information so Daniel could make the swap.

Hey, groupies! Other than #2, which just happened to me in real life today, would you like to see any of these turned into outtakes? Given time and interest, I just might do it for you. 'cause I love you guys and all.

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But wouldn't life be boring without things like this? ;-)
You can send that key lime pie, my way lol Happy T13!
That is my Mom's favourite saying lol! Happy TT :)
NEVER screw with the band's food list!
I'll take that key lime pie!

I'd love to see #4, but 8 could be fun too.
Yeah, I 'll take that pie too! But, I can see where this would mess things up! The band's under enough stress as it is.
Frustration. Too bad about not pushing PLAY... lots of work down the drain.
#7 - oh yes, outake please??!?? :-D

And #11... just 'cuz I think Mitchell's sexy... hee-hee!

Happy TT!
I'd get whiny if someone asked me to remove my key lime pie.
hehehe, wonderful T13 as always, Susan!

And I would love, love, love to see your #11 turned into an outtake -- the local crew member mistaking Trevor for a bad-ass, kick-butt chick! :)

And #3 would make a great outtake, too, Mitchell making the promoter wear key lime pie! *snork*
Key lime pie please. Happy TT.
Number SEVEN!!!! And I can't BELIEVE someone would have the audacity to string Mabel backward! Bastard.
These are very fun! Thanks for sharing them - I'm glad you have such adventure.
OMG, had not read about Mabel yet! Mabel definitely deserves several outtakes if she hasn't gotten them already!

And dancing, oh yes, definitely dancing needs to be an outtake!

Very funny list today, needed it after the week I'm having! Thanks! *hugs*
What's not to like about key lime pie? I'm so confused...
As you say the road,,, we try an try and sometimes we get a pie in the face
Pie for me too!!!!! I'm running in CIRCLES ... filled with good intentions and worried about where I'm headed. I wish I had an imagination like yours ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
I'm like everybody else -- Key Lime Pie! I have a dessert blog so I want it the most. ;-)
Do #7! I'd love to see that.
I'd love to hear about the key lime pie. Heck, they should have given it to me. I LOVE key lime pie.
Key Lime Pie? Wearing it?

Great idea for a list.

Mine's shared...C U THERE!!
Oops, I didn't mean #11, I meant #12... I should not watch TV and type at the same time... 0.o But #11 would be kewl, too!
Great TT!
I'll have the Key Lime pie.
Do I have to pick just one? Because I'd eagerly read outtakes of all of them...

If it's only one, then I'll vote for the pie... or the T-shirts... or maybe the lyrics...

Heck, write what the muse sends you, and I'll be happy with it. :-)
Well, number one highly amused me. *tries to imagine the dancing*

Happy TT!

Happy Thursday.
Dancing! LOL

I think all of these would be great outtakes, especially #11.
Key Lime Pie!! LOL!
I'd love to read outtakes for #7 or #1!

Though I would like to know what's so awful about that key lime pie, though, that it simply had to go! A key lime pie is always welcome at my house. ;-)
#8 -- Poor Kerri! Who was the culprit?
It must be fun to be able to completely misbehave and still have people willing to throw themselves at your feet to do your bidding! Not that I would misuse this power if I ever happened to become one of these people. muhahahaha ;)
I'm late to everything but in my defense I was practicing for the duet show. Oh, and talking to a hot dude from Scotland who was bored and wanted to flirt with me. *sigh* Darrie is the best flirt ever and gives me oodle of tmi sexual tidbits. One day I'll tell you what he told me. ;)

Rott's been mistaken for a woman from behind before. Waist length corkscrew curls (natural of course) and a narrow hipped perfect ass in faded 501s. Of course, I like him better in a damp towel...
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