Sunday, October 12, 2008


Fast Facts: Trevor Wolff

There have been a number of new faces around these parts lately. In an attempt to bring you up to speed and help you understand all the fuss and hoopla, here are some fast facts about the (fictional) man known to many as Trevor Wolff.

1. He stands five foot ten. Really. Truly.

2. He weighs about 120. Soaking Wet.
Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Trevor's one of those skinny guys, almost scrawny, with the flat, hollowed-out chest and a little tuft of chest hair dead-center over the breast bone.

3. His nose has been broken more times than he can count. It's ugly, misshapen, and has a hook in it. But it works and he'll take it.

4. When it comes to being a member of ShapeShifter, his value isn't in his bass playing. Far from it, in fact. In some circles, Trevor is known as the luckiest no-talent on the planet. Some say even hard work can't save him. But the band is Trevor's vision of Mitchell's dream, and no one can imagine a Trevor-less ShapeShifter.

5. Here at the Meet and Greet, Trevor often rules the roost -- no small feat for a fictional character. As we get closer to the annual Musical Hanukkah Celebration that ShapeShifter throws every year, you'll be seeing more of him again.

I know you groupies will be pleased.

Want to know more? Want to see Trevor in action? Use this link to be taken to his bio page. At the bottom of the page -- well, taking up most of it these days -- are a bunch of links. Click yourself into Trevor nirvana.

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I always look forward to more Trevor. He's been laying low lately--has he been up to no good or something?
He's actually been laying around and not doing much of anything except smoking some rather fragrant substances. I've been spending a lot of time with a nemesis of his... more on that later.
LOL @ "fragrant substances!" Interesting about Trevor's height/weight and build. I wasn't too far off in how I pictured him. :)
How is your second book going? Your efforts at publication? And how are you??
Stay tuned, Claudia... news is on the horizon.
Sometimes you make me want to hear them.
Wow, that's pretty skinny! And WHOOHOOO for more Trevor!! :)
Ah, I've missed Trevor. Um...the fragrant substances sound interesting. I can't wait to hear what he's up to now.
I thought I had a pretty good vision of Trevor after (being lucky enough) reading your book, but I was wrong on a few counts. Love the image you've created.
He is very small ... hello from SpeedyCat!

(tnx 4 E card) 8~)
I imagined him as a little guy. Good to know I don't have to change his picture in my mind. I never liked having to change the way a character looked in my mind after a Movie or TV show was made about a particular book...
I never could go for a guy I could break in half. ;) But he's still taller than me!
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