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Thursday Thirteen #16 -- More About Trevor Wolff

Over the past few weeks, I've been helping you guys get to know the characters of Trevor's Song in more depth. Here's some more about the star of this show, Trevor Wolff.

Thirteen reasons why Trevor picked up the bass

1. Four strings means two less to learn.

2. Mitchell told him to.

3. Bass players are moody, elusive, and hypnotic.

4. Bass players were in short supply in Riverview at the time they decided to create the band.

5. Anything in short supply is in demand and therefore hot. Desirable. Maybe even respected.

6. Bass can be as much or as little as you want to make it, and it all sounds good.

7. Bass is the backbone of the metal sound even though most people don't pay attention to it.

8. It'd piss off Hank once he heard what his son was doing.

9. Mitchell's sister Amy bet him he couldn't do it (jury's still out on who won that bet).

10. It seemed the easiest thing to learn to play if he was going to be in this band he was dreaming up.

11. He could practice in his and Mitchell's room and not the garage, like if he had drums.

12. Mitchell's father, Patterson, showed up one night with a used bass in the back of his car and said that Trevor didn't need to pay him back for it if he'd learn to play it.

13. Whenever someone says he can't, that's a sign that he must.

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"mitchell told him to" - doesn't that just summarize it all! :)

Happy TT!
I love reading these facts about your characters.
Oh, yeah... Bass players ARE moody and hypnotic =)

And I´m sure, Trevor is, too!

I can´t play Bass... so, having a look at #13 I have to learn it now =)
Great list, as usual. I think I love #13 the most.
Happy TT! :-)
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
Bass players are the coolest in band. And I like #7 (That’s why this is not Mitchell’s Song!)

Hugs my dear friend!
Happy Thursday!
#13 is a great glimpse of his character! Happy TT.
Happy Thursday!
LOL, I'd always wanted to play bass, and I finally went out and bought one a couple months ago. little did I realize I'd have to work on my moodiness, elusiveness and hypnoticism! :) happy TT, mine's up!
Since my first serious boyfriend was a bass player, and so is my husband, I can concur 100% with #4 (or whatever number was about them being moody and hypnotic).

I got hooked on Jaco Pastorius years ago when I met my first love, and have always loved a bass-playing guy. The backbone of the band.

My TT's up--a chance to win an advance copy of my new book!
Ha! Trevor sounds like my kind of fella, especially #13. If somebody tells me I "can't" do something, then Granny Bar the Door -- I'm gonna do it! :)

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.
We're all posting about the hypnotic bass players. What does this mean?
good to see the live of a character...
He is yours, Susan??
He could be a modern day Morpheus(Morphée...)
I was a guitar player. When I had to play bass, I approached it like a guitar. I sucked! *lol*
Tempest, maybe you weren't hypnotic enough? *grin*

Interesting idea, Jill. I'll have to think about that some more!
My wife is a bass player...stand-up acoustic. She's very good and I love it when she bows it.

I added you to my favorite blogs list. Take care!

Aww, Gene, thanks!
Anything is better than playing the drums *grins, ducks & runs*

I owe, I owe, so off to write my review I go...
the bass is great for hiding out and still saying hey im cool im in a band.
Congrats on your first novel! It's clear that you know your characters well!
I dated a guitar player once. He was moody and elusive but definitely not hypnotic. Great list for Trevor. I like #13 the best too.
Thanks for all your comments--

and bass players are pretty cool in my book.
Great TT! I really am getting to know your characters. Love the line "mitchell told him to" as well.

Happy TT.

Thanks for dropping by mine.
oooo....I love a hot bass player! Very mysterious...masculine...coooool.... ;)
Missed you too Susan.

I've been busy with all sorts of things so forgive me :)

Another fun TT entry ;)

Are you reading Madison's Revenge yet? (

I want your feedback!!
I love this list. What a great way to flesh out a character - much better than the standard "interview them" most writing books tell you to do.

Is it okay if I link to you on my "A Writer's Life" blog?
You don't have to be good looking to be a bass player either. :P
That's a good point, in fact, Cheesy. Thanks!
hahaha bass is easier!
I was wondering if someone would catch that!
Oh these are great! I'm partial to Bass players myself. :)
Trevor sounds like an interesting character. I'll have to check back to read more about the book and its characters.

Michele sent me.
btw, I love the auto-linker thing!
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