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Thursday Thirteen #14 -- Meet and Greet Trevor Wolff

If you haven't been here in a few days, this place has been jumping. Be sure to scroll down for the latest Debut a Debut news and author suggestions. (Have you checked out Tasha Alexander's And Only to Deceive? You historical and mystery fans should check it out!) Special thanks to Heather for the cool banners!

Over the past few weeks, we've spent some time with Mitchell Voss, rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and frontman all around of ShapeShifter. In Trevor's Song, Mitchell has to share the spotlight with a true scene stealer: Trevor Wolff. (nevermind that the book is actually Trevor's story. Bet you didn't get that from the title.)

Here's some bits about Trevor. Follow the links to read older outtakes that you might have missed, or to revisit them if you've already seen them. Some of them are among my most favorite moments in outtake history.

Thirteen things about Trevor Wolff

1. Trevor is the second-oldest of four. He has two brothers and a sister.

2. Jeremy, the oldest, and Hank Jr. (HJ) are carbon copies of their father. Trevor's always surprised that they don't reappear in his life, demanding money.

3. Trevor always assumed he'd scrape by in life, even though he always dreamed of something more.

4. He found a way to get that something more when he met Amy. (read about it!)

5. The first thing Trevor bought with his band money was his Vincent.

6. It wasn't in very good shape, and he talked local mechanics, Wrench, Hammer, and Torque, into teaching him how to fix it up himself.

7. Other than his bass and women, Trevor loves his Vincent maybe more than life itself.

8. And does Trevor Wolff love the women! He goes through them the way a person with a cold goes through a box of tissues -- and with the same understanding that this isn't going to last much beyond the clean-up.

9. Fortunately for Trevor, the girls love him back. Frequently, imaginatively, and satisfyingly. (is that a word?)

10. Trevor firmly believes that life is worth living, not merely coasting through. He'll try most anything once.

11. Despite a rather dark and disturbing upbringing, Trevor loves to laugh, play jokes, and be outrageous.

12. Trevor calls Mitchell's wife Rusty because after their first date, Mitchell said he was done with girls unless things with Kerri didn't work out. Thus, she caused Mitchell to grow Rusty.

13. No one really buys the fact that Trevor's in love with Kerri. But they all pretend to, so that Trevor can save face.

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Ah, I love your lists about your characters and setting. It makes it so real! Happy TT!
Smiles...thats a great list.

Happy TT!
Hehehe, great list! I love the header this week too. I can't wait to see more about Wrench, Hammer, and Torque! :)

Hmmm, I knew I forgot something. I forgot the links to our contest. I'm gonna have to go back and edit! :)
Why does Trevor sound like some guy I would have dated in college? Very interesting list. Thanks for the heads up on the old link on the TT hub. I knew when I hit enter that I forgot something:) Have a wonderful Thursday.
trevor sounds like a hottie! thanks for stopping by! happy tt!
Cool list!

Thanks for visiting my TT!
I like that Trevor doesn't think about coasting through life! That's a good thing!!! Thanks for stopping by my space! I've been busy lately and haven't updated as much. Hopefully, I can get back into this week! Happy TT!
Thanks so much for introducing another Character - Travor Wolff sounds like great fun.

Oh, and is this you on the WestOfMars homepage, beautiful lady? =)
Got a kick out of the reference to growing rusty.
Is there anything that Trevor won't try?
I love coming to your blog..I always say this but it is such a neat idea for a blog and a TT.
Yeah, Trev...
and I love how you've linked back to some of the outtakes, a lot of them bear rereading ;)
I love the name of your mechanics. hehe
Great list for thirteening. Very interesting character!
And Only to Deceive is on my TBR list!

Rusty is a good nickname. Trevor Wolff is a sexy name!

(My TT list is hardly as interesting this week, but it's up!)
ok, whats a Vincent?
Enchante to Trevor Wolff! Sounds great.
#3, that's me!!!
Agree with others about learning about the characters.
Thanks for visiting me and Yes there are alot of differences on how males and females learn.
He sound yummy! Can't wait to get him *grin*

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy T13!
What a great list -- Trevor sounds like a fascinating character! Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)
Great list, Susan; looks like you're gaining great momentum for this book! Thanks for stopping by AND for the comment. Happy TTing!
Hey Susan! As usual I'm amazed at how real these people are - I guess that' why you're a professional! very cool and very inspiring - thanks for visiting my TT -- lol re: perfect name do you mean the cats or the blog? tee hee - have a great day!
Your characters are awesome!

Thanks for the congrats.

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by mine.
Trevor sounds great! Happy TT!
omg Susan! that is a riot! proof that my brain is F R I E D beyond a doubt!!!! I can't believe how dorky to not just assume you meant our names :) I better get this test done for my students right now before my mind is completely gone!! :)
ps I know you're right about the leg/dr thing too... today I was granted a reprieve from the sore knee gods tho -- pain mysteriously COMPLETELY gone - even to the touch. my tendonitis is a bit better and rather intermittent but I promise if it's not all OK over the weekend I'll be visiting urgent care for sure! (ugh) :)
Wait. It gets funnier, this thing with our names... I checked my inbox and it says that Susan has left two messages here at the blog. And I'm scratching my head and wondering, "Did I screw up somehow?" (I'm working on a guest blog for tomorrow) "How did I send comments to my own blog?"

And nope, it was you.

Too freaking funny!

(and skip urgi-care and find yourself a really good sports medicine doctor. They are like gods, I tell you! Mine's saved me from... oh, a lot of surgery over the years.)
Just passing through, hope you dont mind, wanting to make new aquaintances... I'll have to stop back by...
This a great list..makes me a bit curious
Love this creativity! Such an inspiration! :)
You know, I was totally confused if this was about a real person or a character!
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for this “resume” for us who are trying to catch up what we missed in the story.

But when it’ll be published??? And do still writing it/changing something/etc while making these fabulous TTs?

Hugs, hugs, hugs my dear friend!
No clue when it'll be published, Milan, sadly.

Nope, none of this comes from Trevor's Song as it is right now in draft form. It's all part of the character development and world-building I did as I developed the book -- and as I continue to develop more of Riverview (Hammer, Wrench, and Torque, for instance, were created just for this TT, but my trusty roadies really like them, so expect to see more of them).

Hopefully soon, things will start to move forward on the publication front. In the meantime, come back often, get immersed in my world, and let's raise a hoopla about what we're building here.

Yes, WE. I need you readers as my inspiration (and kick in the pants when I get down or lazy).
Another great list! Thanks for visiting my music TT. I like all kinds of music, depends on my mood. I could list only 13, but they are not my only preferences. ;-)
Oh dear you can count on that! (kicking that is)

*devilish smile & angelic look*
Milan, honey, if you're doing the kicking, so long as you don't leave bruises, you're welcome to it.
Bruises! Me??? Gosh, don’t be ridiculous darling. My methods are much more sophisticated; bruises are ephemeral; traits I’m leaving however are less visible and very, very long lasting ...
I'm curious to know what the Tour Manager will think of this little exchange... *grin*
bass... that's a kind of fish, no? :)
oops. i replied to this under a different post you'd made! Sorry!! Guess I really can't breastfeed and leave comments!
Maybe not, Jessica, but you sure get brownie points for trying!
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