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Thursday Thirteen #15 -- Valentine's Day Special

Thirteen Things about What turns the ShapeShifter Boys on

For Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give the men of ShapeShifter their say, since I gave some of the women a chance to speak at Hanukkah. I asked them what sorts of things they consider to be turn-ons. Here's what they had to say:

1. Mitchell: Watching Kerri put in or take out her earrings. There's just something about that little head-tilt she does and the way her eyes go all soft and fuzzy…

2. Trevor: Save me before I puke, will ya? For me, it's a quick flash from the second row.

[Ed -- Trevor ducks as Mitchell takes a swipe at the back of his head. Eric shakes his head in disgust.]

3. Eric: A letter from one of the girls I've been involved with. Someone who takes the time to write and then figure out where we'll be and get it to the right spot at the right time. It shows she cares, and a girl who cares is a turn-on.

4. Daniel: Long, painted, manicured nails--
Trevor: That leave scratches! Oh, yeah!
Daniel: No.

5. Mitchell: A woman who's comfortable naked--

6. Daniel: and who has jet-black hair that's long, cut perfectly even at the bottom, moves in a single sheet, and turns blue in certain lights…
Mitchell: Does that describe anyone we know?
Trevor: Yeah, like Val?
Daniel: Maybe.

7. Eric: Speaking of Val, a sincere woman's a turn on.

[Ed -- as Trevor opens his mouth, Mitchell growls and balls his hand into a fist. Trevor suddenly yawns.]

8. Mitchell: So's chocolate sauce, many flavors of schnapps, and someone who doesn't mind a bit of a mess.
Daniel: Or ice cream. Someone who doesn't mind a bit of ice cream is a turn-on.
Eric: All the usuals. Whipped cream--
Mitchell: Can't believe I forgot that one!
Eric: Massage oil.
Trevor: Call Lyric! She's got a store full of shit that'll turn any normal person on.
Mitchell: And some who aren't normal, too.

9. Mitchell: Speaking of normal, I've yet to meet the man who isn't turned on watching a woman unzip the back of her dress.

[Ed -- band nods and licks their lips.]

10. Eric: Except for the ones who pick their hair up off their necks and turn their backs to you, so you can unzip for them. Slowly.
Trevor: What's the fun of slow? Just get to it.
Mitchell: You loser.
Trevor: You're one to talk.

[Ed -- again, Mitchell takes a swipe at the back of Trevor's head. It's a harder blow this time and Trevor mouths the word "Ow."]

11. Daniel: Heels. The higher, the better.

[Ed -- band nods in knowing agreement.]

12. Trevor: Short skirts that you can see up when they sit.
Daniel: Or the ones that hint at what you want to see.

13. Trevor: Enough of this shit already! The ultimate turn-on is a woman, plain and simple. They're built for it, all tits and curves and giggles and all the other good noises they make and the way they squirm! It's a woman's sole purpose in life to turn us on, and it's our sole purpose in life to try out every single one of them, in every single way, position, and style possible. No matter what they do, they turn us on. That's their job, and that's all there is to it.
Mitchell: Shit, Trev, I didn't know you could say all that in one breath.
Daniel: I thought women were here to make us dinner?
Mitchell: Only if your girl's a chef. Like Val.
Daniel: Oh, okay, then.

I hope you're all busy reading for the Debut a Debut contest -- we open for entries on Monday. I am eager to see what you guys have chosen!!! If you can't enter this time, stay tuned for a fun summer contest, as well as a plan to do another Debut a Debut next year.

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I love the way your guys interact. *g* Happy TT! Joely
I think Trev is basically right. LOL
None of the guys mentioned eyes being sexy or butts. Hmmmm
Are there really any women who feel comfortable without clothes? I enjoy these lists about your characters.

Thanks for visiting my list. You have to visit the Vanderbilt Estate in Ashville. You simply cannot believe that people really lived like that. There aren't that many of the Vanderbilt homes left and I think it's great this particular one has survived.
He, he, that's funny, and I also wrote for men this time, without thinking about Valentin's !
I wish I was comfortable without my clothes! I'd rather keep it covered. ;) Cool list.
I love visiting here and seeing the way everyone interacts.

On another topic, I've finished my book, now I just need to find time to post a review. Please pass on my appreciation to Rebecca.
Can she cook and does she have money.

*lol*! Those guys know exactly what they like! I'm only comfortable naked when I'm with my man, but that took a long time!
My TT is about types of support.
I like the way they interact with each other. I have to agree with cheesygiraffe, I know alot of men who think sexy is a nice butt in tight jeans.

Thanks for visiting me! Nice to know you are "average"
Oh I wanted to say “Yeah Trevor!” (#2) but then I’m not so sure after that ‘purpose speech’ (#13) although ...
Certainly not some romantic shit. OK I like candles but I like much more melting wax *whistle*
Trevor sounds like my brother (before marraige). Total typical guy talk. You've got them down to a "T". Most guys know exactly what they want and these guys are no different. Great TT!
Cool list!
I enjoyed it.
Happy TT'ing!
Very interesting! I echo Elementary History ANY woman REALLY comfortable naked????
Thanks for dropping by my T13 and I appreciate the fact that you missed me! That makes me feel good. I missed getting to read everyone's lists!
Holy crap girl, I got sucked into the dialogue btwn them! I think Daniel and Eric have it right, but then again, I'm a romantic ;)

I hope to have more T13 headers for you in the next few weeks!!! Any requests? Email me!

My T13 is up!

Peace out, sister...
Ha! Fun post. It's fun to listen to the guys talk about gals! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy TT!
I love your characters! Happy TT!
That's their job, and that's all there is to it.

And here I thought our job was to drive men insane, and that's all there was to it...

Heels are definitely sexy... but I love #1... AWWWWWW so real and so sweet. I love it! You are so good *snap*.

I actually completely forgot it was Thursday. I've had a heck of a time remember what day I was on this week! :)

So I cheated and came up with something fast!
I enjoyed this glimpse into your characters' personalities. Happy TT!
All's fair, right?

A sincere woman. Hmmm. I think I want to meet this guy. :-)
Another fun list! And I KNOW it's fiction, cause I don't know any real women who are comfortable without clothes - not sober ones anyway! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the great comment! Glad you appreciated the quotes. I don't do sappy Valentine's stuff; I'm just not wired that way I guess.
Happy Thursday!
A Flyover Blog
I love black hair that looks blue in certain lights! So pretty!
What a great idea for a TT! I may have to borrow this one some week. You have some great sounding characters here. They mesh really well.

My TT is up. I hope you can stop by. :)
i love that i feel like i just eavesdropped on an interview! great list once again! happy tt! thanks for stopping by mine!
LOL! Fun list. Your boys sound like a group of guy-friends I went to college with. And I have to agree with Christie, I love that feeling like we're eavesdropping on them! :-)
Thanks for visiting my TT.
I think I may have dated Trevor.
I love what you have done with your blog and your website. You have inspired me!
i agree with the last statement!! You guys don't need much, somtimes!!
I love how the characters talk with one another. And I have to agree that a woman who is comfortable naked is a huge turn-on. Confidence is what it is all about.

For me, if a man isn't confident (naked or not) that just detracts from his other attributes.

Happy TT and thanks for visiting mine!

Totally. Comfortable. Naked.
'Nuff said.
nice list!

happy tt!

mine's up too!
This is so funny. Great TT and happy Thursday.
wow, that was hilarious. thanks for coming to visit my place, so that i could come and read this! :)
Whats a neat list! Thanks for posting!
I love your characters! Always makes me laugh.
I'm visiting from TT. This is my first visit to your site.
These all sound like guys to me.
Here is mine:
This is an interesting Valentines TT. Mine is also on VD but a little more cliche lol. Here's mine:
It's me again!!!! MUhahahahahaha
Love your guys. Quite the group of characters!

Thanks for welcoming me to TT.
A bit of a late check-in for me... crazy week, I tell you.

Anyway, it's nice to hear from the guys. ;)
Aaaaah, a great break at West Of Mars!
My manicured nails don´t scratchm either =)

I love this TT Edition!

And I´m here for the Meet and Greet - so glad you were the one above me!

The other reason while I would have been here anyway is to thank you for your warm words you´ve left after our accicdent =)

I'm really starting to LOVE these characters!!! :)
Good, Haley. That's my master plan! Stop back during the week; as soon as the Debut a Debut contest is over, I'll be doing more fiction again.
I love how guys interact. Justs make me laugh
LOL - Trevor is such a man! What a great list, I love your guys, they're real. :)

Thank you so much for participating in the TT Special Edition Meet & Greet! There will be more subtle (and fun!) changes going on in the near future, too. I know you'll be paying attention. ;)
Hello - glad of the TT meet and greet today so I would come across your blog. It's interesting to see your characters etc. I'll have a proper browse around during daylight....
Thanks so much for stopping by my TT post; I always respond to comments on my comments, so I left something there, too.

I had no idea it was a Valentine's Day special over there.....I'm still a bit TT-challenged, I'm afraid.
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